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BBC News presenter Jane Hill comes out

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Reader comments

  1. John(Derbyshire) 31 Dec 2009, 1:19pm

    Good for you Jane! Best wishes for the future from us all.

  2. good for you Jane, what a lovely end/start to the new decade. Another person willing to make a stand. Were here were queer , get used to it!!!!!!

  3. were here? were queer? get it right!!!! Leason number one for the new year, dont type with a hang over

  4. Quite a few employees are trying to defend the (homophobic) BBC it seems.

  5. Erm, why is this news? So what? My next door neighbour is straight but they wont be announcing that factoid in The Times any time soon…

  6. Simon Murphy 31 Dec 2009, 1:51pm

    Should Jane Hill be executed?

    I realise that this is a stark question but in light of her employers decision to hold a ‘debate’ about the merits of mass murder against LGBT people in Uganda; and their decision to print many comments supporting the state murder of gay people; I think it is reasonable to hold a debate about Jane Hill’s life.

    Just nn case anyone is wondering. I am not being serious with my comment above.

    Good luck to Jane Hill. Perhaps she should start telling her employers – the BBC – when they are behaving like the homophobic @ssholes they seem so proud of being.

  7. Well done, Jane.
    Be out and proud.

  8. Cleggy, enough whining about the BBC, and Codex, this is a gay website in case you hadn’t noticed.

  9. Who calls a dog Mavis?

  10. @Simon

    Good post, and spot on.

  11. That doubles the number of pretty lesbians then!

  12. Good luck and many blessings to Jane and Sara. Have to agree with you Iwan, she is quite lovely ;-)

  13. I watch Jane everyday on the new channel so it’s kinda amazing to realise that she’s gay after all this time. I’ve yet to read the interview but I wish her continued success. Happy new year Jane!

  14. I wish her and Sara the very best.
    – I hope that many audience members look at her and start to think long and hard about all those gay stereotypes. She is in the perfect position… gorgeous and proud of who she is (if there is, in fact, a difference.)

  15. What about the male news presenter on BBC news 24 who has the permatan and is always pouting to camera he must be gay.

  16. Bishop Ioan 31 Dec 2009, 6:10pm

    Congratulations, Jane and Sara. What a gorgeous lady. My best wishes to the both of you in 2010.

  17. Brian Burton 31 Dec 2009, 6:47pm

    The BBC has always been staffed by mostly Gays…!

  18. Paul Wood MBE 31 Dec 2009, 7:22pm

    Well done Jane, delighted to see the ‘public announcement’ hope 2010 brings you and Sara all you desire. – Happy 2010. Paul & Matt (N1) X

  19. Cool (^_^)


  21. I’ve always been charmed by this woman. There’s always been something about her that has got me. I’ve always detected some kind of real strength in her. Little did I know how gutsy she is!

    What wonderful news for New Years Eve! Hang in there, Jane!

    Thanks and good luck!

  22. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Dec 2009, 9:58pm

    Happy New Year, Jane! :7)

  23. Happy New year Jane and Sara and of course Mavis.

  24. Jean-Paul (22), Bonne Année, meilleurs voeux pour une année remplie de joie et de paix, que vos souhaits se réalisent.

  25. Best wishes to Jane and her partner Sara

  26. My favourite Jane Hill clip:

    She cracks as she reads a story about the safety of beanbags.

    Well done Jane for coming out and Mavis is a great name for a dog! But you need a cat called Rita.

  27. Well, its not like this is news… No, our lives shouldnt be. Like someone said above, BBC or no other is reminding us who is straight. But Jane’s style is what I respect. My respect or perspective of her doesnt change a dime… Surprised some people on here are saying how there’s something about her… come off it Mr. Thats more homophobic than homophobia. Jane doesnt deserve such crippled sentiments.

    As for the BBC, I know more gay men and women there than straight people. Regardless of BBC seeming homophobic, their gay staff have the world of freedom of expression even at work.

    Oh, @Vicki, I suppose the guy you talked about is gay and if not about already. Good luck to us for more steps forward this year. The fight continues

  28. She’s gorgeous. Another Beeboid though who worked for a left wing political party and lives in north London, what a surprise!

  29. How wonderful. It never occurred to me that she was a lesbian, but good on yer girl. Kev

  30. BBC is still homophobic just as pink news avoids anything negative about the Tories. Cameron will stop funding Muslim orgs if they are misogynistic but no mention of homophobic and no mention of it here. Shameful and all for advertising revenue

  31. I wish her all the happiness in the world too.

  32. OutGuider 8 Feb 2011, 8:41am

    Excellent news – good to have more high profile lesbians

  33. Good for you Jane! Wish you and Sara the best of luck.

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