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Northern Ireland

More allegations emerge over Iris Robinson’s teen lover

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Reader comments

  1. It seems there’s a whole Facebook page with over 2,000 members dedicated to this wannabe lad that got seduced. (hahaha)
    Definitely worth a gander.

  2. Q.What have Fanta and Iris Robinson got in common ?

    A. They’re both orange and go down well with teenagers

    I am so happy to see this vile bigoted bitch being shown up for the evil twisted bigot she is, count the sins, theft, prostituion (she asked the boy for 5K ! 5K for her rancid flange YUK!) adultery, lies…wow there’s heterosexuals are so deviant !

  3. Its really not for Mr Robinson to say whether they did/did not do any wrong-doing now is it? A criminal investigation handled by the police, and misconduct enquiry held by parliament will take care of that.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jan 2010, 12:34pm

    I feel sorry for the guy: a totally innocent victim of this harpy and now the media.

    Admitting publicly that you shagged such an old hag isn’t goind to do his cred any good, and having the dirty financial bits publicised is equally nasty.

    He did nothing wrong apart from trust a woman he’s known most of his life to help and protect him when he needed help and protection. The money scandal is entirely hers, the relationship and him – that she discarded like a used towel – was personal. The way she used him is sickening

  5. Or he thought she was an easy rich lay?

  6. @ comment 4: Afraid to say that the hubby in this case has been very far from innocent himself. Instead of condemning Iris’s homophobic comments last summer, he instead said they were not the opinions of his wife, but those of God instead (although they came from Iris’s mouth nonetheless!). He also has a long history of bigotry and thievery from the treasury, and in the 1980s was a very controversial & divisive person in northern ireland’s troubles. I’ve as little sympathy for him as I have for Iris.

  7. Ah, sorry I mis-read, you mean the young lad. Yeah, he’ll take a while to live it down, but I’m sure he’ll soldier on without too much fallout.

  8. BrazilBoysBlog 8 Jan 2010, 1:28pm

    Well, what a total sh-t MR Robinson is also! :-)

    Despite knowing of the affair with the lad for quite some time, despite knowing about the solicitation of money, failing to tell Parliamentiary authorities, he now says “While I have learned from Spotlight for the first time some alleged aspects of my wife’s affair and her financial arrangements, I will be resolutely defending attacks on my character and contesting any allegations of wrongdoing.” He’s only just learning for the FIRST TIME? Yeah right!

    This husband and wife TEAM fiddled expences and lived the rich life whilst normal people struggled to get by. They BOTH made statements against gay people/sinners/pro the sanctity of marriage etc whilst they BOTH knew what she had done. Realising that the game is up regarding his wife, he’s now trying to ‘distance’ himself from her! Not only a fraud, but a scumbag fraud. What happened to the sanctity of marriage Mr Robinson? You were quite content to stand by your wife when no-one KNEW what she was up to. Now she’s a liability to your political future. What do they say about rats leaving the sinking ship?

    Why why oh why aren’t these two in a POLICE CELL? What are the Police doing?

    We found out from her previous exploits that it is okay to make hateful, anti-gay comments and encourage homophobes…as long as you are the First Ministers wife.. the Police will take no action.

    If I steal a loaf of bread to feed myself I will (quite rightly) be arrested for it, yet this thieving pair are still at liberty? By the look of it, there has been the swindling of hundreds of thousand of taxpayers money, ‘personal cheques’ made out to herself, missuse of her/their positions as elected representatives, a failing to report a serious matter to Parliament (by the First Minister) What the hell is going on here?

    What does this bloody woman have to do before she’s arrested? I want to KNOW!

    “Mrs Robinson is understood to be too unwell to comment.” I bloody BET she is!


  9. How can someone who pretends to be such a devout christian have an affair in the first place…oh I forgot, its because she is a greedy self centred moralist who thinks she is right because god is on her side; get real lady; where is your god now eh??????

  10. John Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 1:34pm

    Fantastic to see the way homophobes can end up in the do-do more than their intended targets. As she so believes in the Bible, can I cast the first stone?
    Hearing the real story from Spotlight, I wonder about the alleged suicide attempt, especially as she is now ‘recovering’ in an exclusive European winter resort.
    Maybe God is real, having a laugh as he minces around heaven.

