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Northern Ireland

Gay blogger Iain Dale expresses support for Iris Robinson

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Reader comments

  1. it is sad that ANYONE has to leav thier job due to illness.

    BUT on the brighter side of life perhaps they can fill her place with someone that is better educated and has less hatered for there fellow humans ?

  2. Simon Murphy 30 Dec 2009, 12:03pm

    Yes it’s sad that someone has to leave their job because of mental illness.

    But when the person leaving their job because of mental illness is a vicious, hatemongering bigot then at least there is a happy outcome for everyone else in the Northern Ireland apart from Robinson herself.

    Sad you’re sick Iris, and delighted you can no longer use your public office to spew your hatred.

    Perhaps that fact that she realised that ‘god’ hates thieves meant she realised that ‘god’ hates her. Poor old witch.

  3. I am not into depressed Irises and ‘dogooder’ Conservative Queens! God this is the hols, even ‘downunder’ Dont you have any decent wine to drink in the ‘old empire’ at all?????

  4. Nissmachine 30 Dec 2009, 12:24pm

    Is anybody stupid enough to fall for this depression mularkey? She has said some disgraceful things, she stole money and now she is a figure of hate under investigation. The polecat faced one is feeling all sorry for herself. I don’t buy it at all and I’ll reserve my sympathy for those that deserve it.

  5. Sorry Iain, I can have no sympathy for someone with such a small brain. It goes against my morales as a gay person.

    I hope you’re not expecting a “thank-you” though haha.

  6. Simon Murphy 30 Dec 2009, 12:35pm

    Iain Dales is not ‘supporting’ Robinson – he is merely offering sympathy.

    Which is odd seeing as Iris thinks Dale (along with the rest of us) are comparable to paedophiles and she thinks we can be ‘cured’.

    I have no sympathy for criminals. Has Iris been charged with the theft of thousands of pounds in ‘expenses’ from taxpayers.

    Has she repaid all the money she stole?

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Dec 2009, 12:39pm

    Isn’t he actually expressing sympathy rather than support, as the headline suggests?

    Personally, I’m happy to be a bit more ‘Christian’ that she ever has towards us, and I hope that she does recover soon for her illness.

    However, upon her death I still feel she deserves to burn in hell for the misery she has inflicted on others.

    How she was ever able to hold the office she did responsible health and welfare of others is beyond me. She should have been considered unfit to do so and barred from that office.

    We have only been focussing on her views and decisions in relation to homosexuality, but how many other areas were tarnished by her illness?

    This should not have been ignored when assigning her portfolio, and whilst she may have tried to be discreet about it, her husband clearly new and either he failed to notify the necessary people or the necessary people chose to overlook the poor mental health of someone in a key welfare role.

  8. Maybe she is mentally ill with Lesbianism!

  9. I don’t wish anyone ill-will, even Iris, but I am very glad she is no longer a public representative.

  10. Stress and personal conflicts can cause depression – a more stable iris might just change her views – she wouldn’t be the first to strike out in adversity and regret it afterwards.Forgiveness is also a great Christian virtue and there is no need not to extend it to Mrs Robinson.May she get well soon.

  11. You cannot have mentally unstable people running around Westminster; we have seen what happened recently in Rome. She might lunge herself at Margaret Thatcher, for example, and knock her to the ground. Or even go for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s crozier. We have to vigilant at all times.

  12. I completely agree with the above, she should have been sectioned a long time ago. My heart goes out to her family who has suffered this woman in silence for so long.

  13. Simon Murphy 30 Dec 2009, 2:56pm

    No 10: Gendy: You say: “Forgiveness is also a great Christian virtue”

    No it’s not.

    Forgiveness is a virtue – there is nothing particularly christian about it.

    And judging by the evil, vicious bigotry that seems to typify most versions of christianity, I think forgiveness is actually an alien concept to most christian denominations.

  14. Iain Dale’s expression of sympathy was a noble gesture.

  15. Typical for a Tory to support someone and show sympathy to someone who denounces them as the same as paedohiles. Funny how Tories wont show sympathy for anyone who stands against their nutty obsessional pro market beliefs. I think all Tories share a mental illness that stops them from seeing any kind of reality.

  16. Simon Murphy 30 Dec 2009, 3:21pm

    Bear in mind that we only have Iris Robinson’s word that she is mentally ill.

    She might be playing the sympathy card.

    This is a woman who was stealing from taxpayers for years with her fake ‘expenses’ after all. She has a history of dishonesty and theft from her constituents.

    She could well be lying about her alleged illness to get people to feel sorry for her miserable thieving self.

    And if the mental health professional who has diagnosed her mental illness is the same guy to whom she refers people, to be ‘cured’ of their homosexuality, then it’s quite possible that the person who has diagnosed her ‘illness’ is a quack.

