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Northern Ireland

Anti-gay MP Iris Robinson attempted suicide after affair

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Reader comments

  1. The Gay Girls Guide 6 Jan 2010, 7:48pm

    Glad you ran with this story after my phonecall, you guys work quickly!

    I can’t stand hypocrites, I wonder if she believes she should be stoned to death?

    The Gay Girls Guide

  2. The Gay Girls Guide 6 Jan 2010, 7:51pm

    The BBC had to go to court to get past an injunction to break this story, UTV beat them to it as it’s on the TV half an hour before BBC Newsline in Northern Ireland. UTV’s coverage was sickening, making her out to be a saint who made a very human error. Peter Robinson read his ’emotional’ response from a script with highlighted passages for ‘added emotion’ parts.

  3. And another gay-bashing Christian who knows all about double standards and casting the first stone joins a very long list! Hypocrite!

  4. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2010, 7:54pm

    “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

    That is specifically mentioned in the 10 Commandments.

    This part of her statement was telling:

    “Over a year and a half ago, I was involved in a relationship.”

    That means in summer 2008 – the same time she said that homosexuality was an abomination and worse than paedophilia. Meanwhile at the same time she was breaking one of the commandments she holds so dear.

    This new statement is quite interesting – is this her roundabout way of trying to apologise for her bigotry? I mean why reveal this affair.

    In any case I just wish she would go away and get treatment and stop making statements.

  5. The Gay Girls Guide 6 Jan 2010, 7:57pm

    She revealed the affair because the BBC got wind of it and was going to break it for her. It was simply damage control, if she had wanted to ‘confess her sins’ she would have done so voluntarily when she resigned

  6. Dave North 6 Jan 2010, 7:58pm

    Apparently her GOD has forgiven her. At least so she believes.

    You couldn’t make these people up if you tried.

    Just desserts all round.

  7. Vincent Poffley 6 Jan 2010, 8:02pm

    I am tempted to make unkind comments in the warm spirit of “I told you so”. In particular, it seems appropriate to say something about the poetic justice of her struggling with a mental illness and a failing marriage while at the same time she brands others mentally ill and opposes their right to marry at all.

    But that would be somewhat cruel, especially considering that she is genuinely mentally ill. Also, her bigotry is no doubt due in a large part to the kind of religious upbringing she had imposed upon her and the backward religious society she lived in.

    But the real reason I don’t want to gloat is because I recognise that, whatever else she is, Iris Robinson is a human being, and deserving of the same human kindness and respect as every other human being. The god she believes in, like all gods, is an imaginary creature. Real kindness, real forgiveness and real change come from humanity. I hope this might stand as a lesson to her, and others like her who would seek to belittle and ostracise any societal minority because of a ridiculous and bigoted agenda.

  8. I wonder , will she be ahead or in front of me in the line-up to get into hell.

    Slap! I hope you felt that honey. Stupid christians!

  9. Vincent: “To err is human, to forgive, divine”

    I wonder if she will see the significance of that.

  10. @ Vincent Poffley
    I couldn’t have put it better myself.
    The LGBT community can stand and gloat at this confused, ill woman.
    Or we can take the moral high ground and empathise with her.
    Perhaps she will be less likely to judge others, lest she herself be judged!

  11. I shall never listen to SIMON & GARFUNKEL’s “Mrs. Robinson.”…in the same way again.
    (I think it was them with that hit..?)
    “Heaven holds a place for those who pray…do-do-do..!”

    Like kiddly-fiddlin’ priests; dispensing absolution in the Catholic confessional; mad mullahs s!hagging everything that moves, and then some…and all of them, Ole’ Ma Robinson, included, trotting out all this fire and damnation from their books of bo!!llox..

    The religious!

    Who needs it..


  12. Robert, ex pat Brit 6 Jan 2010, 8:21pm

    Pity this ugly bitch didn’t succeed in taking her pathetic life of hypocrisy. This is the same bitch who ralied against same-sex marriage and the sanctity of the “institution”. Religious bigots such as her have more skeletons in their dark closets than anyone else. She gets what she deserves, long may she suffer.

  13. Is she planning a book or something? dropping these hints of herjuicy life to drum up sales?

  14. People in moral glass houses, Iris! You naughty girl!

  15. There are a huge amount of people in all religions who claim to be whiter than white, but behind closed doors they are just as flawed and ‘wrong’ by their own definition as the rest of us ‘heathens’. (look at the Catholic Priesthood, for starters)
    What makes it sad is these people think it’s ok for them because ‘God’ will forgive them.

