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Portugal votes to legalise gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 3:14pm

    The Netherlands
    South Africa
    5 states in the USA
    Mexico City
    Part of Argentine

    And now – Portugal joins this club.

    Pity about the adoption opt out but fantastic news nonetheless.

    It is especially good in that it will be ratified a month before that Nazi Pope Ratzinger comes to visit.

  2. No adoption rights?! Well, that’s a bit anticlimactic, isn’t it?

    I guess the opposition would be overwhelming if that was to be included in the bill…

  3. Robert, ex pat Brit 8 Jan 2010, 3:26pm

    Lucius, adoption rights will follow, just as they did in Belgium, after the fact.

    Congratulations Portugal! Meanwhile, no gay man or woman in the UK has a right to marry. So much for equality. I don’t want to hear about the opposition from the established cult either, a lame excuse considering Portugal is a catholic country. Absolutely no excuse why can’t do the same, none!

  4. This country(UK)is an embarassment, what do we have to proud of anymore??
    Why can’t we have equality here too? and whats being done or what can we do to push for change??
    I want my gay son to have the choice to get married if and when he wants too, and I’ll be the proud Mum.

    I’ms sooo happy!!

    ADOPTION WILL COME SOON, we will keep on fighting for it! and for all the other LGBT laws that are still left to establish!

    I’m so proud of my country today.

    Good for us, good for Portugal, good for the world!

    May other countries join us^^

  6. Ricrardo Duarte 8 Jan 2010, 4:49pm


  7. Well Well Well, I’m sooo happy for the gay population in Portugal, even though I don’t live up there, I feel really happy of this achievement. This law puts at shame to the lack of marriage laws in the leading countries of the EU: UK, Germany and France (Italy doesn’t count)

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Jan 2010, 6:12pm

    Congratulations Portugal!

    “It is expected to come into force in April, a month before Pope Benedict XVI visits the country.”

    B16, stay home!

  9. pierre laplante 8 Jan 2010, 7:09pm

    Will the provisions of the law allow foreign visitors to Portugal to get married?

  10. HI



  11. Stuart Neyton 8 Jan 2010, 7:52pm

    All eyes are now on the president of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco Silva. If he vetoes then the ratification process will be delayed. Does anyone know his intention? He comes from the centre-right party (PSD) which largely voted against. At least (unlike in the states) the parliament doesn’t need a massive majority to override him.

    Shame about adoption rights though. We can only pity the children who are forced to remain in care whilst being denied good loving parents as a result. But this is certainly fantastic progress for the LGBT community in Portugal and let’s hope it sparks progression in other European states. I think Slovenia will be next. But in all honesty Albania looks more likely to grant full marriage rights to the gay population before Britain.

  12. Bishop Ioan 9 Jan 2010, 12:27am

    I have a very strong feeling that She will, DFG.

  13. I raise a glass to Portugal! Hurrah! One day perhaps there will be people in power in the UK who want to provide equality, until then we can look to countries like Portugal for inspiration.

  14. Civil Unions in England and an absolutely pathetic ‘Relationship Register’ in Australia where our so called Left Wing prime minister couldn’t stand the thought of equality or going against his beloved christian vote. What the F#*K is a Relationship Register or even a civil union for that matter and why do some members in our community just accept these as if we should be so lucky. Congratulations Portugal and hopefully in a hundred years even people in Uganda will be praising the fine example your society has created created for theirs.

