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Graham Norton is bookies’ favourite to take over Jonathan Ross’ BBC slot

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Reader comments

  1. What’ll we be given instead of “4 Pouffs and a Piano” for contrast with the host? “4 ‘Breeders’ and a Banjo”

  2. Ladyfriend 8 Jan 2010, 6:07pm

    why does anyone have to take it over? Just show a film instead.

  3. Anything but Wossy. ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ would of been a better show without the namesake presenter. It all seemed about him… Norton gets a much better interview out of the starts he talks to.

  4. Norton doesnt interview people! He uses them as a backdrop for his humour. I am no great fan of Ross either but he ocassionally did a good interview when he wasnt being up his own arse and showing people how funny he thinks he is.

  5. Ok, obviously the only answer to this dilemma is to call John Barrowman and see if he’s free.

  6. Can’t reall see why Norton is worth £4m.

    The job should be going to Jo Brand I reckon, least ya’d get a laugh.

  7. Can’t we have Dame Edna? At least we’d get some witty philosophy, though I agree about Jo Brand as per Squidgy.
    The important point is that none of these folk should be getting these huge amounts of money.

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