  16. The Gay Girls Guide 6 Jan 2010, 8:36pm

    For all of those people ‘feeling sorry’ for her, I understand the sentiments you are trying to express, but try and think of the gay people who had to grow up in the same ‘backwards religious society’ and deal with her as the wife of their supposed First Minister as well. Life is hard enough being gay in Northern Ireland without Iris Robinson making it worse, and for those making excuses for her because she grew up in Northern Ireland, that is simply an insult to all the other people who have managed to grow up perfectly fine, well-adjusted, and not homophobic in the same society.

    Don’t tar us all with the same lop-sided brush you have aquired through the media’s one-sided coverage of life here.

    There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your words and actions and stop blaming it on ‘the society you grew up in.’

  17. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2010, 8:38pm

    It would have been fantastic if the affair had been of the lesbian variety.

    But apparently it was with a man.

    But rumours are rife that the affair was with a CATHOLIC!!!

    Now considering Mrs Robinson’s religion and politics that is almost as bad in the eyes of her religion and politics as a lesbian affair.

    Coming next – the Iris Robinson sextape?

  18. How ‘unchristian’ of her. What’s that bit in the Bible about not pointing out the speck in someone’s eye when you’ve got a ruddy great plank in yours?

    Proves my point. Most homophobes are hitting out at LGBT people because of their own inadequacies and insecurites. Says nothing about us, speaks volumes about them.

    I also think the prior depression story was an attempt to get the press to treat THIS revelation more lightly.

  19. In the old days a hanging was a public event.

    Could we have a public event the next time she tries?

  20. Just re-inforces my belief that if you don’t love yourself it is impossible to feel compassion for others. Time and time again bigots like her are shot down in sex scandals because of a fundamental lack of humanity and care for themselves and others. I’m with Vincent on this – I hope she is able to come out of this a more empathic person and drops peddling her hate…

  21. have little sympathy for her, can i add her voting record on gay issues? the link is below

  22. Sorry, but no amount of ’empathy’ towards this disgusting, hypocritical creature will make her less likely to ‘judge’ us and condemn us.

    She’s on record on calling for governments to ‘uphold God’s Laws’, i.e. Old Testament prohibitions on homosexuality; so it’s surely time to remind her of Leviticus 20:10 and Deuteronomy 22:22 – “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman”. On that basis, she should arrange her own judicial execution.

    All this time, she attacks gays on ‘religious’ grounds while being a hypocrite, then ‘stages’ a public confession only when the media are about to expose her.

    She apologises for the ‘hurt’ she’s caused her husband but does she even begin to understand the hurt she’s caused to gay people, or care about that ? No, she’s still stony hearted and two faced. There’s no reason to feel any sympathy towards her, she shows no sign of repenting her real sin, against human beings she doesn’t even know.

  23. Crime1234management 6 Jan 2010, 8:56pm


  24. So not only is this woman an evil cow, but she’s a hypocritical one too.

    Good riddance, Iris. May you burn for all eternity in hell you evil old witch.

  25. I don’t have any time for Robinson, her political opinions, her religious views, her air of impenetrable sanctimony, or her haircut, but many of the comments here are just unpleasant. It should be possible to have some sympathy for the woman as a human being, whatever you might think of her as a politician.

    It’s a sad story, and a sordid one, but it is surely a private matter. There should be no place for schadenfreude. Those who make catty and spiteful comments here just pander to the very worst and most vicious stereotypes of gay people: that we are every bit as hateful and intolerant as our worst enemies.

  26. When news broke that she was suffering from depression, I thought “oh dear” I had sympathy for her as someone suffering from mental health problems.

    However, her homophobia is sickening largely because she made such statements publicly and this can have a devastating effect of LGBT people, especially young people, who hear such things and might believe they are somehow wrong or sick. It doesn’t say anything about gay people being wrong in the 10 commandments, but it does when it comes to having an affair, which she did. Hypocrites like her are nothing but scum. They make others, who’ve done nothing wrong, feel like dirt, whilst all along she’s hurting her husband by sleeping with another man behind his back.

    These are her mistakes to make, but Iris – don’t even THINK about taking the moral high-ground when you’re wrong by your own religion that you profess to follow, whilst throwing stones at us! She should not in any way be a public representative, I’d love to see someone tear her opinions apart as Harvey Milk did to Anita Bryant in televised debates. It could be more entertaining even than seeing Nick Griffin get ripped apart on national telly.

  27. Stephen Jones 6 Jan 2010, 9:13pm

    Damn you all. I must tell the truth.

    She had her affair with ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. God loves a trier,let’s hope that she has another go.

  29. Har Davids 6 Jan 2010, 9:15pm

    Another bigot bites the dust!! RJB: your thoughts are noble, but wasted on the likes of this woman, but maybe I’m more vindictive than you are. I like to see these holier-than-thou people with their pants down.

