George Michael has said that he and former Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley will not reform the band.

Speaking to US magazine People, the gay singer said: “Wham! was about being young and exuberant and you can’t recreate that feeling at a certain age.

“Andrew Ridgeley and I are still good friends but I’m afraid we’ll never get back together. We both agree on that.”

He added: “We made some mistakes experimenting with our image. The shuttlecocks in my shorts – how stupid was that?

“When I see myself. I cringe mostly. Take the blond hair. I wanted to have long, blond, straight hair because I didn’t really want to be me.

“Looking back, I suppose I could have done without those curtain rings in my ears as well.”

Michael also revealed he did not like the hit song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

“I’m not keen on that song,” he said. “I haven’t sung it for a long time.”