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Lesbian heiress Casey Johnson found dead

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Reader comments

  1. Even in the PR photo of her in the article here, she looks terribly ill.

  2. Sad news.

    George, I thought she looked OK (although the photo’s a bit blurry!) but didn’t she have diabetes? Sometimes people can look ill or tired for innocent reasons. Whatever the cause of death it’s a sad waste of a life.

  3. Simon Murphy 5 Jan 2010, 3:46pm

    Never heard of her but nonetheless it is sad when someone of that age dies.

    Apparently she was an addict (she lost custody of her daughter to her parents) so I suppose that may have been the cause of death.

  4. Rich junkie ends her pointless life – big deal.

  5. In the December 2009 edition of Curve magazine was a featured article on Courtenay Semel (called “Is Courtenay Semel the most wanted lesbian in Hollywood,,,,{I’d never even heard of her!!}),,,and in it she was engaged to Casey Johnson and states “She’s the love of my life”…. that was December,,,last month,,, these flighty lesbos are a joke. If she was in the house several days dead then where was her “fiancee” Tila? I dunno but if someone is the love of my life I’d for certain notice them missing for several days. Wouldn’t you?

  6. Angelica dearest ….just because your untouched by something dont be such a hardhearted twatess!

  7. Iris: I think her cheeks looks extremely gaunt, although partially covered up by what seems to be a lot of make-up. I wouldn’t attribute her appearance to diabetes, my late grandfather had type 1 diabetes all his life and looked & remained very healthy due to taking good care of his health through diet & exercise.

    Also, although portrait photos tend to flatten facial features, I think her eyes still look very sunken, although perhaps not helped by the dark eye mascara.

    Having said that, I agree its a sad waste of life. All the more so when someone runs themselves into an early grave like this. I would reserve sympathy also for those close to her who had to watch her descent into drug-addiction and petty crime (article mentions she took to robbing an ex, almost cetainly to feed her habit).

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