  30. I feel sad for her situation with her trying to take her own life, any compassionate human being would. That said, she will hopefully learn from her experience. Now maybe she knows hw many Gay and Lesbian people felt about her disgraceful and highly derogative remarks about homosexuality. This woman really needs to get a life !

  31. They will always hate us. We will never live in a world of peace.Which is why control and non-violence are essential. We must prove ourselves a peaceful people. We must give the ordinary humans respect, compliance, and understanding. And we must never mistake that for trust. – Emma Frost

  32. I hope she gets over her illness and comes out with more compassion and understanding for gay people.

    It adds to the catalogue of people, often pastors and priests, who spend so much time and energy shouting about the gays and making up wild conspiracy theories about them, who are really trying to divert attention from their own sexual guilt.

  33. This is only the tip of the Iceberg we have yet to hear about the leathers and fishnets and kinky sex parties all will be revealed in this week’s Sunday Papers that is why she has tried to pre-empt the story I know because my hairdresser told me all about this affair in August but I promised I would say nothing about it!!! And guess what Iris told the hairdresser what a fool she was hehe, Oh and still is

  34. Mrs Robinson? She wasn’t sh*gging Dustin Hoffman was she?
    Surely not! Not a holy roller like her lol!

  35. How the mighty and righteous (in her own mind) have fallen! Her arrogance and lack of compassion towards any other human beings who dared to be different from herself or have a different opinion for hers is absolutely disgusting. She is now displaying further righteous arrogance by proclaiming she believes God has forgiven her affair. All this talk of mental illness and attempted suicide etc is also somewhat dubious and a possible play for sympathy. Did anyone see the news footage of the husband in the Northern Ireland assembly apparently a few hours after the alleged suicide attempt? He seems very jovial and relaxed for someone whose wife had allegedly just tried to kill herself. I wonder has God forgiven her for her attempted suicide too? She shamefully likened homosexuality to paedophilia and further went on to say that we must love the sinner and not the sin. What a misguided, closed minded, two-faced bigot!

  36. I would love to claim I’m taking the moral high ground on this one and don’t feel a shred of schaadenfreude for Iris, but frankly I don’t hold myself up as a phoney moral authority.
    She’s the one who claims her holy book is a rod for everyone else’s back, and while I do have some sympathy for depressives and the suicidal in general, I don’t have any such scruples regarding sanctimonious hypocrites in positions of authority who spend their time propogating the idea through the Irish mass media that all gay people are hellbound abominations who require a cure.
    Let’s not forget she dug this hole for herself.
    If she wants my sympathy she’ll have to earn it. Right now she’s several months overdrawn at the sympathy bank.
    In any event, she doesn’t need my sympathy, she already has a “nice psychiatrist” who’s shoulder she can cry on. I suggest she gives him a call.

  37. Everything one hears about this repulsive woman increases one’s contempt (or, if in a generous mood, pity) for her.

    Somehow I don’t think the ‘let [s]he who is without sin’ aspect of the matter will even occur to her.

  38. Oh and BTW Iris, if God can forgive you for breaking the 7th commandment, I’m pretty sure he’s equally capable of forgiving us lot for defying some antiquated moral code from Deuteronomy and Leviticus.

  39. The woman’s opinions are odious it’s tempting, her Bible would say, to conclude that she has reaped what she has sown.

    That’s different to saying the woman is odious, and I’d agree with others, starting with Vincent, who have stated the case for compassion.

    She was once an innocent child, and yet her environment, upbringing and experiences taught her to deny her own humanity. The contradictions are pretty obvious – the strictness and harshness of her religiosity, her desire to judge and control other people’s lives, the denial of her own desires. The result? Paranoia, deviousness, and hypocrisy – all of which she has exhibited in spades. I’m not surprised she is depressed – the internal conflict must be intolerable. And for anyone to feel suicidal, even Mrs. Robinson, is, as I hope you’ll all appreciate, a terrible place foe a human being to be.

    I hope she recovers. In order to do so she’ll need to learn something. Our needs, as human beings, are not to be dismissed, if we are to lead fulfilled lives. But each person’s needs are his or her own business, and our responsibility in fulfilling them is to ensure that we meet them without prejudice or cruelty to anyone else.

  40. The Halcyon 6 Jan 2010, 10:56pm

    Iris – read the book of Matthew, 7:26

    You may recall the story from the top of your head – the foolish man who built his house on sand…

  41. Mihangel apYrs 6 Jan 2010, 11:00pm

    NigelW (et al) her ever-loving god will forgive his errant child – has forgiven her – because she proclaims her faith in Jesus. She will still go on to condemn us to hell without a instant of reflection. The blood of the Lamb has washed her clean (hallelujah) but we are still sinning

  42. Mihangel – her response to her predicament is her responsibility, and my response to her predicament is mine. My compassion towards her is not contingent upon her compassion towards me. For the record, compassion is very different to agreement, permission, or indifference.

