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Equalities minister Harriet Harman fined for careless driving

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Reader comments

  1. Was the old boot arrested and get her fingerprints and DNA taken, as so many others have been under legislation voted in by a – wait for it – former member of Liberty?

    One rule for the ruling classes, another for the public. Just like her husband, who gets around women only shortlists so he can get a safe seat

  2. This woman is poison. Evil bith!

  3. So much for justice. Yet another example of double standards. People in the media spotlight should be shown as examples esp politicians. Any other person would have been given the 9 points and in her case this would have banned her from driving because of existing points. Instead it sends the message that its fine to use a mobile while driving and anyway if you do you’ll get let off. Typical British justice.

  4. TYPICAL!!!!!

    If that was anyone else, she would not have had the second charge of ‘using a mobile phone whilst in control of a motor vehicle’ taken off and she would have lost her licence and given a larger fine . . . DOUBLE STANDARDS . . . vote her out of her seat at the next election . . .

  5. What a disgrace. To an MP a £350 fine is nothing and you could “earn” 3 points for a simple speeding offence. Now if we had driven away from an accident whilst using a mobile phone, it would have been a hefty fine and long driving ban based on the Home Office sentencing guidelines.

    What is worse is that she didn’t attend court and was “pleased with the outcome”. Just proves how corrupt the Labour Party is!

  6. Not really. It proves more how corrupt the courts are, in refusing to apply the same laws equally to everyone. But everyone knows that, which is why “they came on to me” remains the disgusting ploy when some thug brutally murders an out LGBT person! Wasn’t is Plato who said “where there is crime, there is no justice”?

  7. Not that the Labour party ISN’T corrupt, just that this isn’t spectacular proof of it…

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