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China’s state press covers gay wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Finally, the Chinese have woken up to the most obvious solution to their ever-expanding population…if they’ve got any sense they’ll make same-sex marriage the only kind that’s legal….:-)

  2. Crime1234management 13 Jan 2010, 8:34pm

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  3. 14 Jan 2010, 1:09am

    The “China Daily” story is at: and they invite comments.

  4. I don’t know about France, but gays certainly cannot get married in Finland and the UK.

  5. An Cat Dubh 14 Jan 2010, 10:09am

    How heart-warming! It’s really nice to see that at least gays aren’t oppressed as much in tyrranical countries like China and North Korea (, bottom post).
    It was also amusing that Zeng was quoted as saying, ‘We are no longer hiding anymore [sic].’
    By the way, Dan: They can’t get married in either of those countries (well they can, but it won’t be legally recognised), although I think at least some of these countries acknowledge gay marriage in foreign countries (like Israel does). Maybe it was a subtle criticism, like, ‘They can get married there! Oh? They can’t? And why in the world can’t they?’

  6. Mihai Bucur 14 Jan 2010, 3:42pm

    I think the “France, Finland and UK” comment was referring to civil unions being available in all three of these countries. In countries without any recognition of same-sex unions, there is often a common misperception that civil partnerships are the same as marriage. (This is the case even in Australia, where one often hears comments along the lines of “Australia should catch up with the UK, gays can get married there”).

  7. *chuckles at Marks first comment*

    Well no denying that getting legalized gay marriage in china could possibly help with the population issue, even still isn’t the the one child law?

    I mainly see this as another slap in the face of the US who tends to think of itself as the “civilized” and right world, everyone around them are starting to wake up and become more progressive, while the States leaders are still too stuck behind the blinders of Religion.

  8. Steven in Shanghai 15 Jan 2010, 8:53am

    China Daily is a horrid rag!!

    It is renowned for bad journalism and shoddy fact checking here in China. I remember one time a article about research into Alzhimer’s came accompanied with an X-Ray of Homer Simpson’s brain.

    It the official English language newspaper targeted to foreigners and is written intentionally to portray China in the most positive light to the west.

    The majority of it’s staff are junior reporters being to what to and how to right by the government. After doing what they are told they get rewarded with a job at a more prestigious newspaper.

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