  43. Maybe she will try again.

  44. Please never forget her Husband agreed with everything she said about Homosexuals is he mentally ill are did he mean it because we really cannot have a mentally ill first minister !!!!

  45. purplefishie 6 Jan 2010, 11:24pm

    I can only pray that as she receives the forgiveness that God grants to those who genuinely repent that she will also reflect on the malicious untruths she has spread about gay and lesbian people and ask forgiveness for that too.

  46. Peter Theakston 6 Jan 2010, 11:25pm

    I for one have zero sympathy for this odious evil manipulative money laundering bigoted old hypocrite.

    If she believes so much in the sky fairy and his book of fairy tales then she should follow it’s rules.

    The punishment for adultery is stoning. So Iris and her shag should be taken outside of Belfast city boundaries, buried into the ground upto the level of their shoulders and then the gathered townspeople can throw rocks at them ? Nasty ? we’ll I’m only quoting from the Bible like she did last year when spreading he vile homophobic filth…

    Bye bye Iris…enjoy your suffering in ignominy when you disappear from the public eye as another christofascist proved wanting.

  47. Raining blows upon this woman, in this forum, will achieve not one jot of change, although we may get something off our chests. Our opprobrium is better directed towards the society, institutions and beliefs that bred her. She’s not so very different, really, to the priests who started out with high moral ambitions and ended up as kiddie-fiddlers. Of course they must be condemned, but the real fault lies with the environment that bred them.

    I certainly think it would be appropriate for Peter Robinson to consider his position.

  48. Peter Robinson supported her in everything she said!!! So there fore he is as guilty as her ..

  49. She hasn’t retracted one word of the disgusting comments she made about gay people. She remains a hateful old witch who can now be called a hypocrite and a liar.

    to those who say that the gay community should show compassion I show no sympathy or respect for her as she showed, and continues to show none for me. I make these comments about her because she saw fit to degrade my lifestyle whilst simultaneously lying about her own. the sooner she removes herself from public life the better for all.

  50. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 12:41am

    The statements about her depression, suicide attempt and affair are a preventive measure. Some big story about them surely must be about to break if they release this story publicly.

    I do not believe in god. But if there was a Cher shaped deity somewhere I would be praying for a sordid kiss and tell in this Sunday’s papers.

  51. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 12:42am

    And a sex tape too please. That would be funny.

    Please Cher!

  52. jay-in-dublin 7 Jan 2010, 1:07am

    This woman has apologised for what she has said and done. I understand the upset she caused but anyone who has experienced depression or knows someone who has would never wish it on anyone. I’m not incinuating that it is an excuse but no one has a right to cast judgement over her, like she has no right to judge anyone else. Being a proud young gay man I would hate to think of fellow gay people relishing in someoe elses misery.

    Seán Hilliard, Dublin

  53. She hasn’t apologised for what she said about gays. She’s put herself in the firing line with this sordid tale. She deserves all that comes her way. Seeing as she knows so many psychiatrists personally I’m sure one of them will be happy to nurser her battered ego back to health. but it’s not our job!

  54. Hodge Podge 7 Jan 2010, 1:41am

    Oh lord. All we can hope for is that she comes out of this on less of a high horse.

  55. Anthony Bermon 7 Jan 2010, 1:41am

    I’m fed-up with people in the public eye using mental illness as an excuse for “wrong” behaviour. They all “attempt” suicide too, but it seems to me that this is just to get sympathy. I have suffered from mental illness for years and it’s no excuse at all. This woman is a homophobic bigot using her religious faith as a cover for her homophobia and also using alleged mental illness as an excuse for her affair. By all accounts, she only came forward after the story was going to be reported, so I have NO sympathy for her at all. As somone else pointed out, she has still not aplogised for her homophobia, only for her affair and blamed it on her mental illness.

  56. Life begims at …

  57. Jean-Paul Bentham 7 Jan 2010, 3:27am

    Ain’t sex fun! and it only gets better!! Trust me.

    But she could have shut her hole about others enjoying it too.

  58. Raymond (8) wondered: “will she be ahead or in front of me in the line-up to get into hell.”

    If she’d only succeeded in one thing in her life, and got the suicide attempt right, she’d be well in front of you Raymond!

