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New South Wales government upholds gay adoption ban

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Reader comments

  1. Pumpkin Pie 7 Jan 2010, 6:45pm

    Although a parliamentary inquiry had recommended that changing the law would be in the best interests of children, the state government said there was not enough evidence of support for it.

    What a steaming pile of ****. There is masses of evidence both of the negative impact of being raised in an institution and of the fact that same-sex parents do just as well as mixed-sex parents. Unless these people are utter cretins and don’t understand how simple logic works, they should be arrested on charges of child abuse. That is very much what this is.

    “Members were unable to reach a consensus, reflecting divisions on this issue in the wider community.”

    Also known as “blaming the victim”. If they’re too incompetent to protect marginalised minorities, I hope they’re swiftly voted out. Do they take kids off of parents with “funny” speech impediments, too? You know, just in case other people make fun of the kids?

  2. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 8 Jan 2010, 3:33am

    As far back in 1997 there was a proposal to allow two people of the same sex to adopt children in NSW and 12 years later NO PROGRESS AT ALL!!!!!

    Queensland’s Adoption Act 2009 will be effective soon – but it clearly says and quotes that “same gender couples are prohibited from any adoption processes” – but there is a Surrogacy Bill 2009 that will be introduced again (soon after lapsing last year) that will allow gay men to perform an “altrustic surrogacy parentage agreement” and allow “prosuption of parentage” to lesbian women who underwent IVF/artificial insamination to have a child.

    Western Australia and the ACT have full joint adoption of Austraian children for same sex couples and Tasmania also allows same sex couples to adopt their own children only (but not full joint adoption of Australian children).

    Overseas adoptions are illegal in Australia (even for opposite sex married or de facto couples) – unless their is an agreement with the Hague Convention that is co-signed by member countries to stop the trafficking of children.

    VERY VERY long waiting periods apply for adopting children – even way longer for single people – 5 years is not uncommon for couples waiting to adopt children (South Austraian is the only state in Australia that does not allow single people to adopt children).

    The Northern Territory and New Zealand does not even allow an de facto opposite sex couples to adopt regardless (only married couples only of the opposite sex).

  3. If people didnt know it yet on Pink News, the state of New South Wales is governed by an American and I imagine will be soon become the 52nd state of the USA. The farce and stupidity of the Australian Labor ‘sellout’ Party!

  4. Australia is crawling with Catholics and other Christian bigots. we in the UK see the “acceptable face” of Australia, the non-bigots who leave!

  5. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 10 Jan 2010, 3:56am

    What was/is the 51st state of America????????

  6. Paul, I meant 50 states plus the Washington dependent area! Anyway I dont approve of the new NSW Premier! Appalling decision and appointment. I am offended by Australia’s foreign policy and wish that our country had a very different leadership.
    My wishes.
    1.An Australian republic with a President elected by the people.
    2. No union jack on our flag.
    3. Proportional representation in all Australian Houses of Parliament both national and state.
    4.A Bill of Rights.
    5.Full marriage equality for all citizens.
    6. Voluntary euthanasia. A choice for all citizens.
    7.Complete and utter separation of State from the church and its dreaded influence on ‘supposedly’ secular laws for all citizens!
    8. That is a short list!

  7. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 17 Jan 2010, 6:38am

    I totally agree with you Brenton – except on your clause 3.

    You quoted: “3. Proportional representation in all Australian Houses of Parliament both national and state.”

    * We should actually get rid of state governments for good, let all the local government be controlled by the federal government and to stop the curruption, resourse wasting and billions of dollars of money wasting through red tape and administration.

    * We should just have just one house of Parliament (a unicamerial legislator) – currently we have two houses of Parliament (a bicamerical legislator). This will speed up legislation making processes and in the event of an emergency make laws that are truly better for our country in the longer term.

    With just one house there are less arguments with a bill
    Once passed it just gets assented and becomes law instead of going on a merry-go-around between the two houses on amendments (and ongoing amendments) that are never supported and ongoing delays that really really annoying to average citizens.

    We are truly completly over-governed in Australia – less Government means less taxes and less curruption within government.

    Another point about our great flag:

    1. Replace the union jack in the top left hand corner with the aboriginal flag – keep the blue colour, the southern cross and the big seven pointed star all in-tact.

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