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Northern Ireland

BBC investigation ‘prompted Iris Robinson to admit affair’

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Reader comments

  1. The Grinch 7 Jan 2010, 6:25pm

    This just keeps getting juicier. If by the end of the week there are not more revelations about Iris and a bondage role play with auto asphyxiation, an MP in a clown suit and a strap on, several dwarfs in chaps and a happy hour at the local swingers club then I’ll be very let down….c’mon Iris give it up for us sinners!

  2. Sister Mary clarence 7 Jan 2010, 6:31pm

    I absolutely agree – Jesus Christ I’d love to a fly on the wall in their house at the moment!!!!

  3. Hmm… The icing on the cake would be if her lover turned out to be female…

  4. Oh its all sooo exciting!!! Whatever next??

  5. These “revelations” reek of media management – how sad is Peter even though this whole matter arose and was dealt with 10 months ago. Iris tried to commit suicide. Really? Was she hospitalised or sectioned? And gosh her husband regained his compusre pretty damn quick to be joking around at First Minister’s Questions a few hours later. Who is the other man? A butcher? A young man according to Jeffrey Donaldson? A businessman? Whoever he is, Iris says he has no emotional or lasting meaning to her. Maybe he should give his side of the story, before Panorama does a hatchet job on him.

  6. evidently i heard on the radio that there is some gay related issue in her family which has caused her to be a bitter twisted born again. maybe her dad was gay and she found jesus.

  7. by the way. im a bitchy gossip!

  8. There always seems to be this strong correlation between the more evangelical the christian, the more likely they are to be hypocrites.

  9. @ Dave, I think the gay family “incident” you refer to might be her gay son that she has denied.

  10. she denied her gay son! what a bitch.

  11. Okay, I thought she was a twat before this but I had a degree of sympathy for her. Mental illness is not something to be taken lightly, even if the sufferer is a homophobic hypocrite. Now I just think she’s lying crooked bitch.

  12. Goodness me – the finances, the affair – what a tangled web. And it seems she only had a newvous breakdown because she was found out: nothing to do with conscience at all. She would still be doing this now and still insulting LGBT people were she not found out.

    Congratulations to the BBC for exposing this CHARLATAN AND FRAUD.

  13. Poor Iris, whatever got into her……

  14. “Poor Iris, whatever got into her…… ” :a boy under 21, apparently!…..AND “she did not name her lover but said she had “encouraged friends to assist him by providing financial support for a business venture”….HAHAHAHA…..she paid a hooker!!!

  15. The Gay Girls Guide 7 Jan 2010, 8:36pm

    For anyone that can get access, the documenatry is being shown tonight on BBC1 Northern Ireland at 10.35pm where they will name the name and the business.

  16. The Gay Girls Guide 7 Jan 2010, 8:37pm

    I’ll try that again…where they will name the man lol

    You will not meet a gay person on the streets of Belfast who isn’t grinning from ear-to-ear…it has made our year already!

  17. … put it on YouTube!!!

  18. …if he wasn’t a hooker maybe it was some poor lad she was trying to ‘cure of his homosexuality’…..but I guess if he wasn’t gay before, he could well be now!…

  19. Comment 8 – I totally agree. Normal people don’t go mouthing off about how ‘inferior’ or ‘evil’ other people are unless they have major issues themselves. And evangelical christianity seems to attract the weak and the vulnerable who are looking for someone else to point the finger at because they dislike themselves.

  20. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 9:17pm

    “…if he wasn’t a hooker maybe it was some poor lad she was trying to ‘cure of his homosexuality’…..but I guess if he wasn’t gay before, he could well be now!… ” Wicked! :-)

    Night out on the town with your young lover….. £250
    Hotel room with candles and condoms…………. £60
    Being found out and branded a public fraud…… PRICELESS!
    For everything else, there’s always Iris Robinson. :-)

  21. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 9:21pm

    …and how totally MEAN of her! She gets this young lad in bed, on the pretext of ‘helping his business’, then is too fuc-ing TIGHT and mean to even give him some of the thousands she has swindled from the taxpayer! She ‘tries to get her friends to help him out by investing in his business… She’s not only a lying cheating fraud, she’s also CHEAP!

  22. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 9:30pm

    By the way… CONGRATULATIONS The Gay Girls Guide on breaking this story and bringing us the updates so quickly. I have added your blog to my blogroll :-)

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