  59. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 4:21am

    She’s sorry? Yeah right. Sorry she’s been found out that’s all. Found out to have been a lying adulterous hypocrite THIEF. Sorry, no sympathy here. Forget ‘adultery’, people who put themselves up for influential public office, spend their time telling everyone ELSE how they should live, whilst doing the exact opposite, causing pain and grief to others, making life even more difficult for lesbian and gay teenagers, potentially increasing THEIR suicide rates…. Should be STONED in the streets!

  60. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 4:22am

    …..and YES, I will ‘cast the first stone!’

  61. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 4:24am

    AND… (as previously stated) She has NOT appologised to US!

  62. Bishop Ioan 7 Jan 2010, 8:44am

    This is a distrssingly common tune from the fundamentalists, isn’t it? I would hope this woman would learn from this experience to have empathy and be more accepting of others. However, if this goes the usual fundie route, I doubt it will happen.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have a little sympathy for her but just a little.

  63. Sister Mary clarence 7 Jan 2010, 9:01am

    I was going tom make some religious reference to here behaviour (because God knows, there are a few that cover it), but most of them seem to have been snapped up now.

    The double standards of this woman beggars belief really.

    Throughout her illness I notice the one thing that didn’t seem to be affected was her ability to hoover up expenses. Struggled out of her sick bed (or loverboy’s bed) every month to sign that expenses claim, month in month out. You’d have though all that money (£571,939.41 a year between her and her husband plus a further £150 000 for staff) might have cheered he up a bit, or maybe the guilt there only added fuel to the fire.

    That said, mental illness is a horrible thing that it is difficult to get escape from and I do hope that she gets over it and can start getting her life straight again, but I am increasingly wrestling with the feeling that the evil cow has caused misery for untold numbers of people and deserves to suffer.

    I’ve checked the time line on her comments and her comments about homosexuality were 18 months ago, as was the affair she was having with unknown man. What I’m not clear about is whether her devoted husband who spoke out a few days after her vile comments to defend her, was aware at the time that she was pasting her favours all over the province.

    Can’t wait to find out who her victim … sorry, lover, was!!!

  64. She should, of course, and as in line with her ‘good book, be taken outside and stoned to death!

  65. I’m thinking that SHE TOOK ADVANTAGE of the bereaved man who she was assisting WHEN HE WAS VULNERABLE, took her assisting to a new level FOR HER OWN GRATIFICATION and possibly SCREWED-UP HIS OWN GRIEVING PROCESS at the same time.
    Then SHE GOT FOUND OUT and that is what brought on the supposed depression. Then she tried to convince herself that IT WASN’T REALLY HER FAULT at all and that of COURSE God would forgive her because SHE’S SO GOOD (at what I do NOT know).
    From there onwards it’s not too hard to continue the self-delusion that one isn’t a cheap and nasty abusive old whore who won’t face up to their own responsibility for it all.
    Clearly her make-believe friend who she calls God will mop it all up for her.

  66. By the seems like her and her cuckold of a hubby have tried to have this story kept quiet for a while through various injunctions etc….. so the ‘story” of attempted suicide and mental illness seems to be a pure fabrication as a pathetic attempt to get the twisted cow some sympathy and votes for her hubby at the next election…..also it diverts attention away from the 750k this lovely god-fearing couple have claimed in expenses .. so lets count her sins, adultery, theft, suicide, lying…what a good christian she is

  67. Sister Mary clarence 7 Jan 2010, 11:51am

    Actually Peter T I’m guessing the good old Old Testament probably has some view on mental health problems being a big no no too.

  68. The mighty have indeed fallen. I have to admit a little Schadenfreude.

  69. Brian Burton 7 Jan 2010, 12:05pm

    Poor Iris Robinson….Should us Gays forgive her?

  70. This will put an end to the ever-happy tale of straight marriage. Jan Moir, you homophobic vile woman, where are you when your sister witch needs you? Gay bashing again? You can’t get enough can’t you? Next time try a double act suicide, or even better a threesome with Melanie Philips, that would be grand.
    Just go and die you loathsome, gruesome women. Sorry, no sympathy, no empathy, make my day.

  71. Attempted? That’s a shame, shame it didn’t work

  72. I’m dissapointed with the level of ungracious aggresion in many people’s posts. Are we really so insecure in our sexualities that we have to lash out at someone who is clearley in a terrible state, just because they have criticised the way we live?

    In my life I have been very blessed by the number of people who have made great effort to understand my sexuality and love, support and accept me, even though it was something they initally found hard to comprehend. Because of them I have the strength to try and understand others who may say things that I disagree with but nonetheless have a right to say them.

  73. Brian: Forgiveness has to be deserved. You cannot simply wipe a slate clean.

    In light of the revelations, I hope she has a chance to reflect on what love is really about, and the harm she has caused to gay people. It would be part of the healing process for her to get to know gay people too. It’s up to her to make the effort.