  11. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 1:38pm

    Apparently, Kirk’s father was a butcher. Which maybe explain’s Iris’s hunger for those famous McCambley pork sausages.

  12. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 1:40pm

    Kirks’s cafe is called the Lock Keepers Inn. It’s a great place for a first date. But be discreet and don’t go in the back entrance.
    There is no age policy – but there are special menus for teenagers and the over 60’s.

  13. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 1:58pm

    Predictably there is now a Facebook campaign to get ‘Mrs Robinson’ by Simon & Garfunkel to number 1 next week.

    At least Kirk McCambley will be easily able to pay back the £50,000 he earned, by offering his body to the predatory Iris Robinson. A kiss and tell for the News of the World will set him up nicely.

    Iris Robinson was friends with Kirk’s father. Kirk started working in his father’s butcher’s shop when he was 9. Iris used to pop in every week. Then some months after his father died Iris gave the 19 year old money in return for sex (well she demanded the money back when the sex stopped at least).

    Isn’t that called ‘grooming’ a vulnerable person?

  14. I love that she has brought all this upon herself. She drew attention to herself by being so verbally and publicly homophobic in the first place (you have the right not to agree with my lifestyle – that’s your opinion – but not publicly as a minister for the people) – so every gay person in NI was watching and investigating all they could – and the scene is small in NI compared to most other places in europe…perhaps she should have thought about that before mouthing off in the first place.

    I’m imagining there’s a glbt person who after having spent or helped for a good few days/weeks/months investigating and getting the evidence properly, through good journalism skills and connections, is really enjoying this…the expression is :-

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And Mr and Mrs Robinson through quite a few boulders in their political lives.

    I don’t feel sorry for these people at all – they have preached hate since as far back as I can remember and probably longer – picking on whatever flavour of the month was around as a target. Finally they get some of it back.

    Well done NI journalism, keep up the good work – make it all public and show that these bigoted people are not what they make themselves out to be.

    NI Expat – who is feeling rather cheery after hearing this.

  15. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 2:14pm

    Iris really did bring all this on herself.

    Let’s face it – she is certainly not the only MP who was fiddling money from taxpayers.

    However thanks to her insanely homophobic outbursts she raised her profile enormously – people in England, Scotland and Wales who wouldn’t have ever heard of her, knew her better than her husband who is actually the First Minister of NI.

    Thanks to her very high profile journalists were obviously going to dig around her past when it came to the expenses scandals.

    The fact that she was grooming a grieving teenager and effectlvely paying him for sexual services, when only 18 months earlier she had said that homosexuality was worse than paedophilia and that it was curable, means there is a delicious irony to this tale.

    Take note homophobes. If you are going to engage in homophobia be aware that this will raise your profile and you’d better be sure that your past is spotlesslyt clean. If not then it will come back to bite you in the arse.

  16. I’m Lovin It!! The revelations can’t come quick enough.

  17. Erroll Clements 8 Jan 2010, 3:09pm

    Fookin hell, how many times does 19 go into 60?!!! Yuk! Maybe she needs to go back to the advisor she had, me thinks she’s a very twisted lady. No wander she resigned, the truth was starting to come out of the woodwork and even she couldn’t stop it !!!

  18. Sister Mary clarence 8 Jan 2010, 3:15pm

    I’m with you Lizzie, the New Year has started well.

    Couldn’t haver happened to a nicer (well … more appropriate) person!!!!

    I’m looking forward to Sunday. One of the papers is surely going to have the poor kids she took advantage of pouring his heart out.

    The more this scandal mounts up, personally I’m not sure the blood of Christ is going to be enough to purify her.

  19. @Erroll :- Nice, 3 rounded to a nice even number – same as the number of kids she’s had…wonder if any of kids are the same age as her now ex-lover…hhmmm I’m remebering comments made in June 2008 again :-)

  20. What an excuse for a man (Robinson’s husband) being cuckold by a teenage boy. She should humiliated her husband more if she tried.

