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Northern Ireland

Iris Robinson’s husband asks colleague to step in as first minister

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Reader comments

  1. Well, that’s something.

    What rankles so much about this dismal affair is the hypocrisy that lies at the bottom of it, and which continues to undermine the political and social life of Northern Ireland, and the prosects of a lasting peace in the province. I expect there will be some awkward moments in the house of the Robinson household over the next few weeks, not least because of her multiple infidelities, but I think it is stretching credulity to ask us to believe that they were not partners in her self-serving greed, and sactimonious persecution of minorities such as gay people. He, as first minister, had the responsibility for upholding equalities principles in NI, yet he stood by while she bludgeoned them with her ignorance and spitefulness. They both milked the public purse for all it was worth. What lies at the bottom of all this is selfishness, deceit, and false morality, and the price of their misdemeanours could be the failure of devolved government and the whole peace process. I wonder how their God will hold them accountable for that?

    He had to go, and let’s hope this temporary leave of absence becomes permananent in due course. And that others in Northern Ireland learn, as with so many things in Irish history, that a politics founded on religious fundamentalism cannot deliver the future that Ireland needs.

  2. Simon Murphy 11 Jan 2010, 5:14pm

    What is the religious background of this Foster person.

    Is she a homophobic extremist like Iris and Peter Robinson. This would seem quite likely considering the political party she is a member of.

    I reckon she is a homophobe. Which would be a pity as she looks like the kinda gal who likes folk music and wears sensible shoes.

  3. Simon Murphy 11 Jan 2010, 5:27pm

    Here’s what the BBC say about her:

    Profile: Who is Arlene Foster?

    Arlene Foster is a fully qualified solicitor from County Fermanagh who joined the Democratic Unionist Party in January 2004, two weeks after resigning from the rival Ulster Unionist Party.

    She currently holds three political posts in Northern Ireland.

    She is the Minister for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) in the Stormont Assembly – a position she had held since June 2008.

    She is also an MLA for the Fermanagh South Tyrone constituency and a elected representative of Fermanagh District Council.

    Early life

    The 39-year-old was born in July 1970 was educated at Enniskillen’s Collegiate grammar school before studying law at Queens University, Belfast.

    She worked as a private practice solicitor in Enniskillen and Portadown for 11 years, before devolution was restored to Northern Ireland in 2007.

    In February 2008 she was named as the “Parliamentarian/Assembly Member of the Year” at the Women in Public Life Awards which were held in London.

    Her decision to defect to the DUP six years ago came just weeks after she was elected to the Assembly as a UUP MLA.

    She resigned alongside Jeffery Donaldson and UUP colleague and Norah Beare amid disagreements with the direction the party was taking.


    Her role as enterprise minister is her second ministerial post in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

    Before the 2008 reshuffle she was the Stormont environment minister, and found herself in the middle of a political storm over the development of a replacement visitors’ centre at the site of Northern Ireland’s top tourist attraction, the Giants Causeway in County Antrim.

    Ms Foster said she was “minded” to approve a plan for the centre to be build by Seaport Investments Ltd, a company owned by the private developer Seymour Sweeney.

    It later emerged that Mr Sweeney had close links to the DUP’s Ian Paisley Junior.

    Her decision was later reversed and the National Trust is now in the process of building the visitors’ centre.

  4. George Broadhead 11 Jan 2010, 6:11pm

    I wonder if Mrs Robinson’s good-looking ex toy boy is a God botherer like her.

    I assume it is well known that Mr Robinson replaced “Save Ulster from Sodomy” Rev Ian Paisley as DUP leader and is himself as homophobic as his predecessor and his wife.

    I assume it is also well known that the DUP has strong links to Protestant churches, particularly the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, the church Ian Paisley founded, and is considered a Protestant political party.


  5. Sister Mary clarence 11 Jan 2010, 6:35pm

    Well its good that he has done the decent thing. I can only hope he has the good sense to drive Iris to the city gates in order that her stoning may begin.

    The sooner its over and done with the sooner we can all get back to normal.

  6. Peter Roberts 11 Jan 2010, 6:52pm

    Now it’s clear why the Robinson woman is repulsed by gays: she thinks we have all crawled out of the same moral gutter as she has. I’m glad she hates us; I’d worry if she thought she was my friend. Perhaps, Sister Mary Clarence, when Peter Robinson drives her to the city gates he’ll go through with her. Northern Irish government will be better without both of them.

  7. Sister Mary clarence 11 Jan 2010, 7:17pm

    Peter, I’m just flicking through the Old Testament as we speak. Bearing false witness carries a different punishment as far as I can tell, although it all seems a bit ambiguous. Don’t know who wrote Leviticus, but frankly, whoever it was could have been a bit clearer.

    He should definitely fall on his sword I think. I’m not sure he actually has a sword, although saying that the pair of them don’t seem to have been wanted for anything else at our expense, so he probably does.

