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Lesbian Vampire Killers ‘biggest movie flop of 2009’

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Reader comments

  1. “Only the Sun found something to laugh at…”

    Need we say more?

  2. Lady Miss Kim 29 Dec 2009, 3:36pm

    Does anybody really believe that the Angry Lesbians actually existed? All the clues were there that they were actually an invention of the film’s people, created to drum up a bit of controversy and publicity for the film.
    That worked well, then.

  3. It’s like James & Matthew think there’s something intrinsically funny about being lesbian or gay. Wonder where they got that idea?

  4. Glad that most people had the sense to avoid this film like the snot it is. I’m not surprised The Sun tried to find something positive about it, considering the high percentage of their readership that were lobotomised at birth.

  5. Top rated film was this year’s Star Trek????? That surprises me. But the bottom of the heap is definitely spot on.

  6. And I see the poll on LoveFilm is still open should anyone still wish to influence the voting.

  7. you mean we could all vote for lesbian vampire killers and make it the top film after all? Makes the race for Christmas no. 1 seem feeble!

  8. Bruno doesn’t deserve to be at the bottom of that list, it’s hilarious. And no, I’m not a daily mail reader..

  9. John(Derbyshire) 30 Dec 2009, 2:05pm

    Whats depressing is that the Royle Family got over 10 million viewers on Christams Day. To listen to “gags” about Pouffs,Benders and Dale Winton penned by Craif Cash.Its pathetic.We haven`t com very far have we?

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