  21. The Simon & Garfunkel campaign is interesting idea – I note that ‘singles’ now sell in quantities previously unseen (last year, 151 million, 98% of which are one now off digital mp3 downloads). However, you only need to sell about 10,000 to get in the top 20. So, just 300 people per hour to buy the track from now till midnight Sat-Sun to make an impression.

  22. Robert, ex pat Brit 8 Jan 2010, 3:23pm

    How about a demo outside her home with placards in huge letters targeting her vile religious-based homophobia, hypocrisy about the sanctity of marriage and her immoral behaviour? What an evil piece of work both she and equally immoral husband are. Fine upstanding christian values indeed!

    As for the young man she shagged, I have NO sympathy for him. He’s hardly a child and knowingly went through with it. Robinson’s behaviour is perverse, preying on vulnerable young people. Next time she equates homosexuality with paedophilia, she’d better think twice. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t thrown stones.

  23. jonnielondon 8 Jan 2010, 3:23pm

    The more I get to know homophobic people, the more whacked they seem to be!

  24. Anyone else think her ‘illness’ may be 100% self diagnosed and a highly ficticious ploy to make this easier for her to handle?

    She’s attempting to weather the storm by pretending to have mental illness/depression. She’s thinking that no media outlet would risk hounding a sick person for fear of making the story their callousness rather than her misdemeanours. So far I have heard no medical opinion on her ‘fitness’ to answer the allegations made against her. I have heard that she and her husband tried and failed to get an injunction against the BBC in Northern ireland to prevent them exposing this 100% bona fide public interest story. This tells me that she ain’t all that sick….

    Also kudos to the BBC for their persistance in exposing the scandal and broadcasting this story on a national level. They need to do something to restore the faith of the LGBT community in their output and this is an excellent start. hopefully the result will be these serial bigots consigned to the political history books.

  25. Oh shiii, I just realised I live near the lock keepers inn! I went for tea there once!

  26. For anyone not in Northern Ireland, The Spotlight programme is showing right now on BBC News Channel, and is scheduled for a repeat at 11-30 tonight.

  27. Actually I have a few concerns, beyond LGBT rights, and perhaps those from the provinces might care to give input:

    What are the implications for the DUP as a party? Will the hardline splinter group, Traditional Unionist Voice party (even worse than the DUP) benefit from this mess as a result? They will not work in any circumstances with Sinn Fein. The long term impact of this mess on Ulster politics could be devastating if the TUV score political points.

    There will be no hope for Northern Ireland as long as people vote based on religious beliefs, rather than political competence.

  28. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jan 2010, 3:43pm

    Robert xPat
    he was bereft of his father and she “comforted” him – as a granny would – since she’s known most of his life. Shagging the vulnerable isn’t nice, and I’m not sure whether he would have done it if he hadn’t been in need of “comfort”: this is why professional carers get struck off for being naughty, because the relationship makes the caree open to suggestion. I don’t think he deserved it plastered all over the media, he was a private person caught up in this thing; I’d prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt

  29. Sister Mary clarence 8 Jan 2010, 4:12pm

    Just watched the Spotlight documentary.

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very comprehensive bit of reporting there by the BBC, so praise there.

    But Jesus Christ that woman tried to preach morality to us!!!

    She must have been living on another planet.

    Does she think the law doesn’t apply to her??

  30. Jeff Wells 8 Jan 2010, 4:17pm

    Have you SEEN Kirk McCambley??!? Wouldn’t YOU give him 50 grand? I would.

  31. I wonder just how tolerant her husband will really prove to be. Its not looking too good for Mrs Robinson right now. The timing of her depression is rather convenient isn’t it. She really should be made to answer some of the inevitable questions. Dear me, how the “mighty” fall.

  32. Is the SPotlight documentry on IPlayer??? Do you have a link??

  33. After an attack on a gay man, Iris Robinson said in 2008: “I have a very lovely psychiatrist who works with me in my offices and his Christian background is that he tries to help homosexuals trying to turn away from what they are engaged in.”

    Could Mrs Robinson be talking about Selwyn Black – I think it likely.