  15. Robert, ex pat Brit 9 Jan 2010, 3:08pm

    Stuart, its unlikely that Silva will veto the legislation. The Labour government and other left-leaning parties control the majority in parliament and would overturn any veto. Silva knows it so its useless for him. As for the adoption issue, not a big deal right now. Belgium when it enacted full marriage equality didn’t allow adoption, but not it does. Portugal will follow suit. What this vote in Portugal has proved is that state religion is a poor excuse in the UK to not allow marriage equality. The roman cult is far more powerful than the C of E could ever be, yet look what has happened in Spain, Belgium and now Portugal. It just takes a few decent MPs and a progressive Prime Minister to make it happen. We don’t have that in Cameron unfortunately, he like Blair is afraid of the clerics in the House of Lords who vote conservative anyway, plus the wrath of arch-coward Rowan Williams. If he played his cards right, he’d probably get a lot more gay support if he were to get on board, but I don’t see that happening unless by some miracle, the EU in years to come mandates that the UK allows us to marry and straights are allowed to form civil partnerships. Our successive governments rarely ever pass equality legislation voluntarily unless its compelled to, just as it did with lifting the ban on gays serving openly in the military. Without EU intervention, it wouldn’t have happened. Brown of course is out of the picture as are most labour and conservative MPs alike. We need to start a grassroots movement engaging our straight progressive allies to pressure the government to act and do the right thing. We need to do what the French do, make the government afraid of the people where the real power is.

    LOLA…I wouldn’t mind betting that the next country will be France. Get bigot Sarkozy out of the picture and they’ll get somewhere. Remember, Segolene Royal, the woman who ran against him in the last election? She supported full marriage equality and had a huge amount of support from the younger voting generation. We in the UK, don’t even have one candidate prepared to stick his or her neck out to include marriage equality in its agenda. Luxembourg is another one to watch. If a dozen EU countries get on board over the next decade, the EU won’t have much choice. The entire Iberian peninsula is now a totally full equality zone in Europe, truly amazing and inspiring and a shining example of what democracy is all about.

  16. @ Robert:

    Sarkozy may be a bigot, but Segolene isn’t much better. She has zero idea about foreign policy and would be an embarrassment for France.

    The Iberian peninsula will not be a totally full equality zone until Portugal gets adoption rights and Andorra gets… well, the whole package.

  17. Congratulations Portugal!Sovenia will be next!

  18. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 10 Jan 2010, 3:48am

    History is repeating itself on adoption:

    Belgium did not allow gays to adopt children until “3 years after same sex marriage was allowed”.

    Source (from pinknews):

    Iceland will be next for same sex marriage in 2011 (already allows full joint adoption of children in registered partnerships). Albania, Luxembourg and Solvenia will allow same sex marriage from 2011 – if approved this year by their Paliaments (not sure if these also include IVF access and adoption access).

    Albania does not even have anti-discrimination statutes – let alone any sort of recognition of same sex relationships (but does have an equal age of consent since 2001). Homosexuality was decrimilized in 1994.

    No to South America –
    Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil will allow gay marriage by 2012.

    The US states of WA, OR, CA, NJ, NY and Maine (don’t know the appreviation for Maine) will allow gay marriage by 2012.

    Nepal will be the first in Asia to allow same sex marriage in 2011.

    New Zealand I know will be the first in Oceania to allow gay marriage in 2014. It will not be until 2034 that Australia will allow same sex marriage (I just know it).

  19. The adoption issue will have to be solven very soon in Portugal because it is already possible for gay people to adopt… if they’re single.

    With the same sex marriage there will be another factor to aprove same sex couples to adopt which is the fact that Assisted reproductive tecnology is availabe ONLY for married women. Well, until now only straight women were able to get pregnant this way (because they were the only ones being albe to get marreid). With the same-sex marriage law, the adoption is in fact restricted to same sex couples, but legislators have forgoten to block Assisted reproductive technology to same sex married women… so portuguese state will have a big issue to resolve and the only solutions is to unblock adoption to married gays and lesbians.

  20. Iberian Peninsula? Totally full equality zone?? Maybe soon, as for now it stands like this:

    E > Marriage;Adoption;ART;Gender Law;Blood;Army
    P > Marriage;ART;Army;Constitution
    AND> Adoption
    Gibraltar > Army

  21. Don’t expect Andorra to enact fully marriage equality laws soon. They haven’t shown any intention to do so. Expect equality laws in Luxembourg and Iceland though.

  22. Robert, ex pat Brit 10 Jan 2010, 5:53pm

    Activist Paul Mitchell, the abbreviation for Maine is ME.

