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Northern Ireland

Tatchell says Iris Robinson is a ‘hypocrite’

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think it’s just Tatchell, though…

    This morning on Radio4’s Today, Newton Emerson, columnist and satirist for the Irish News, who was discussing this sorry business, warned us that there may be more to come. The story apparently broke after a BBC investigation in the Robinson couple. According to Emerson, when asked yesterday if there were other things either personal or financial that Peter Robinson would like to divulge, he apparently made a point of only talking about himself…

  2. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 3:51pm

    We only have Robinson’s word that she is depressed and attempted suicide. She has a history of lying and theft so who’s to says her depression and suicide attempt are not also lies.

    The fact that she released this information is an indication that it is an pre-emptive effort to divert attention from more serious matters.

    Allegedly Iris spread her married legs for a catholic of the Republican persuasion which for her bigotted constituency is even worse than being gay.

    There’s also rumours of serious financial scandals involvimg Iris’ DUP (Drop Ur Panties) political party.

    This story is going to continue and there will be more revelations.

    I am very happy. Iris has not apologised for her encouraging depression and suicide among vulnerable young LGBT people in Northern Ireland. She deserves the same compassion as she is willing to show others.

  3. Peter & Simon: I’m all for forgiveness and compassion, but this woman deserved everything she had coming to her. I have zero sympathy for hypocrites. Maybe she should drop the Christianity and look to Buddhism, and she might learn a thing or two about karma, and it’s way of coming up behind you and biting you in the arse.

  4. She should be ashamed and embaressed at her nasty facist political party (remember the ranting and raving Paisely?)Is it any wonder that the woman is a nasty, lying, greedy homophobe!

  5. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 4:06pm

    “and it’s way of coming up behind you and biting you in the arse.”

    That will also be featured on ‘One night in Iris: Sexual Escapades with the D(rop) U(r) P(anties) Party.

  6. Peter Tatchell rather states the obvious doesn’t he, yes she is 100% TOTAL HYPOCRITE. Her husband said on the news last eveing that she’s sought forgiveness from her God,quite honestly i find this rather sickening that she still hides behind her religion.
    Mr Murphy, as well as often challenging my views and adding pertinent comments you often make me smile!! Drop Ur Panties certainly made me chuckle!

  7. Brian Burton 7 Jan 2010, 5:44pm

    Hypocrite Peter Dear? Ofcourse! all these homophobic crap merchants have something to hide!

  8. Mihangel apYrs 7 Jan 2010, 5:47pm

    how can this be news. PeterT is only saying what ALL of us are saying: it may be news to the main stream media, but surely not to the Pink media – rather like the Catholic Times saying the pope is in favour of the mass!

  9. Even on the comment threads, whilst we are often divided on different issues, we seem to all be fairly united in the fact that Iris is a TOTAL two-faced hypocrite.

  10. It seems that Iris has broken one of the ten commandments. Maybe in her case the biblical solution is the best, I understand that women ‘taken in adultery’ were taken out and stoned. However as he husband has assured us she has sought and recieved God’s forgivness…err so that’s OK then Iris

  11. We created Northern Ireland so these people could remain in the UK, and gave them power to exercise their brand of bigotry and hatred. They were left to their own devices,by successive Westminster governments and funded with British tax payers money. Their hatred of gay people also extends to all catholics, and indiginous Irish , is it any wonder these people started their own civil rights movement, and what did we do, send in our troops to supress them and allow these bigots to hold the reign for another 40 years.
    If Peter Robinson cannot run his own marital affairs why is he First Minister, he should resign..

  12. Paul, as one of those indiginous irish who has faced first hand the homophobia fostered by the DUP and other right wing unionist factions (Such as the UUP) working under the blessing of the westminster regime, I wholly agree. It’s good to see an englishman with an informed grasp on this.

  13. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 8 Jan 2010, 3:21am

    Hypricrite yes and also a fat ugly bitch slut as well!!!

  14. What a shame the hypocritical bigot couldn’t even do suicide properly. Sounds like the world would be better off without her.

  15. She obviousley saw “The Graduate” and took it at face value! However, she aint no Anne Bancroft and he’s no Dustin Hoffman!

  16. seán McGouran 29 Jan 2010, 4:31pm

    She is (was?) a rather clever politician – she oversaw the campaign that got the DUP all the (NI Assembly) seats in her Westminster constituency.
    I am extremely dubious about her ‘depression’ and ‘attempted suicide’.
    More to the point I am worried about the fact that there is an even more homophobic breakaway from the DUP (Traditional [meaning ‘reactionary] Unionist Voice) which will take seats off the DUP.
    The DUP itself is hardly pinko-liberal in the first place – both of them may find allies in the next parlaiment, pond-life like the UKIP, BNP and English Democrats.
    Get out an vote – the next parliament may be the most reactionary since the one brough in by the 1918 general election.

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