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Woman fails to hand child to lesbian ex-partner

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Reader comments

  1. You know, I thought it might come to this. So what happens, next?

  2. I’d feel so scared for the woman right now.
    Her child is in the hands of a so-called “cured” homosexual.
    I hope she gets her baby back soon.

  3. What a stupid stupid woman the “ex-gay” one is. What nonsense she chooses to believe (even if that means buying into her mother’s ex-gay rubbish) is her business, but if she think she’s somehow ‘protecting’ the child then the courts need to give her a rude awakening. I feel really sorry for her former partner. I bet she never saw any situation like this on the horizon and it must be really stressful for her when the courts say she should now have custody of the child.

  4. Issue an arrest warrant and make it clear that Christians aren’t exempt from following the law. I feel very sorry for the poor little girl being fed hate and encouraged to despise her other parent – all in the name of ‘god’. It’s evil and sick to use a child in that way.

  5. exactly.

  6. Pissed Atheist 22 Jan 2010, 8:26pm

    You are some dumb a$$ people. That woman gave birth to the child, I believe the child is hers. If she had been married to a man and they conceive the child together. The man would have rights to the child. You see what this gay crap leads to?

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