  34. She deserves all the spite and gloating directed at her at the moment, to be so judgemental and being sinful herself. Though shalt not commit adultery, though shalt not steal, Iris – don’t remember God carving out anything about the homosexuals, love!

    And when did feeling ashamed of yourself become mental health problems?

  35. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 4:25pm

    Her lovely psychiatrist was in fact Paul Millar who had to resign from his job as a consultant psychiatrist once the story of his sinister association with reparative therapies for homosexuality became clear.

    Iris truly has the poison touch. She destroys the careers of everyone who comes into contact with her.


    ( The blurb says it will be ‘coming today’ to iplayer, soon after it’s been shown on the BBC News Channel at 23.30. Technically I suppose that’s tomorrow, sometime after midnight. Either way it’s got to be worth waiting for!)

  37. Sister Mary clarence 8 Jan 2010, 4:39pm


    Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.”

  38. Hodge Podge 8 Jan 2010, 4:41pm

    Shagging a 19 year old practically makes you a pedo.

    Oh well, at least she wasn’t gay.

  39. Well, by my reckoning she broke at least 3 commandments and possibly 4.
    #7- Thou shalt not commit adultery
    #8- Thou shalt not steal
    #9- Thou shalt not bear false witness
    #10 – Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s [tight] ass!
    Kind of puts Leviticus into perspective doesn’t it ;)
    I bear no ill will against Kirk McCambley though… he definately took one for our team there. Sometimes it’s good to have a flukey honey trap to catch bible thumping hypocrites with their knickers down!

  40. Let’s think:
    Adult aged almost 50 gets to know 9 year old child.
    Adult spends next 10 years getting to know child, “looking out” for him.
    Child loses parent and while bereaved and grieving, becomes entangled in sexual relationship with the (now nearly 60 year old) adult who has spent 10 years “getting to know him.

    Question 1: you are Iris Robinson, how would you describe this relationship if the adult and child were both male?

    Question 2: you are a gay man, how would you describe this relationship if the people concerned were Iris Robinson and a young boy ?

    I guess Iris should open a beauticians shop next, after all she seems to know all about personal grooming.

  41. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 5:11pm

    DavidW – while it is true that Iris Robinson groomed and took advantage of a grieving 19 year old it’s worth bearing in mind that a 19 year old is an adult – he was not a child or boy.

    Technically the relationship was legal.

    It’s just that Iris gets her knickers (if she wears any that is) in such a twist over homosexuality that her hypocrisy is doubly shocking.

  42. Let’s be clear – Iris being with a 19 yr year old male is nothing to do with being a pedo anymore than it would be for a man and a 16 year old boy. It is legal and we all here agree that 16 year olds can give legal consent and are of an age to make up there own minds about whom they chose to sleep with, After all that is what we argued in calling for a lowering of the gay age of consent.

    So let’s put that nonsense about paedophilia to one side. it’s a gratuitous insult and undermines our own arguments about legal responsibility and age of adulthood.

    Having said that, I am absolutely cock-a-hoop, I am glowing with schadenfreude at the undermining of Iris Robinson, the DUP, the Evangelical Christian movement in general and also that ill-informed Christian brainwasher Dr. Paul Millar (the pyschiatrist referred to earlier by Mrs Robinson) that this all entails.

    So Dr Millar… Analyze That!!

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Jan 2010, 6:03pm

    And we’re the “queer” ones!

  44. I think it is time to leave well alone now; let her pick over the bones, the ashes of their (the Robinsons’) lives.
    The silly moo has more to bother about now than what 2 men do together behind the privacy of their own 4 walls.


  45. She is a dirty minx.

  46. Yes, Dave, she is gross. Mums and dads in NI must be black affronted by her disgusting behaviour towards teenage boys in the province.

  47. A predator.

  48. A sixty year old slapper with a teenage boy? O.M.G! The complete and utter shame of it all. She’ll bring the NI Assembly down and cast into the abyss like Profumo scandal. This reeks! REEKS!!??!!

