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Northern Ireland

Anti-gay MP Iris Robinson stands down due to mental illness

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  1. My homophobic parents who share the religious views with Iris have similar developments behind them. They hold eagerly onto their out-dated, disproved and discriminatory ‘values’, see they are more and more a minority and withdraw from public life because they can’t face the reality any more.

  2. If she really told the Belfast Telegraph that homosexuality was comparable to paedophilia, then she’s a nasty, ignorant old witch who deserves everything that comes to her. Frankly, she is living in a hell of her own making, and I have no sympathy at all.

  3. don’t hold your breath, guys. She’ll be replaced by somebody equally obnoxious. She’s a member of the DUP, after all.

  4. I have sympathy for depression sufferers but not for bigots. Depression and homophobia are not mutually dependant concepts, so I don’t feel a shred of guilt for saying I’ll be glad to see the back of the hateful beeeatch.
    She can count herself responsible for depressing the hell out of the LGBT population of Ireland, and telling us all we’re disordered and require a cure, so perhaps she can chalk this one up to karma.
    Seems like her ‘nice psychiatrist’ will be seeing a lot more of her in the coming months.
    I think Lily Allen said it best:

  5. Iris Robinson has said some appalling things about gays and lesbians and we have not let them go. We have rattled her cage and raised the temperature in her kitchen. We’ve put her under the strain she’s deserved. And now she has buckled. Thank goodness.

    But as Rose says, above, she’ll be replaced by another somewhere or other, and again let us all be ready to write, phone, and raise merry hell. It works. They sneer and scoff and pretend they are untouched by our refusal to accept the put-downs, but we DO get to them. We have to remember this.

  6. Unlike her I am capable of compassion for people I disagree with, so I wish only the best of health both mentally and physically. I can see now her attacks on us was part of her own mental confusion and transferring her own mental problems onto us.

    At lest she knows a good ex-gay therapy doctor I am sure he knows of an equally flawed treatment for her depression. Maybe she could also goto a evangelical church and get them to lay hands on her, to remove the demons of depression and thievery.

  7. It’s not very nice to celebrate someone else’s misfortune, but where the ghastly Mrs Robinson is concerned it’s hard not to.

    If only her mental illness had been widely recognised earlier we might have been spared her poisonous bigoted ravings.

  8. I assume the “mental illness” is her misguided belief in her own version of religion.

    Good Riddance. Hag.

  9. It is good to see the back of this parliamentary crook and bigot. I hope that she recovers from her illness, and maybe she will learn a little compassion in the process.

  10. I wouldn’t wish mental illness on anybody, but I admit to smiling when I heard this news. However distressed and inadequate your own mental problems make you feel, it’s completely wrong to take them out on other people, which, in my opinion, is what Iris Robinson did by saying those spiteful, evil and ridiculous things about LGBT people.

    Hopefully, when she recovers she’ll be ashamed of the hate she peddled in god’s name – but I doubt it.

  11. Greedy bitch knew she would be flung out by the voters at the next election. Her and her husband and two children were raking in over £650,000.00 a year from the British tax payer. VILE.

  12. A vile deluded religion-infected twisted thief and a bigot…isn’t it strange that nastiness, thievery and mental illness go hand-in-hand with religion ?? Good riddance to her and all her ilk.

  13. “She also told a radio show that homosexuality was a mental illness and could be “cured”.”
    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black

    I hope she jumps off a bridge
    And the next news on her i want to read should follow “found dead in her bathtub surrounded by pills”

  14. Abi, hile agreeing with most of your comments elsewhere, I have to disagree with this point.

    “I can see now her attacks on us was part of her own mental confusion and transferring her own mental problems onto us.”

    No, her bigotry has nothing to do with her mental problems. She is an Ulster Unionist. They hate Catholics, Gays, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Poles, Kosovans, Gypsies. All of those minority groups have suffered attacks on their homes and persons by thugs and bullies flying the Unionist Flag in the years in which Northern Ireland was supposedly at peace under the rule of people like her and her husband. It’s all part of their general nastiness.

  15. As it says in my MyPink profile, don’t get me started about Ireland!

  16. Hi Rose,

    I see religious belief as a mental illness :D

  17. Yes, I’ve noticed that about you, Abi. I hope we can agree to differ on that point. But although Ulster Unionism is rooted in religion, but it goes beyond that. There’s nothing Christian in the actions of those who despise Chinese takeaways and remove Pink wreaths from Cenotaphs. They’re just fascists under a Union Flag not a swastika.

  18. really, don’t get me started!

  19. “….who despise Chinese takeaways…”

    Well, I thought I knew a little about the DUP, but that gobsmacked me, and the more I think about the racism you’ve described, the sicker I feel. I honestly think that people who hold such strong racist and homophobic views HAVE got some form of mental problem. I know Robinson mentioned depression, and perhaps she has that too, but such vicious bigotry is also a mental problem in my opinion.

    Why waste your life hating other people? Pretty sad.

  20. Robert, ex pat Brit 29 Dec 2009, 2:23pm

    I suppose she didn’t get much comfort from religion wherein you’ll find the majority of them suffering from other forms of mental disease. I have zero sympathy for this arch bigot. This ugly bitch is obviously self-imploding, long may that continue as well as for others of her ilk.

  21. Patrick James 29 Dec 2009, 2:29pm

    Rose wrote:

    No, her bigotry has nothing to do with her mental problems. She is an Ulster Unionist. They hate Catholics, Gays, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Poles, Kosovans, Gypsies. All of those minority groups have suffered attacks on their homes and persons by thugs and bullies flying the Unionist Flag in the years in which Northern Ireland was supposedly at peace under the rule of people like her and her husband. It’s all part of their general nastiness.

