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Campaign to make Mrs Robinson number one

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Reader comments

  1. What a useless and pointless thing to do. Save your money.

  2. Yes the words fit perfectly but do we really want to make her a celeb by it? The Bitch Witch of Belfast would take it as a complement, she’s so up herself!

  3. Simon Murphy 12 Jan 2010, 2:13pm

    When Rage Against the Machine were being promoted for the Christmas number 1, they donated all the proceeds to youth charity projects.

    I would support the Mrs Robinson campaign for number 1 if Simon and Garfunkel were to donate the proceeds to help the gay population of Uganda – the very people most at risk from Mrs Robinson’s type of bigotry.

  4. Simon, I agree if they did something like that then I might consider it. As it seems right. But otherwise why give this woman anymore publicity. Can’t see this idea taking off. It’s as it seems, lets create what happened at christmas bandwagan.

  5. i just downloaded because i find the whole thing funny how karma has delt with the hypocrite now i feel bad for her haveing depression i know all to well whats its like to deal with that but thats about it she is still human and the end of the day even tho her coments were vile and wicked therefore i shall treat her like i treat anyone else even those who hate me and thats with love and kindness blessings of love and light

  6. The Lemonheads version of ‘Mrs Robinson’ is far better IMO and you can have a B side of ‘Big gay heart’ also.

  7. @ Simon – You can’t dictate the terms in which a surge in demand for a Simon and Garfunkel hit climbs the charts. It’s their song, the fact it’s become an anthem for this political scandal is not their original intention when they wrote it 42 years ago.
    If they chose to donate the proceeds to gay charities that’s their own business and I’d be fine with that too but I won’t begrudge them the profits if they choose to keep them, after all it’s still their intellectual property, not Irises!
    Next you’ll be demanding that Mike Nichols donates the proceeds of any DVDs of “The Graduate” sold over the coming weeks to charity ;)
    If you want to talk about people who really owe a debt to the LGBT community, why not go to source and ask the Robinsons themselves!

  8. Simon Murphy 12 Jan 2010, 3:43pm

    No 7: Flapjack: you say: “You can’t dictate the terms in which a surge in demand for a Simon and Garfunkel hit climbs the charts.”

    I know that.

    I’m just saying I wouldn’t buy it unless Simon and Garfunkel were to donate the increased proceeds to a cause like Uganda. I don’t want to increase that hooker Robinson’s profile unless there is a good reason.

  9. @ Simon – Fair enough, though in terms of not raising Iris Robinson’s profile, I think it’s safe to say that ship has already sailed. Mind you I’m fairly certain she doesn’t want to be remembered in the political history books as the biggest UK sex scandal since the Profumo affair!
    Something tells me that amongst her fellow churchgoers that’s one reputation she was hoping to avoid. Not all publicity is good.

  10. Patrick James 12 Jan 2010, 4:09pm

    For me there are two good reasons for putting Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs Robinson” to number 1.

    1. The Iris Robinson one

    2. It really is a very good song and we haven’t had that in the charts for a very long time.

    I do have Mrs Robinson on an LP but I might get it as MP3 to help it rise in the chart.

    I think that even if a campaign got it to a low point in the chart then it would go up to the top all on its own.

    Politically I think it is a fun way to send a message against hypocrisy. Also it would help to undermine Peter Robinson who will be attempting a return to politics once the media frenzy has died down.

    Yes, it would be nice if Simon & Garfunkel put the money towards an LGBT interest, but that is their business. Even if they don’t at least they did create a good song and so as it does seem reasonable for them to be recipients of the royalties.

  11. It would be interesting to see if dear Iris is “stepping down” now or at the election, therefore keeping her whopping two (Stormont and Westmister) salaries and the ability to employ her children and their wives/husbands.
    Earning half a million per year you can afford a lot of 19 year old c*ck, and just imagine that accent and voice screaming in the throes of passion!

    I love the way being ashamed of your behaviour now qualifies as psycological illness – here’s to you, Mrs Robinson!

  12. Doing well – up to No. 22 on today’s Amazon charts

    Wednesday is important because midweek stats come out and radio stations may base airplay decisions on it too.

  13. Brilliant. I’m reminded of the story that when the fascist Pinochet was under arrest in London and pretending to be in bed ill (before being released by his friend, Labour’s own Jack Straw, whereupon he made a miraculous recovery) his wife said it would kill him to know he was under house arrest. Wasn’t it Michael Moore who tried to get a trampoline outside Pinochet’s house to so he could shout “you are under house arrest”?
    While I doubt Mrs Robinson’s claim to mental health problems (other than a bad case of regretting getting caught) it would be splendid if, while listening to hospital radio on Sunday she got to hear S&G belting out her theme tune!

  14. There is a huge double standard here considering the number of older men – gay or straight – chasing after younger lovers. But when a women does it she’s the world’s most vile person ? Don’t pretend this is about her homophobia cos there’s plently of homophobe blokes with younger girlfriends and you never go after them

  15. Simon Murphy 12 Jan 2010, 9:52pm

    Well actually there was plenty of laughter and sneering when 89 year old billionaire Howard Marshall married 26 year old Anna Nicole Smith.

    People aren’t mocking Iris Robinson because of her lover. They are mocking her for her hypocrisy and double standards and dishonesty and homophobia.

  16. Simon Murphy 12 Jan 2010, 9:56pm

    Just to repeat Iris Robinson’s statement to a Commons Select Committee in 2008:

    “There can be no viler act – apart from homosexuality and sodomy – than the sexual abuse of children’.

    THAT’S who Iris Robinson is. She’s a nasty piece of work who deserves all the ridicule she gets.

  17. It’s mid week 156 lol

  18. think, you should THINK! Iris Robinson was a Member of Parliament and her homophobic comments were hateful, discriminatory and enflaming. Iris should have been representing ‘all’ people in her electorate, no matter what their sexuality. It is not about Iris having a young lover at all but it is what she has set herself up to be! Judging others via the Bible, but setting her own rules via religion for herself. Sure there are a lot of people around the planet chasing younger people than themselves, but they are not Members of Parliament whom ALL taxpayers fund!

  19. Bishop Ioan 13 Jan 2010, 6:22am

    I must admit I chuckled when reading this about the song “Mrs. Robinson”. Rather appropriate, actually. I agree–the furore is over her hypocrisy and homophobia, not the age of one of her lovers. Hopefully other hypocrites-in-the making wlll take notice, but I suspect not. If Iris Robinson is ashamed of herself, good, because she ought to be.

  20. Quite a way to go…. apparently at no. 165 according to the Telegraph. People should buy the track from accredited download sites that participate the chart compilation. Though I think the difference between its current position and No.40 is very small.

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