  49. This story has the biggest set of legs even wider than Iris has!! Just cannot wait till the weekend Sunday papers we are in for a treat The granny seduction of her Butchers son the money that has been taking under false pretence Oh and Iris Robinson forgot to mention One Gay SON Don’t you just love a Dallas story from Northern Ireland

  50. This gives a whole new meaning to the word sexagenarian!

    This vile and evil woman has been exposed for what she really is. Hypocritical, money-grabbing, hypocritical criminal grooming a child for sex. Why is she not in prison now?

  51. by her account she is a sinner and Gods word is that must now die…horribly. Gods words….not mine. lol

  52. I know a good muslim psychiatrist who can help her turn from this chosen path! That will have about as much resonance for her as it did to her abusive remarks about gay people.

  53. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Jan 2010, 9:12pm

    The Spotlight Special is now on the iPlayer (and the popcorn is now in the microwave):

    *lets out little bit of excited wee*

  54. Dave No.33 – I think the psychiatrist was Dr Paul Miller?

    And £50,000? It’d take WAY more than that for me to sleep with Robinson. She said that homosexuality made her feel “sick” – well, that sums up how I feel about her. I don’t believe she is depressed and you’d think that she’d face up to her sins – because that’s what they are, right, Ms R?

  55. It could not have happened to two nicer people. Talk about being hoisted by ones own petard.We love it.

  56. Corrupt Protestant scum.

  57. I’m wondering if this means the end for a political dynasty in NI. Perhaps a more genuinely representative govt. will come about, something much less sectarian.

  58. Just sending this letter to IR’s email address – she won’t take offence will she?

    Dear Iris

    I’d never even heard of you until this week and will do my best to put your irrelevance back into the furthest reaches of my memory after sending this email. In saying that, I’d be really keen on your reply to this email to help me understand your logic and our seemingly differing views on what constitutes an “abomination”.

    If most recent reports pertaining to your alleged infidelity and transparency of conduct whilst in elected office are confirmed, my moral compass as a gay man feels rightly justified in questioning your posturing of right and wrong. What medicine will you diagnose for yourself to cure your reported wrongdoings?

    Christian equality and the right of free speech lends myself, and others I’m sure, to ask how you think the God judges your actions?

    I am not an abomination – I live morally, within the law and in a happy, stable relationship and conduct my life with high standards of trust and honesty.

    Some food for thought perhaps from the Good Book (Matthew 7:2-5);
    “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?”

    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery and warmest regards.

  59. @ Mumbo Jumbo: Yep, I settled down to watch the repeat of “Spotlight” on BBC News with a glass of cola and a mint aero bar & the heating on whilst it snowed outside. I was going to watch Steve Martin’s “L.A Story” on ITV3, but thought to record the film seeing as the BBC expose of Iris & hubby made for far more entertaining Friday night viewing instead. The Steve Martin comedy can wait.

  60. solesister 9 Jan 2010, 2:14am

    well that’s what is running Northern Ireland First Minister and his so squeaky clean wife – who can preach to us about morals and what is right and wrong when she is out throwing it all about and being corrupt about it at the same time. What annoys me about these people as they are so bad but stand behinds God as their backup. Guess what Iris time is up on your corrupt lifestyle you have been found out ! As for Robinson, he is a coward and is gasping for every breath in his political career. Guess what Peter it’s over thanks to your wife. And don’t tell me he didn’t know what was going on – long ago he found out – just some researchers at beeb have highlighted it to the public.

    Gloating – just a little bit !!!! Hope the “Mrs Robinson” song get’s to No1 in the charts !!!

  61. Be sure your sins will find you out…..Iris you hammered the homosexual population of Northern Ireland. The McCambley boy obviously hammered you.You are a total disgrace. Pack your bags are being evicted from the Big House.

  62. Yet another Homophobe that is shown as a total hipocrite. I’m not religious but you do find some great lines to quote at the homophobes in the bible: “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. lol

  63. dave and julie 9 Jan 2010, 11:16am

    Has no one on here enjoyed sex with an older lady? I have its brilliant. I’m 25 now and have been seeing my lover over a year shes a married lady of 59 from Antrim and its brilliant her husband does nt know her family are all grown up so no one is getting hurt and we have fantastic sex. Kirk was 19 he was so lucky its a real life Mrs Robinson story I wish i had been with Iris she looks stunning on the photos with a slim figure obviously a lady who takes care of her self.

