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Man convicted for homophobic attack on gay teenagers

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Reader comments

  1. “He added that Hannan was making progress with his prejudices through help from the Probation Service after a previous racially-aggravated assault.”

    Yep. People who are racist or homophobic usually have their own problems – low self esteem, lack of confidence, etc – and they think if they point the finger at other people then we won’t notice how pathetic they themselves are.

    Doesn’t work.

  2. “In mitigation, his lawyer said he had been suffering from psychosis which was now being controlled by medication.”

    So mentaly ill people are “Pathetic” now Iris?

  3. Defence solicitors will use often undiagnosed mental health problems to mitigate in criminal proceedings. Usually the bench are used to it & make up their own minds based on all the evidence presented to them.

  4. So as her got a suspended sentence and a small fine and not a strech inside I assume the bench accepted he is mentally ill

  5. R’mer – it WAS SAID he was suffering from psychosis. Note he’s being dealt with by the Probation service not the psychiatric one. And the bit I quoted was referring to a previous racist incident – was his defence psychosis for that too?

    Don’t try to twist my words, and don’t you dare imply that I don’t sympathise with mental health problems. Maybe this guy had them, but it’s suggested he had other problems too. People with mental health problems can be racist and homophobic too, as can people without.

    This man seems to have a number of issues in his life – if they are severe, then anyone would sympathise and he should receive the support he needs – but that isn’t an excuse to go for innocent people. Here’s a quote from his lawyer:

    “They are making progress in respect of his attitude to others who aren’t the same as him and he has stopped drinking,” said Mr Prew.

    OK? While he might have further difficulties, what’s suggested there – an intolerance of people who are different from yourself – is all too common.

  6. So this is at least the second hate-crime he’s been convicted of and he gets a six month suspended sentence and a total fine/costs of £285. WOW that’ll really teach him!

  7. That’s just over 100 pounds each for the victims, that’s rediculous. If nothing else this shows that although the rates for reporting homophobic crime have increased its still being treated as a minor issue. Disgraceful.

  8. @ R’mer: Umm, no. Iris said that people who are homophobic, racist etc are pathetic, NOT people with mental health problems. If you’re going to point an accusing finger, at least point it in the right direction.

  9. Miriam, the tranz Schmiriam 13 Jan 2010, 8:04pm

    “He added that Hannan was making progress with his prejudices through help from the Probation Service after a previous racially-aggravated assault.”

    Um…what exactly did the Probation Services say: ‘Here’s a hint, kiddo – if you must commit attacks commit homophobic ones instead of racial ones because it won’t be viewed as seriously and you’ll get a lesser sentence’???

  10. Pumpkin Pie 14 Jan 2010, 2:24am

    So mentaly ill people are “Pathetic” now Iris?

    Depends on who they are and what they do. As evidenced by his (disappointingly light) punishment, he was deemed to be fully in control of his actions. He IS pathetic. Mental illnesses like these are not to be used as a license to do as you wish. I realise it may be difficult for him, but there are tens of thousands of people in this country with conditions similar to his who manage not to assault completely innocent strangers. It’s the fact that he’s a vile thug that made him do this. His psychosis may have been a reason for why he did what he did, but no way was it an excuse, not even close.

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