  8. The Gay Girls Guide 11 Jan 2010, 9:32pm

    Arlene Foster has stated that she sees no reason for gay rugby teams and gay bars when she was Minister for Sport so you decide. At the end of the day, she is a member of the DUP, a party which has consistently fought against gay rights and equality here in Northern Ireland, no matter who has been at their helm so I see no reason for that to change now. She never spoke out about Iris Robinson’s comments, nor Peter Robinson’s defence of his wife when she made her statements.

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Jan 2010, 9:40pm

    Seeing a Belfast psychiatrist? That’s like pouring gas on the fire, innit. Will she ever see the young fvcker again? Now that’s therapy!

  10. Simon Murphy 11 Jan 2010, 10:10pm

    From :D

    NORTHERN Ireland’s first minister last night thanked God that his corrupt, adulterous wife was not a lesbian whore.

    DUP Leader Peter Robinson said Jesus was watching over him when his wife Iris sought sexual gratification from a teenager instead of some lumbering, crew-cut dyke in league with Beelzebub.

    Mr Robinson said: “It was my wife’s unshakeable faith that drove her into the groin of a smooth-skinned boy when she could so easily have found herself writhing around a hotel bedroom with a dirty nun who’s only loyalty is to Rome, and vaginas.

    “And when she was procuring the £50,000 I can take comfort from the fact that it was for a decent, Christian coffee shop instead of a KD Lang box-set and a selection of state of the art, battery-powered strap-ons.”

    Mr Robinson has vowed to continue as first minister despite calls for him to make way for another swivel-eyed lunatic who thinks the Pope is really a 12-horned demi-Satan called Zablamesh.

    A senior DUP source said: “This is a crucial moment in devolution. If we falter now then the streets of Ulster will be filled with the rutting hordes of Popery and he who is Zablamesh will hold dominion over the police and fire brigade.

    “It would be best if Peter steps down so he can focus on both his family and his collection of marriage certificates of all the animals on Noah’s ark.”

    Meanwhile Kirk McCambley, Mrs Robinson’s teenage non-lesbian lover, has been spotted driving around Belfast in an open-topped Alfa Romeo, listening to Scarborough Fair at full blast and banging very loudly on shop windows with the palms of his hands.

  11. Patrick James 12 Jan 2010, 12:59am

    Sister Mary clarence writes:

    Well its good that he has done the decent thing. I can only hope he has the good sense to drive Iris to the city gates in order that her stoning may begin.

    Well, you don’t know much about Peter Robinson :)

    I grew up in Northern Ireland and in my time there Peter Robinson was, for me, the most contemptible of politicians.

    Arlene Foster is simply a front. All remains as before, Arlene will do exactly as Peter Robinson says. Whatever opinions she may or may not have are irrelevant.

    Sister Mary clarence writes:

    The sooner its over and done with the sooner we can all get back to normal.

    In this case “back to normal” is not what I wish for at all.

    There is an opportunity to reduce the stranglehold the DUP has on Northern Irish politics. This party does not represent Northern Irish Protestants in the same way that Sinn Fein doesn’t represent Northern Irish catholics.

    What happened in Northern Ireland was a shoring up of the extreme on both side of the sectarian divide. This is how in the case of the DUP, a party which is effectively the political wing of a tiny, nutty and nasty little church came to rule as it has done.

    We are going to see lots of shoring up of Peter Robinson now. There will be this period where Arlene Foster is in that post (ha ha), then when the press dies down back will come Peter.

  12. Sister Mary clarence 12 Jan 2010, 2:33am

    You paint a rosy picture there Patrick, but however much they’d like to bring him back, the collateral damage from the comprehensive hatch job the BBC has done on the grotesque old harlot, will finish him off too (if God’s law doesn’t!).

    There is too much for any politician to weather.

    But we shall see …..

  13. Sister Mary clarence 12 Jan 2010, 4:00am

    ‘…. hatchet job ….’ even

  14. George Broadhead 12 Jan 2010, 1:25pm

    Is Sister Mary clarence a bona fide nun? The name certainly has an Irish sound to it and it is surely too orthodox for a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

  15. George (4), the Kirk-boy is (shshhhhhhhhhhhh!) a ROMAN CATHOLIC!
    Now imagine how the God-fearing DUP Protestants feel about the 59-year-old wife of the First Minister being shagged by a 19-year-old Catholic boy. This Kirk must be the toast of the Falls Road. Omigod, what a story!

  16. Simon Murphy 13 Jan 2010, 11:55am

    Is Kirk McCambley really a catholic??????????

    Considering the foaming at the mouth bigots of the DUP this makes the story even more interesting. I doubt very much it is true though.

    So Iris has a habit of shagging catholics while her husband and political party never tire of being bigotted towards them.

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