    Iris has my full support what a shame she felt she had to resign as an MP. what is the problem here her husband was not satifying her so she had a yonger lover.

    I really would like to see her back in her rightful position as an MP again so come on lets all give her our support

  64. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jan 2010, 11:35am

    dave and julie: if you’re not trollong….

    the views here aren’t that it is a young person and an older person, it’s all about hypocrisy and double standards.

    She effectively groomed this guy and took started an affair when she was supposed to be helping him through a bereavement. She has marketted herself as a devout Xian standing up for marriage against the unholy queers who want to destroy it. And she got money for him without proper disclosure of interests, AND took cash off him.

    Sex between the generations can be beautiful (I know, I’ve had a lover 30 years my junior), but only if it’s non-exploitive.

    Exposed hypocrisy in a politician a career killer, and we’re allowed to gloat after her hate towards us.

    Is that clear enough

  65. I’m not saying IR is a paedo, but I am saying she’s corrupt and a predator in my opinion; a much more worldly, unprincipled and experienced person that the 19 year old she’d spent 10 years “getting to know” and who was bereaved when she jumped him. The fact the lad was over the age of consent does not in my opinion reduce the nastiness of what IR did, and to use public funds and her elected position to assist her toyboy simply makes it worse.

    Without wanting to divert this into a discussion on the age of consent, I don’t think the primary impulse behind working for an equal age of consent was so that 60 year olds could sleep with 16 year olds, it was that young gays couldn’t legally have sex at all until they were 21 – and while this may be a personal opinion, I still think that when the couple are 19 and 59, there’s a degree of inequality in position, life experience and probably power which makes it discordant, regardelss of the gender(s) of the people involved.

  66. It’s not the sex that’s shocking, it’s the money. The idea that you’d start sleeping with someone because (presumably) you had powerful feelings for them, and then immediately afterwards do everything to extract money in kick backs and ‘repayments’ that didn’t repay the original investors – it really, realy stinks. It also seems quite mad. The more I read about her ‘suicide attempt’ the less I think it amounted to much, but she does seem to have completely lost her judgement. Both Robinsons will be sunk by this, no question.

    Ooh and it’s interesting too that this woman with ‘four salaries’ was apparently 20 grand in the red. Spent on what I wonder?

  67. If I was being charitable to Iris [not that I particularly want to but let’s play devil’s advocate for one moment], I would speculate that many of her symptoms would fit with the symptoms of a bi-polar diagnosis.
    Some cases of bi-polar disorder (which used to be classed as manic depression) include a messiah complex, some sufferers veer between wild extremes of erratic behaviour where they think they’re completely untouchable one moment and in a deep depressive rut the next. Going on wild spending sprees might indicate a bi-polar nature… thus the debt issue.
    I have a friend diagnosed with this last year who on the upswings thought he was god and occasionally got on his soapbox to judge other people according to his law (not the genuine bible mind, but his version of it).
    Mind you I can’t really speak for Iris.
    Here’s a potted description from Ruby’s Room…
    And here’s Wikipedia
    “Mania is generally characterized by a distinct period of an elevated, expansive, or irritable mood state. People commonly experience an increase in energy and a decreased need for sleep. A person’s speech may be pressured, with thoughts experienced as racing. Attention span is low and a person in a manic state may be easily distracted. Judgment may become impaired; sufferers may go on spending sprees or engage in behavior that is quite abnormal for them. They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants, or sleeping pills. Their behavior may become aggressive, intolerant or intrusive. People may feel out of control or unstoppable. People may feel they have been “chosen,” are “on a special mission,” or other grandiose or delusional ideas. Sexual drive may increase. At more extreme phases of bipolar I, a person in a manic state can begin to experience psychosis, or a break with reality, where thinking is affected along with mood.[8] Many people in a manic state experience severe anxiety and are very irritable (to the point of rage), while others are euphoric and grandiose.”
    I guess if Iris were genuinely Bi-polar I might have a little more sympathy for her, but it’s the responsibility of those around her to reign her in when she goes off on one. This woman is obviously not stable enough to be in a position of authority or to be preaching on BBC radio.

