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Lady Gaga, Glambert and Glee up for GLAAD awards

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Reader comments

  1. Vincent Poffley 13 Jan 2010, 3:55pm

    I take it these are purely American awards, for American programmes? This would be why the wonderfully funny BBC2 series Beautiful People isn’t mentioned. The last episode of that made me cry!

  2. er… Torchwood is in there. But that was shown on BBC America. Perhaps Beautiful People wasn’t?

  3. Gino Meriano 14 Jan 2010, 10:04am

    I thought Beautiful People was in the “OUstanding Comedy Series” category :-)

  4. Brian Burton 15 Jan 2010, 9:20am

    Lady Gaga is just great and deserves GLAAD award anyway. BBC3 Prog. called 2009s most irritating people said Lady Gaga was on their list of irritating people. Well, If Gaga is Irritating…give me more!!!

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