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Portugal expected to approve gay marriage this week

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex pat Brit 6 Jan 2010, 7:02pm

    Meanwhile, we in the UK can’t even get married if we want to. Obviously we’re not that progressive. This will bring the number of countries to eight once Portugal passes legislation. Its put us to shame along with France, Germany and a few others, an absolute disgrace.

  2. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2010, 8:02pm

    Great news indeed.

    And it just goes to show that despite the bigotry of the catholic church, this does not seem to stop predominantly catholic countries from legislating for equality – Spain, Belgium, part of Argentine; Mexico City and now Portugal.

    The times – they are a changing!

    Hurrah for Portugal

  3. So now even Portugal is ahead of us in the equality stakes.

    Why isn’t our ‘equality-loving’ Prime Minister pushing for marriage equality here in the UK?

  4. “According to AFP, the bill has been met with little opposition in the Catholic country”

    Well it hasn’t gone entirely without opposition. The demagogues in the country are doing the usual tactic of trying to put the rights of LGBTs up for a public vote. They’ve gathered enough signatures for a possible referendum to be debated in parliament. The anti-gay bigots are also pushing for civil unions (something our own government still tells us are wonderful and progressive).

    However the governing coalition seem very committed to equality, so it’s likely that these attempts will be rejected and gays in Portugal will have the right to marry very soon.

  5. PORTUGAL! Who’d ever have thought they’d outstrip the UK so smartly? Well done!

  6. You guys talk as if Portugal was a 3rd world country :P
    Portugal is one of the ONLY 3 countires in the world where it’s own Contitution bans discriminations based on sexual orientation.

    Let us see if the Left Block will vote in favor in the Government’s bill since it does not approve same-sex “married” couples to adopt.. and the Left Block’s bill dows allow it

  7. When the Conservatvies come to power in May – and they will – we can see gay marriage here in the UK goodbye for at least a decade till Labour gets back into power.

    When it comes to the tories, the most we can hope for is that they don’t repeal any of the lgbt equality legislations that have been passed throguhout the past twleve years, let alone them passing a lgbt equality legislation such as gay marriage.

  8. yay! finaly a good news by pinknews on this subject in Portugal :.)

    PS will entirely vote yes (exception for 2 catholic deputees);
    PSD will vote each one for him/herself (wich means more votes for us);
    CDU will also vote entirely in favor.
    Let’s hope the Left Block will vote yes too, because they support adoption too and they have a bill that allows it.

    I’m so afraid it won’t pass!!! :.(

  9. Poor Portugal, Benedick is on his way!

  10. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2010, 7:53am

    Actually Joao Pena, 7 countries ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation under their consitution:

    * Sweden
    * Switzerland
    * Kosovo (declared independence in March 2008)
    * Ecuador
    * Portugal
    * South Africa
    * Bolvolia (another country in South America)

    Also –
    Some parts of Mexico, Germany and Brazil also under their consitution also ban sexual orientation discrimination as well.

    Fiji recently as of last year ripped-up its consitution – so gays are no longer consitutionally protected in Fiji.

  11. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2010, 7:56am

    Iceland and Luxembourg will be next in line in Europe this year for gay marriage as well.

    Solvenia next year will have gay marriage (if it is approved this year).

    I love that color purple (meaning full gay marriage) on the wikipedia Europe maps!!!!!!

    Lots of blue still (meaning registered partnerships) – which is second best!!!!

  12. Good news for Portugal, time for the UK to get with the times and SamB:- that’s a very poor arguement to suggest that when the Tories get in we’ll have to wait til Labour get in again. They’ve been in nearly 13 years, kinda think thats long enough to pass the necessary bill for marriage. Truth is Labour never intended to. It’s time all parties did!

  13. Paul, your predictions would be much more optimistic if you would take into account the day that the bill is signed (or a consent granted) and not the day it comes into effect.

    And good for Portugal!

  14. Its done. The law was aproved 20 minutes ago. yes. We did it. im so happy :-)

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