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Social worker struck off for abusing trans child

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Reader comments

  1. Struck off? That should be the least of his worries. Bigoted little twat!

  2. im not an expert on these things, but has any laws been broken here? (if we assume this article is fact, ive grown alittle sceptical of the news lately).

  3. No laws broken, but he is unfit to be a social worker, and has rightly been struck off for a multitude of appalling actions.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 7 Jan 2010, 6:49pm

    Transphobic bullying of children should be punishable with either short jail sentences or massive fines. Freedom of speech? The kid was barely even into puberty, for ****’s sake. This stuff could have done some serious damage to a kid in a situation as vulnerable as this.

    I hope this abhuman scum is never allowed to work near children again.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 7 Jan 2010, 10:30pm

    when one is in a position of trust one doesn’t allow one’s personal opinions to influence – hell when I was a trained to do nothing more than befriend that was hammered in and in and in. You didn’t judge the client, you didn’t show if you were shocked.

    This T**T doesn’t deserve to deal with vulnerable people ever again: if you accept the privilege of interfering in people’s lives then you have to do it properly

  6. Christina Engela 8 Jan 2010, 1:33am

    He shouldn’t just be struck off the roll – he should be in jail!

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