    Yes LOLA, Lusembourg and Iceland definitely next,maybe Denmark. After that, I think once homophobe Sarkozy the French PM is ousted and replaced by a left winger or other progressive, Segolene Royal might easily make a comeback. Marriage equality was part of her agenda and had wide support among younger voters. The roman cult in France will have a harder time fighting back since France has no state religion even though its the majority cult. France also only recognises civil marriages that can be solemnised in a religious ceremony but only by choice.

  23. Wait a minute. “marriage without adoption rights” and calling “civil union” marriage…. Portugal has joined the many European nations who have granted same-sex couples a form of civil union – not marriage. Unfortunately. Full equality on marriage issues in Europe have only been granted by Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden – and with a few limitations also Belgium. Portugal has not joined that club. Denmark has “civil union” and adoption rights and as soon as the country as sorted out its issues with the church, it may be the next nation in Europe to grant full equality. Only fitting since it was the first nation to grant same-sex couples the right to civil union (or “registered partnership” back in 1989.

  24. @K Wyon you’re . Civil Union was another purposal… which didn’t have the majority to pass. Portugal has approved same sex MARRIAGE with all the legal benefits anyone can get in a marriage. Adoptin is something to be discuted appart from the marriage. I think the government has chosen this because they knew they wouldn’t have enough votes to approve both, so it’s better to have marriage noe and apotion latter… than nothing now

  25. Important case starting in California – Perry v. Schwarzenegger

  26. K Wyon, Portugal doesn’t have full equality yet but it certainly will have marriage equality. Civil unions were being pushed by the right-wingers in parliament but their proposals were thankfully voted down.

    Portugal is unique in the fact that I believe it’ll be the only country which has same-sex marriage but doesn’t have same-sex adoption rights but it isn’t unique in that fact that marriage was legalised before adoption was. As Robert and Paul pointed out it was the same situation in Belgium where adoption came a few years after marriage did.

  27. Denmark could be one of the next countries to pass gay marriage legislation. All the major political parties and 2/3 of the Danish Church agree. Like Sweden until last year, the Church already does civil union blessings, so it won’t be a big deal for them. The Danes hate being left behind by the Swedes and Norwegians for long!

  28. Marcus: The Problem in Denmark is, I think, that one party of the coalition is against legalizing marriage for LGBT !
    It’s the same problem in France and in Germany. In these 3 countries, a majority of the population is in favour of gay marriage, but because of the political situation, gay marriage isn’t legal !

  29. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 11 Jan 2010, 12:43pm

    Important points to point out about relationship recognition and different relationship recognition models –

    * Civil unions were invented in Vermont by a Court Order back in 2000 – not Denmark, people still think it was Denmark.

    * Denmark was actually the first country to have a “registered partnership” – NOT a civil union.

    * In 1984 3 counties in California invented the term “domestic partnership”.

    * The Netherlands was the first to have “unregistered cohabitation” way back in 1979 and also was the first to legally allow full “same sex marriage” in 2001.

  30. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 11 Jan 2010, 12:57pm

    People must remember that “adoption” and “marriage” are two very different legal things.

    Marriage is NOT about children at all – that is old fashioned Catholic Code crap, it is in fact all about the adults and how they feel they want to express their love in a legally binding way that is recognised by the state – regardless of the gender or seuality of the person or persons involved (I go so far to say that I personally even support polygamy – as well as opposite sex marriage and same sex marriage). Same sex marriage is NO WAY AT ALL a “threat” to opposite sex marriage – it will in fact do the exact opposite despite what the lying critics will tell you. It will “strenthen” marriage to a way that make society better, creat jobs, creat more happiness, lower crime, save government money and even go so far to build on a creative enterprised economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    But it is true that “adoption is all about the children” – but that is not an excuse to deny this right for a loving same sex couples to adopt a child so they can be looked after, loved and nurchered on a case-by-case basis.

    YES they both should be legally avaliable to same sex couples – but when it comes to adoption rights “the child’s best interest” must come first with ALL adoptions.

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