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Gay marriage bill fails in New Jersey Senate

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Reader comments

  1. Why are equal rights being voted on??
    Lets vote on black segregation.
    Do gay people not pay their taxes??

  2. Tim Hopkins 8 Jan 2010, 2:55pm

    The good news (Pink News will no doubt report it very soon) is that the Portuguese Parliament has just passed a same-sex marriage bill today.

  3. Simon Murphy 8 Jan 2010, 3:16pm

    Bad news for New Jersey.

    But take heart. As catholic Portugal legislated for marriage equality today then it shows that the battle is being won.

    Slowly but surely!

  4. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jan 2010, 3:47pm

    at least NJ glb people will know who their enemies are

  5. Andrew Q. Ket’s vote for Black segregation’-Why wait? You can start the move right now. Better still, move a citizen’s bill for it. Come on, what are you waiting for?
    I wonder why this site always brings up the rascist in us?

  6. Mihangel apYrs 8 Jan 2010, 6:24pm

    I think the statement was to point out that if human rights can be refused to us they can be removed from anyone. Since the issue of black rights in the US hasn’t long been entirely settled (mixed colour marriages etc), and since black Xian communities tend to be more unsympathetic to LGB rights, it’s worth reminding them among others that their rights could be removed (as has happened to gay marriage in california)

  7. Yes it was but Niki tends to miss the point on here.

  8. bless niki-
    hasn’t understood a thing. I agree 100% that this shouldn’t be voted on. Perhaps Nikki will understand if we went a step further and removed the vores from women and labor laws relating to children and any other progress we’ve done down the line… Don’t forget to remove freedom of religions too. Then we can start with the idea of free rights for all citizens regardless of race sex orientation, creed or gender, or religion.

  9. Carry on, all of you. As if marraige equality could be likened to slavery, stopping people’s children going to school, being denied the vote, and all the issues associated with rascism.
    Oh yes, they are exactly the same. As if being Gay and being Black were mutually exclusive. As someone once said, Gays were up there enslaving with the general population in rascism. That is why some find it so easy to say, ‘bring back the segregation…’ Afterall, they’ve been there before…

  10. Mihangel apYrs 9 Jan 2010, 6:31pm

    a typical bleeding heart who, the moment an issue of colour is reaised, blames the white man.

    Listen honey: no-one actually advocated the removal those initiatives that removed the racist laws in the US, but it is valid to draw the parallel. And yes, marriage rights are equivalent: a diminution of anyone’s human rights means that they aren’t rights but privileges, and any privilege can be removed by a tyrannous majority.

    The right to marry isn’t a fluffy “feel-good” thing, it brings legal rights and protections, as well as responsibilities, if you can’t understand that then it’s not worth talking to you about it.

    Howevre, as quick as you are to lable us bigots, I would ask youi to state whether gl people deserve full equal rights or not.

    I would also direct your attention to the “Uganda” thread and ask your take on that issue

  11. gl people deserve full equal rights, and the Ugandan law is unjust.

  12. BTW, I refuse to go to the comments thread on the Ugandan issue because of fear of the rascism that will be so evident there.
    Finally, if you think that being denied liberty, the vote, entry into public buildings etc., is the same thing as marraige equality, then, there’s really nothing more to say….

  13. Mihangel apYrs 10 Jan 2010, 12:19am

    human rights ARE indivisible: remove or deny to some and all are in danger. Exclusion from gay marriage is the same as refusal for library services: neither are life threatening, both are unjust. Treating people as less than human is evil, but that is how gay people can be treated. I do understand your visceral hatred of the way that people from different ethnic backgrounds have been treted by white people (but the same obtains in other countries), but remember that few of us are direct beneficiaries of exploitation, and many of us are the descendants of wage slavery. It isn’t a simple equation, we have to deal with the now, and what’s significant to it.

    Thank you for your support concerning gay rights and your concern about Uganda. There the issues are such that racists and bigots need do little more than quote them..

  14. Mihangel apYrs 10 Jan 2010, 12:24am


    what would be a good bill would be one to defend marriage by outlawing divorce. Entirely biblical

  15. Its really saddening to see my neighbors to the south having to constantly but their heads against a brick wall that’s made of old-ways and bigotry… Time and time again it seems to be just smacked down and thrown to the waist side because of the phrase “I don’t believe/think” tossed into a statement talking about gay rights.

    I agree with others that one day the dam will break and rights will happen, but I do fear it will take many more hits against that wall to put a crack in it.

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