    It’s absolutely right that these revelations and the hypocrisy were made public, because of her interference in the lives of gay people over the years.

  74. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 12:41pm

    I personally don’t believe her stories about depression and suicide. I believe that these are lies designed to minimise the tales of her adultery.

    Don’t forget that this woman (along with the cuckold Peter Robinson) has been systematically stealing from her contituents for years in bogus ‘expenses’. She was not suffering from depression, when her campaign of theft began.

    She has a long history of dishonesty and duplicity. Why should we believe her fables about depression and attempted suicide?

    This is a face-saving gimmick on the Robinson’s part.

    Aned considering that she believes psychiatry can ‘cure’ homosexuality, I would hardly take her opinions about mental health seriously. Who diagnosed her alleged mental illness?

    Was it Dr Paul Millar – the psychiatrist quack she referred gay people to, in order to get cured.

    Iris has shown no remorse for her vicious hatespeech. Why should she receive sympathy from us.

    If her ‘god’ is to be believed then Iris should be setting the date for her public stoning. But no – her ‘god’ has forgiven her she thinks. How can she then spew all her bile about gay people. After all god specifically bans adultery in the 10 commandments. He says nothing about homosexuality in the 10 commandments.

  75. Yes, Gareth – understanding something which you can’t feel yourself (an attraction to the same sex) IS hard. I know friends of mine have tried to imagine it and failed, but they understand because they realise that people who are different from them aren’t bad – just different.

    I personally wouldn’t class Iris Robinson as anything like any of my friends. There’s a difference between expressing an opinion and inciting hatred through homophobia due to one’s own personal inadequacies. None of MY ‘I don’t quite get it’ friends suggested I was a paedophile…

    For me, the issue here is also gross hypocrisy. It’d be like me standing in the middle of the street berating people for eating chocolate and saying it was a dreadful sin – while stuffing my own face with Galaxy… That’s what’s got the reaction here, I guess. Disgusting, arrogant hypocrisy.

    In addition, I was previously sympathetic when she said she was suffering from depression, but now I just feel that that’s a ploy to avoid the fallout from her own actions. I wish someone had known about this and confronted her with this information while she was sitting there pontificating about what ‘god’ thinks of LGBT people.

  76. Sister Mary clarence 7 Jan 2010, 12:54pm

    Gareth, Im wrestling with the my feelings on this, and I have to say now, having found out that they were attempting to suppress the story ever getting out before the mental health issues were publiscised, I’m tending to feel that her depression has got nothing to do with her standing down and it has probably got more to do with her position becoming untenable in view of the lies and dishonesty.

    I do genuinely feel sorry for people suffering from mental health problems but I’m sceptical about whether Iris is telling us the whole truth about the situation.

  77. As my late father used to say “What comes around goes around…you just have to wait a little”

  78. Anthony Bermon 7 Jan 2010, 1:36pm

    This nasty woman is really tripping herself up now. According to this article, she even had a go at Hillary Clinton for standing by Bill when he had his affair:

    She has even denounced Hillary Clinton for accepting her husband’s infidelities, saying: “No woman would put up with what she tolerated from her husband when he was President. She was thinking only of her future political career. It’s all about power and not principle.”

  79. Anthony Bermon 7 Jan 2010, 1:40pm

    So by her own reasoning, her husband should dump her like a tonne of bricks. She’s just a nasty, homophobic hypocrite who is using her alleged mental illness as an excuse for her own failings. Neither one of them has apologised or said they were wrong when she made her homophobic comments and he agreed with her. She deserves no sympathy whatsoever.

  80. Check Jeremy Vine programme now (or listen again, today’s show 1:35pm to 2:00pm) – Iain Dale discussing Iris, claims the reason she is so obsessed with homosexuality, is beause of some family issue, and ‘there are undoubtedly more revelations to come’…..

    very curious to hear about this…..

    I was on air at about 1:55pm too, saying I hope Iris took time to reflect on the pain she might well have caused, and to make efforts to understand gay people more.

  81. Wait til it comes out that she had her affair with a woman!!
    Wouldn’t that be ripe? Here’s a louse who doesnt believe in committed gays having the sanctity of marriage yet she desecrates hers by stepping out,,,her own hell is decent payment for her lack of basic decency towards her husband. I couldnt imagine anything more fitting then her being “outed” this way.

  82. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 3:24pm

    81: jax: you say: “her lack of basic decency towards her husband”

    Her husband Peter Robinson is a vile, homophobic bigot.

    At about the time Iris was saying there was saying that homosexuality was worse than paedophilia (ie at about the same time as she was getting her married freak-on with a catholic) her cuckold of a husband Peter Robinson made a statement to the effect that it was not Iris Robinson who declared homosexuality. He said it was the ALMIGHTY who deemed it so.

