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Lesbian in custody dispute issues appeal for missing daughter

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Reader comments

  1. Join the FB group that supports the rights of Janet, rightly asserting that love makes a family:

  2. I hope this woman gets her daughter back. I can’t believe the police aren’t investigating it yet. What, child abduction and refusing to obey a court ruling isn’t enough now? Miller is clearly unstable.

  3. Bishop Ioan 7 Jan 2010, 7:08pm

    Thanks for the link. Joined just now. This is dispicable and this is just a small sample of how the religious wrong screws up LGBT families.

  4. The Grinch 7 Jan 2010, 7:10pm

    I for one will be on the look out for a single woman walking with a small child. Pity I live next door to a primary school, it’s going to be a long frickin’ day…

  5. Lisa if you really are walking in Christ then you would know the right thing to do. God gave His only begotten son so that we could all be forgiven for our sins and that we would honor the first and second commandents. Isabella is innocent. Many people are telling you that this is the right thing to do but do you really believe this is the right thing to do by God? Janet is the same loving partner as she was in the beginning but I am sure this situation is tearing her to pieces. So Janet to you I urge you to seek comfort in the words of the bible. Lisa, your relationship with God is suppose to make you a better person for every neighbor. Whatever happened between you and Janet should not change the familiarity for Isabella. Please don’t think she won’t remember Lisa. You have NO idea what it is like to love a child and then have someone take it away for NO good reason. If Janet did not ever abuse the child then you position is groundless. You ought to know that Isabella is God’s child and it was created because of love. Did it ever occur to you that your friendship with Janet wasn’t meant to last forever but to bring love into this world to be shared? Goodness first for without it nothing bears good fruit. Lisa and Janet take out the people and come together after all Romans 8:28 —— peace Jc

  6. Issue an arrest warrant. This is sick. And what’s sicker is all the ‘christians’ who’ll be falling over themselves to help Lisa Miller – that is, aiding and abetting the breach of a court order and the parental kidnap of a child.

  7. The stiry is truly heart breaking. One has to feel for both women. for the birth mother, to carry a child for nine months in one’s womb is not easy, and gives one a sense of bonding/ownership that no other relationship on e4arth can equal. For the court to say, hand her over to the other woman, may be almost imppossible to contemplate. As for the other woman, she sees the child as truly hers, and so the court has ruled.
    Whatever the outcome, this child will be damaged. Each mother will want to impose their beliefs on her when she is with them…
    People shoudl think more about the future before bringing innocent children into them.

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