  68. Yay! Iris has been sacked as both a westminster MP and as a member of the N.I Assembly. Let’s see her try to get radio air time to spout forth ignorant bigotry now eh?!

  69. Sister Mary clarence 9 Jan 2010, 3:45pm

    And tossed out of the DUP as well!!!!

    Christmas does indeed come early this year – or maybe its a late present from last year!!!!

  70. OH MY GOD! How the “mighty” have fallen.

    Presumably, the young man she defiled will be selling his story to the Sunday papers, so this is set to run and run for a while yet.

  71. Black Hawk Down 9 Jan 2010, 4:31pm

    Here is link to an excellent spoof of Simon & Garfunkel’s song Mrs Robinson:


  72. Sister Mary clarence 9 Jan 2010, 4:34pm

    Were any of that to be true flapjakc, her husband showed even poorer lack of judgement in failing to notify the appropriate authorities of her unfitness to hold the office that she did, only to compound it by then issuing supporting statements when she spouted off to the press (and anyone else that would listen) her intolerant and bigoted views about homosexuality.

  73. this sounds like she was ‘grooming’ him from an early age – nine years old. wow, thats young. now we know why she was so obssessed with paedophilia, she felt like one herself.

  74. Sister Mary clarence 9 Jan 2010, 6:14pm

    I take it the boy is going to be selling his story to the Sundays – any one got any clues which one?

    Iris has clawed back the start up grant money the boy got forcing him to sell half his business, she will have also jeopardised his lottery grant I would expect and he is probably going to need legal solicitors to act for him as well when dealing with the local authority and the lease irregularities, so I hope he’s smart enough to capitalise on the press interest to make some money to secure the business.

  75. Bound to be the NOTW. Bound to be picture too. Apparently, she has also be ‘dogging’ for years.

  76. “I cannot think of anything more sickening than a child being abused. It is comparable to the act of homosexuality… I am not hate-mongering. I cannot leave my Christian values hanging at the door when I go into politics.” – Iris Robinson, July 2008…

    …isn’t it a pity she didn’t bother to read the REST of the bible before cradle snatching a 19 year old to commit adultery and fraud?

    The beauty of religious hypocrisy.

  77. Paul Halsall 9 Jan 2010, 8:13pm

    Well she certainly screwed up.

    But have some mercy, people. You might need it yourself someday. We need to be better than those who hate us.

  78. Paul, when it comes to Iris, I can safely say we already are….

  79. sean o'kelly 9 Jan 2010, 8:52pm

    Heard Iris will be in next months Esquire mag, centre spread maybe???

  80. she was anti homosexuals cos they got more cock than her

  81. robbie (coleraine) 9 Jan 2010, 11:01pm

    your right she won’t be getting any tonight but sure I will. Cheers Iris have a good evening I wont be thinking of you.

  82. Simon Murphy 10 Jan 2010, 1:35am

    No 81: you say: “your right she won’t be getting any tonight”

    Are you sure about that?

    Women of Northern Ireland – lock up your sons and grandsons.

  83. Mumbo Jumbo 10 Jan 2010, 11:19am

    Simon, the mothers of Northern Ireland can relax – at least for a little while.

    The Wicked Witch of the North is currently spending her nights (and our money) conveniently out of contact and “recovering” in a luxury chalet in an exclusive ski resort in the French Alps.

  84. Pahahaha!
    I hope she ends up in prison. Let’s see how long she lasts in a woman’s prison after what she said about homosexuals!!

  85. Mumbo Jumbo 10 Jan 2010, 2:48pm

    Trust me, this is funny:

    And to round that off, the latest Iris joke:

    What’s the difference between Iris Robinson and Michael Jackson?

    One is the King of Pop and the other has sex with kids.

  86. Why no comment from Stuart Cowan to rush to Iris’s defence? Where are all the fundamentalist trolls today?

  87. Mihangel apYrs 10 Jan 2010, 3:01pm

    and the nerve of her asking for the money back, that’s plain nasty.