    He’s a nasty piece of work as well.

    I wonder if he’s planning the public stoning of Iris for her whorish mores! I mean he believes the bible is literally the word of god. And we all know how the bible deals with adulterous women.

  83. When Pink News last ran a story about this biggot i commented that i didn’t want to see another story about her until it had the caption “found dead in her bathtub”
    She Failed!
    Try again Robinson and this time make sure you actually die you hateful bitch!

  84. “Homosexuals like murderers can be redeemed by the Blood of Christ”
    that was just one of her homophobic rants. Don’t you just love it when these people take the moral High Ground, call us for all the nasty names under the sun ans then get tipped off their own self rightious pedestals!!!!

  85. “I’m dissapointed with the level of ungracious aggresion in many people’s posts. Are we really so insecure in our sexualities that we have to lash out at someone who is clearley in a terrible state, just because they have criticised the way we live?”

    Im not insecure at all Gareth, i just don’t like liars, cheaters, and people who bad mouth others in the name of their god
    Especially when they are such a waste of space like Iris

  86. Comment 80 – Intriguing, Adrian T! :D This story looks like it’s not going away.

  87. Here’s our own Adrian T on the Jeremy Vine show at the 1.57 mark discussing Iris. Well said Adrian!

  88. I wish such stories didn’t immediately begin a bash on “Christians” or “Religion” or “the Religious.” I mean, are we really going to place the whole of Christianity on one person who has obviously experienced a troubled moment in life? Or better yet, place such responsibility on the whole of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and on, and on?

    The abuse of the religious on others happens in every religion…and it happens to the religious by those who are not. Some context here would be great. One woman, who is a Christian, who has had a podium to make change, chose not only to emulate the best of her beliefs, she also chose to break vows she most certainly held dear at one time. To boot…she has suffered so greatly as to try to end her life.

    Perhaps the best response is one of compassion for her suffering, gratitude that our own lives may not be as difficult, and gratitude that a once-abusive podium might be taken on by someone a little more forgiving her/him/their-self.

  89. Correction – 2nd paragraph…
    “…chose not only to NOT emulate the best of her beliefs…”

  90. Bob Robinson 7 Jan 2010, 5:50pm

    I was extremely distressed when I heard of Iris Robinson’s attempted suicide. Distressed that she didn’t succeed.

  91. #82, thanks Simon for the update on what her husband is like. Being from Canada we dont hear this stuff unless we go to pink news. I shouldnt be surprised that her spouse is as vile as she is. In fact I prolly should have figured that out.

  92. Her confession also sheds a light on why she was vile and inhuman about gay people. Attempting suicide is a clear sign of mental breakdown. At the time Mrs. Robinson made her homophobic statements, she was (as still is) in poor mental health due to her double life. And this disqualifies any sense in her opinions

  93. The Gay Girls Guide 7 Jan 2010, 7:21pm


    It has just been on UTV (Northern Irelan’d regional ITV) News that Iris’s affair was with a man aged ‘under 21’. She’s 60…if she wasn’t such a nasty hypocrite I’d say well done….

    Don’t insist others live by a moral code you are not prepared to live by yourself

  94. I Robinson 7 Jan 2010, 8:56pm

    Well done Iris! This is a good start to 2010 as there is now one less biggotted politician to represent the whole commuity.

    If I was feeling unkind I might suspect she knew this story was going to be leeked out so she resigned first, and feed us her Depression line for sympathy. I’m sure there will be more to come… perhaps she’ll be a secret guest for Big Brother?

  95. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Jan 2010, 8:59pm

    “It has just been on UTV (Northern Irelan’d regional ITV) News that Iris’s affair was with a man aged ‘under 21′. She’s 60…if she wasn’t such a nasty hypocrite I’d say well done….”

    So, NOW it comes out! Not only was she sprouting hate speach towards the gay community, stealing thousands from the taxpayer in bogus expences, preaching her ‘holier than thou’ cr-p from her lofty pulpit, saying that the ‘sanctity of marriage’ should be protected from us ‘sinful’ gays, she was also getting a bit on the side from a young stud!
    She’s over 60 and was having sexual relations with a man ‘aged under 21’… Fine, all power to her elbow, if that’s what she wanted to do, and the young man wanted the same, I have no problems with that. What I DO have a problems with is her preaching to others that their life ‘choices’ were sinful whilst at the same time she was doing worse (according to her own ‘good book’) I have no doubt that if she had been commenting on a 60+ year old MAN having sexual relations with a ‘man under 21’, she would have been shouting ‘filthy gays and pederasts’ from her pulpit.