    Regardless, the sooner she is out of public office, the better for everyone.

  17. Chris Lowry 30 Dec 2009, 4:15pm

    I think that for anyone who has experienced or known someone who has suffered depression it really is an awful thing and I would not wish it on anyone.. and I sympathise with anyone who is genuinely suffering from it..

    However this MP even though he is ‘only’ exopressing sympathy should surely be aware that his public position means that his expression of sympathy can be taken to mean an awful lot more.. Personally I think he should have kept his sympathies to himself in this case..

  18. Northern Ireland has had one of the biggest increases in homophobic attacks in resent years. She encouraged homophobes to attack gays and there has even been murders, so I have no sympathy for her.

    Ian is just trying to score political points for his campaign to become friends with the Tory Party, he is trying to sucker up to the religious fundamentalists and restore his freindship with the Tory Party.

  19. 30 Dec 2009, 5:04pm

    It says here: “He added that he hoped she would get involved with the Time to Change campaign, which seeks to break down stigma around mental illness.”

    Well, when she’s broken down *that* stigma, perhaps she could attend a wholly different “Time to Change” centre, one that breaks down homophobia. I’m not holding my breath though, there’s no cure for stupidity.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Dec 2009, 5:08pm

    ” …. their nutty obsessional pro market beliefs”

    John, have you checked who is actually in government at the moment?

  21. Let us hope that she gets a deeper understanding of depression. Constant persecution and pressure can lead to depression as gays well know. She ought to use this illness to become compassionate-we hope!

  22. Brian Burton 30 Dec 2009, 5:35pm

    Ian Dale Only supports Ian Dale! He seems to be condtantly Head-lining!

  23. I don’t see any need to express support or sympathy for a foul old witch who has abused gay men and smeared us all, and stolen taxpayers’ money. It doesn’t make Iain Dale nobler in any way that he’s done this, in my opinion it almost amounts to internalised homophobia or ‘Stockholm syndrome’ – where the abused hostage sympathises for the hostage taker, regardless of the abuse.

    Iain Dale seems to find more words of sympathy for this money grubbing bigoted monster than ever he did for Peter Tatchell, and I have to ask where Iain Dale’s sympathies lie, as he appears to feel kinder to the worst sort of right winger than to a well known gay man.

  24. The bitch has even been demanding a face transplant on the NHS. As if she hasn’t had enough from the British taxpayer.

  25. Iris Robinson should be condemned for her deeply unpleasant prejudice and intolerence – she certainly proved herself unfit for public office and a malign influence within Ulster and beyond. HOWEVER we simply sink to her depths of depravity if we celebrate her mental illness – anyone that delights in another’s misfortune of this nature is just as bad as her spewing forth hatred and ignorance. Notwithstanding her nasty remarks, I hope she makes a full recovery.

  26. Thomas, I certainly don’t ‘celebrate’ this vile woman being mentally ill, I just don’t think any gay man should flagellate himself unneccessarily by feeling or expressing any sympathy for her.

    Let’s be perfectly clear, she didn’t make ‘nasty remarks’, she said that homosexuality and sodomy were viler than the sexual abuse of children. She said this on record, in the Northern Ireland ‘grand committee’ of the House of Commons and repeated it to the Belfast Telegraph. She’s called for the government to uphold ‘God’s Laws’ and has said anyone taking issue with her statements on gay issues is ‘taking issue with the word of God’. One gay constituent of hers who met her and challenged her views was later pulled in for police questioning at her request.

    I’d also note that she and her husband are reported as claiming £570,000 a year in salaries and expenses, paying a further £150,000 to 4 family members, and putting in outrageous claims for food bills which reflect a standard of living the Queen must envy, while making herself out to be a ‘religious’ and ‘moral’ person.

    Any gay man who brown-noses her now needs to be exposed for what he is.

  27. Mumbo Jumbo 30 Dec 2009, 8:21pm

    Iain Dale has won an award:


  28. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Dec 2009, 2:35am

    I would rather hear Iain Dale express support for countless thousands of gay men and women in Uganda who are presently in a state of utter depression because of the proposed kill-the-gays legislation. And their families and friends too, since they will be punished if they fail to report the name of a known gay person.

    I would rather Iain Dale express his support for immediate clinical help for the anti-gay religious nutters who plan to demonstrate January 19th in Kampala. The Rev. Ssempa estimates that anywhere between 3 to 5 million Ugandans will support the kill-the-gay proposition.

    I would also like to hear Iris Robinson express her sympathy for these depressed victims of homphobia.

  29. Simon Murphy 31 Dec 2009, 2:08pm

    I remember earlier this year Iain Dale accused the Daily Mail of homophobia when they wrote a snide article about him. I can’t remember exactly what they said but it was a sneering article that made fun of his sexuality.