    I think the guy deserves the cash as a recompense for being molested by this dog and payment for services rendered

  88. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Jan 2010, 5:31pm

    Poisonally, I think the kid knew what he was doing…getting rich quick.

  89. Simon Murphy 10 Jan 2010, 6:51pm

    The Sunday Tribune in Ireland has a story today about Iris’ previous affairs.

    She also had an affair with Kirk McCambley’s late father (she likes keeping it in the family apparently and also with an unnamed DUP member in the 1980’s.

    She’s been expelled from the DUP now as well.

    Oh Iris! :D

  90. Previous affairs? :o So not just a one-off ‘look it was just a mistake’ thing :D Or a brief period of madness. That article (thanks, Simon Murphy) says that one affair was in the 80s. Looks like a habit then :D

  91. Where are all the fundamentalist trolls today? – Adrian T

    Lets hope they are doing what their book tells them they should be doing :) They all should be praying and fasting for the soul of Mrs Robinson.

    I bet not one church has done that today.

  92. @ Simon Murphy – So she did Kirk’s dad too? This story just gets kinkier by the minute.
    We’ve got to that stage where the hypocracy is a forgone conclusion, now all that’s left to find out is how big a hypocrite is she?

  93. Check out this tribute to iris on youtube:

  94. You really couldn’t make this story up, could you? The more one hears, the more unlikely the claims of mental illness NOW are – why didn’t she retire after her purported suicide attempt 10 months ago? I feel as sickened by IR’s shameless hypocrisy and greed as she is by homosexuality, and any sympathy I have is for the people damaged by her publicly-aired views, not for her.

  95. I am glad this news has been revealed. It shows the hypocrisy of those who bash gays literally or figuratively. Mrs Robinson has shown once and for all that when someone attacks gays for being gays there should be an investigation to find out what mental problems and insecurities they have.
    In the meantime we can all sing along with Simon and Garfuncle. “Mrs Robinson ………..”

  96. “Mrs Robinson has shown once and for all that when someone attacks gays for being gays there should be an investigation to find out what mental problems and insecurities they have.”

    I completely agree, Scott. Same goes for people with viciously racist beliefs or people who are anti-women (or anti-men too, of course). It’s not just expressing an opinion, it’s a sign there’s something wrong with you.

    I see that Panorama are investigating Iris Robinson tonight:

    I hope they show her in her true light.

  97. Simon Murphy 11 Jan 2010, 11:22am

    Iris Robinson is reported to be receiving ‘acute psychiatric treatment’ in a Belfast hospital. This information was given in response to news reports that she was relaxing in a French ski report.

    Rumours abound that she has been sectioned.

    Which is pretty awful.

    But then again, it’s hardly surprising that if you are an elected public official who engages in incitement to hatred against a minority group, that you will be held to the same moral standards you apply to others. The reaction to the Robinson story is entirely expected and deserved.

  98. Ashley Peacock 11 Jan 2010, 6:43pm

    so if your a butcher and shag this old dog you get £50,000 and have to give her £5,000 back. well I’m used to shagging clare the moaning old cow I’ve got already got so paper bag over her head and I’ll do it for £45 grand and put the lad down to do her after me.

  99. Seán McGouran 11 Jan 2010, 8:23pm

    Iris Robinson is consistently referred to as “homophobic” – she is, of course. More to the point her party, the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party), is homophobic. A quite important mamber was chucked out in 2008 just for being queer. It is in deep trouble, and it will lose seats in the next (UK) parliament not to a liberal opposition.
    Which means, thanks to Iris, nearly every other party in Northern Ireland. The gainers will be a breakaway from the DUP. It’s called ‘Traditional Unionist Voice’. The group is in cahoots with the UKIP, and in regard to Gay women and men is close to the policies of the BNP.
    There may be a bloc of parties in the next parliament whose votes would be courted by New Labour or the Cameroons. The price would be to reverse the rights of Gay citizens.

  100. so was she lusting after this lad when he was 9; how disgusting; these dreadful homophobic straights and their filthy perversions!

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