    Please guys, lets not have any more sympathy for her very convenient ‘mental illness’.. This is no more than a smokescreen to cover her ‘sins’ and try and win sympathy from the public…also a damage limitation excercise for her husband of course! (I DO hope it comes out that he KNEW about this and liked to watch!) :-)

    Seriously, let’s reserve our tea and sympathy for someone who DESREVES it? Let this woman burn in the ‘hell’ of her own making!

  96. alessandro 7 Jan 2010, 9:38pm

    I checked in the dictionary and I noticed that, in less enlightened times, a women who engaged in sexual activity outisde of marriage – ie: a woman adulteress – was commonly referred as a slut. Sometimes they were called a tramp. Now that we know the truth about Mrs. Robinson I have absolutely no sympathy for her. I hope – fervently – she suffers such anguish she is barely able to function on a daily basis – and long may it continue to be so. My only regret is that she won’t be reading any of these comments. She’ll be far to busy asking the priest for absolution for her foul, filthy, dirty, adulteress behaviour. If we are to believe the reports, the other party was aged 21. She was old enough to be his Grannie!!!! Perhaps we could find her a good Doctor who could convert her from her sinful behaviour.

  97. Simon Murphy 7 Jan 2010, 10:24pm

    No 96: Alessandro: You say: “She’ll be far to busy asking the priest for absolution for her foul, filthy, dirty, adulteress behaviour. ”

    Hell will freeze over before that happens. Iris is a Free Presbyterian. She hates catholics almost as much as she hates gays.

    I do hope her teenaged lover is a catholic republican whom she paid for his favours. That would be the icing on the cake.

  98. “Robinson said she believes God has forgiven her for her actions.”

    ALL of them, including the homophobic comments she’s made, I’ll warrant..

    Strange isn’t it, how God can forgive these things, yet, so many of his “followers,” have such a problem with the notion of forgiving?

  99. alessandro 7 Jan 2010, 11:37pm

    No.97. Simon Murphy. Thank you for that – it did make me laugh. Now that I know she is not a Catholic AND an adulteress, she is definitely going straight to hell. She will need more than a friendly doctor to get her out this mess! Long may she suffer for her intolerance and bigotry.

  100. “are we really going to place the whole of Christianity on one person who has obviously experienced a troubled moment in life?”

    Absolutely not..but the trouble remains, so many people who call themselves “Christian” are too eager to cast the first stone and misrepresent their religion, take the word of the Lord in vain and yet seem able to gloss over that when they’re quoting the “word of God,” for their own ends.

    I’d say that Ms Robinson, like the rest of us is subject to the law of Karma.

    Or to put it in her vernacular, “judge not, lest you yourselves be judged.”..a “commandment,” which so many Christians seem to conveniently ignore as and when it suits them.

  101. In all the comments about the dreadful Iris no-one has spared a thought for the poor young guy – reported as 19 years old at the time – he’s now exposed to all the intrusion of the press because of this sordid woman

  102. Rev Ian Paisley 9 Jan 2010, 10:36am

    Remember Iris and her friend’s “Save Ulster From Sodomy” campaign ?

    Will we see a fresh set of posters reading “Save Ulster From Adultery, Theft, Suicide, Lying….”

  103. Compassionate 9 Jan 2010, 11:08am

    Does a loving husband go to work when his wife has just attempted to kill herself ?

    We now see TV footage of her husband on that awful day, and Peter Robinson does not look as if he is someone who’s wife has just attempted to kill herself.

    Remember these people are politicians they are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes so they will get away with their sleazy life style.

    I expect Iris will be shagging any thing under 20 at her holiday home in Florida, whizzing around in her sports cars , getting more blank cheques written with here £300 fountain pen all paid by the British Tax payer…yes you and me who are struggling to pay the rent and keep a job !!!!

    Good for you Iris and Peter you are going to get away with debauchery and ripping off the UK again you will do it again and again !!!!

  104. Iris does of course have a get out of jail card for being an adulteress slut. She can always quote from the so called adulterous bible where the word NOT was left out of the 7th commandment

  105. I’d have thought having sex with a 19 year old you’ve known since he was a kid (and you very much an adult) is the act which has paedophilic undertones to it….

  106. Hang on! When exactly did God call Mrs Robinson to tell her that she had been forgiven? When I spoke to Him to expressly said that he would bnot fogive her unless she bought him six pints and a kebab on the way home.

  107. God forgives everyone.
    He’s above all of this nonsense, it’s people who have the problem with forgivenness and judgement, not least the Iris Robinson’s of this world.

    I wonder whether Jan Moir will write an article claiming that Ms Robinson’s attempted suicide and fall from grace are the inevitable result of a heteorsexual “lifestyle?”

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