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New Jersey in last-ditch vote on gay marriage

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  1. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2010, 12:58pm

    Lets face it gay marriage will not become legal in NJ because of a right-wing facist dictator of a Govonor will come into power soon if it passes both chambers (but I do not see it even passing the Senate for a start anyway!!!!

    Maybe in 5 years time when the citizens of NJ vote him out!!!!

  2. Australian gay activist Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2010, 1:01pm

    This quote is incorrect:

    “Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Iowa and Vermont give gay couples the right to marry.”

    It should say:
    “Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Iowa, Vermont and possibly soon this year in DC (if no action in Congress to stall the law) that give gay couples the right to marry.”

  3. These are NOT facists is NJ, they just believe that marriage has always been defined as One Woman/One Man! There is nothing facist about that, it’s the way it’s always been! Congratulations to the Senate of New Jersey!

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