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Bisexual penguin fights serious illness

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 4 Jan 2010, 2:05pm

    I watied for some religious nut to claim that the poor animal brought the disease upon itself for being bi, but they may all be asleep, or are no longer eager to tell us about their version of the truth.

  2. Maybe Richard Cohen visited Harry at the zoo and hugged the gay away….

  3. 1.
    Hey Har….you say, “I watied for some religious nut …. to tell us about their version of the truth”

    Har…I’m anxious to hear your “version of the truth”

  4. Ah! You see, Jan Moir was right! Gay partnerships aren’t all sweetness and light after all! Even penguins have their problems.

    PS: Why don’t elephants like penguins?
    A: They can’t get the silver paper off. arf.

  5. Please! Publishing this story used electricity! Worse still, it made me use more publishing my comment. Aaaarghh. What a waste of both our precious carbon ‘credits’.

  6. ChristoRay 6 Jan 2010, 2:13am

    ‘Bisexual Penguin…’ thought I was reading The Onion for a moment.

  7. Enema of the State 16 Jan 2010, 2:31pm

    Har, I think you upset your first religious nut of the day.

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