    Now while it is certainly true that the Daily Mail are a shower of bigotted d!ckheads, the article in question was nowhere near as vicious and hateful as Iris Robinson’s bile-inflected, homophobic rants.

    Yet Mr Dale is offering sympathy and understanding to Robinson

    Looks like he doesn’t give a toss about what people say or do about LGBT people unless he himself is the object of personal ridicule or contempt. Then it’s all about homophobia.

    Then again I suppose that just proves the point that the likes of Iain Dale and LGBTory group’s main function is a PR exercise to deflect criticism of their party’s homophobia. Unless the homophobia is directed personally at them, then they don’t care 1 iota about LGBT people.

  30. Simon Murphy 31 Dec 2009, 3:33pm

    Here’s the article:

    The Mail said “Overtly gay Tory blogger Iain Dale has reached the final stage of parliamentary selection for Bracknell, telling PinkNews: ‘I hope any PinkNews readers who live in Bracknell will come to the open primary on October 17th to select their new candidate. You don’t even have to be a Conservative to attend.’…Isn’t it charming how homosexuals rally like-minded chaps to their cause?”

    Dale complained to the PCC about it – and probably rightly so.

    Now that is certainly spiteful and unnecessary it is hardly in the same league as Iris Robinson’s statement in committee proceedings in the House of Commons which was “There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children.”

  31. Patrick James 31 Dec 2009, 4:52pm

    Jean-Paul Bentham wrote:

    I would rather hear Iain Dale express support for countless thousands of gay men and women in Uganda who are presently in a state of utter depression because of the proposed kill-the-gays legislation.

    This comment is absolutely spot on imho.

    I think the reason the Conservatives are so silent about Uganda is that to say anything about it might draw attention to their own European Parliamentary grouping which includes the Polish Law and Justice party. Because this grouping is so small it has meant that this party has received an enormous boost in esteem in Poland from the association with the British Conservative party. So, I think the Conservatives are silent on this because of their tacit support for extreme homophobia in Poland.

    It is worth noting that at the time the Ugandan ultra homophobic bill was big in the news David Cameron was talking about children having to wear safety goggles to play conkers somewhere in the UK.

    The silence from David Cameron and the LGBT Conservatives about Uganda spoke volumes.

  32. I’ve never heard of Iris Robinson, but if Iain Dale recommends her, that makes it far more likely I’d support her.

  33. Offer sympathy? I wouldn’t offer to put her out if she was on fire. I’m glad the hate filled bitch is suffering, it might make her think on how her own bigotry has fuelled the suffering of Gay folk who have read her rantings.

  34. Perhaps she should get a hook? Then she can be a proper extremist!

  35. Sister Mary clarence 4 Jan 2010, 5:48am

    “Then again I suppose that just proves the point that the likes of Iain Dale and LGBTory group’s main function is a PR exercise to deflect criticism of their party’s homophobia. Unless the homophobia is directed personally at them, then they don’t care 1 iota about LGBT people”

    Of possibly it just means he has the humanity to feel sympathy for someone when they are unwell.

    It a bit like on the battlefield, when enemy soldiers lay their injured from battle. Rather than round them all up and give then a final bullet to the head, we do the humane thing. Although they are still the enemy, we pick them up and patch them up as best we can.

    Humanity Simon. It doesn’t mean you’ve gone soft of the enemy, it usually just means you’re the better person.

  36. Simon Murphy 6 Jan 2010, 4:31pm

    “Of possibly it just means he has the humanity to feel sympathy for someone when they are unwell.”

    Indeed – that may be true.

    Highly unlikely however.

    Iain Dale has not condemned the alliance between the Tories and the homophobic Polish fascists. Obviously he doesn’t have the humanity to feel sympathy for the poor Polish queers living there.

    Nor does he seem to have the humanity to feel sympathy for the non-biological gay parents of Britain either – after all he hasn’t uttered 1 word of regret about that bigot Iain Duncan Smith’s sinister efforts to remove parental rights of gay parents.

    But he’s expressed sympathy towards a woman who regards him as an abomination who is worse than a child abuser.

    Oh the humanity.

  37. Dave North 6 Jan 2010, 7:34pm

    I see the “depressed” woman actually quit as she had a breakdown due to having an affair.

    She believes that GOD has forgiven her. Dozy cow.

    Such hypocrisy.

    Isn’t adultery a sin.

  38. This is only the tip of the Iceberg we have yet to hear about the leathers and fishnets and kinky sex parties all will be revealed in this week’s Sunday Papers that is why she has tried to pre-empt the story I know because my hairdresser told me all about this affair in August but I promised I would say nothing about it!!! And guess what Iris told the hairdresser what a fool she was hehe, Oh and still is

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