    Hi Rose

    Iris Robinson is not an Ulster Unionist, she is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party, these are two different things.

    The Democratic Unionist Party is linked very closely to the Free Presbyterian Church and so it shares the very homophobic views of that church.

    I am a Labour party guy myself but I grew up in Northern Ireland and I know that it is not true to characterise Unionists or Unionism in the way that you have. They come in as many different shapes and sizes anyone else.

    Antisemitism is very rare amongst Unionists for example. There is no evidence of any particular dislike for the sizeable Chinese community in Northern Ireland by Unionists.

  22. Horrendous vile women to make public her obnoxious opinions. But i find it hard to celebrate her illness. I do, however, hope that she will spend time reflecting on her own life and that of others, and realising that everyone is entiteled to live in this world as they are, without fear and bullying. She has made a rather nasty bed for herself and now she has to lie in it.

    ps. good to have you back Rose!

  23. I too was enraged by the bigotted and vile opinions she has expressed in the past.

    I can however find empathy and compassion for her with regards to her illness. I am a little sadened by some of the comments above however….for their lack of compassion. Particularly when compassion is what we would like to expect from those who have a problem with homophobic attitudes that are struggling and working with them towards to change for the better. I was brought up in an extremely homophobic household, and I internalised much homophobia, as the norm. I was a gay homophobe for (very fortuntely) a very small part of my life. But, the psychological struggle, was hard and took much energy – and it is only because people (who didn’t agree with my views at the time) showed me compassion and love that I was able do the necessary healing work.

    I am not saying that her depression causes her homophobia, or vice versa, this would be too simple, and the reality is far more complex. But I am saying that, if this is true, then she is in a state of considerable vulnerability…..which could potentially be life-changing for her (both positively and negatively) – she could even end up learning to love!

    I wish her support and care from others that feel they can do this for her, whilst not tolerating her previously reported views on homosexuality.

  24. It’s very sad news to hear of anyone suffering from mental illness. My sympathies are with her, and I hope she gets the best support possible.

    I also hope Mrs Robinson might be able to put herself in the shoes of LGBT people, who are also more likely to suffer mental illnesses such as depression because of homophobia.

  25. Hmmmmm some very understanding and compassionate postings here today!! are we all suffering from new year reflection mood!!??

    Such a valid point Adrian T, my young gay son was asked to leave a night club a week ago because he was with another male!! i’m having to pick up the pieces of a very depressed angry young man. Its not easy.

  26. Lizzie – which club, where, when? The action of that club is illegal – they have broken the SOR act. The very least they deserve is bad PR. A kiss in, perhaps, migfht be appropriate. We really need to challene things like this. If your son will agree to talk, I am sure he will find the solidarity from others to be a comfort.


  27. Good riddance to the evil cow.

    Couldn’t happen to anyone better.

  28. I have a lot of sympathy for sufferers of depression but Iris’s bigoted views, seperate from her mental health, are reprehensible and therefore I’m very glad she will no longer have the platform of an MP to abuse by espousing her nasty personal uninformed ignorance.

  29. Thanks Adrian, at the moment I’m not privy to all the details, and as is often the case where young people are concerned there may be more to this than just being asked to leave because he was with another man.But it was in a university town up north. It must be so difficult for young men (and women) who realise that they are different to then have to deal with homophobia. We all yearn to be accepted just how we are and for young gay individuals its so hard, not only are they worried about acceptance from their families, but friends and strangers too.No wonder so many suffer with low self esteem and depression.

  30. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  31. What can I add to the comments above … she appears to be a very ill person. She needs help.

  32. I love it how the pair of these spongers can earn 6 salaries between them all working for the state. Surely all three jobs had to be done in the same work week so why were they getting multiple salaries as they were effectively working for the same employer. Nice work if you can get it. Disgusting bigoted hypocrites make me sick. I wonder what high standards they were she was trying to keep? What she meant is she got found out for being a bigoted, bloated, stealing old witch.

  33. Christopher 29 Dec 2009, 5:07pm

    I once suffered form depression. It was when I hated the world and hated myself. What goes around comes around.

  34. poetic justice. what goes around comes around

  35. f-the bitch 29 Dec 2009, 5:53pm

    she got what she deserves, stupid bitch.

  36. So the the drug dealer in China who was executed should be shown leniancy because he has bi polar disorder. Yet someone with the same illness who makes daft comments, but in the grand scheme of things, harmless never the less, should be hung drawn and quartered.

    This is one screwed up country we live in.

  37. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Dec 2009, 6:43pm

    Adrian T (24):


  38. She is a terrifyingly deluded and hateful person; however, I refuse to stoop to her level and I hope she gets better. In addition, I hope that she realises the errors in her bigoted beliefs and the damage it is doing to the world.

  39. Patrick James, I am personally familiar with Northern Ireland, too. And I know about Unionists. The DUP was founded by Ian Paisley. There’s no need to say anything more. This is a man who makes Nick Griffin look charming for anyone not on the ball. It stands for discrimination, segregation and sectarianism which is an umbrella word for everything that is wrong with Northern Ireland.

    And when I said Iris Robinson was an Ulster Unionist, I did not mean that she is from that party. I meant that she is a Unionist from the ancient Irish province of Ulster. Which party she comes from is irrelevant. A Unionist is a Unionist. They have stood for over a century for injustice.

    And her actions speak for themselves. An ignorant, intolerant woman, typical of those running the Northern Ireland assembly. Happy little province it is!!!

    I told you not to get me started.

  40. I’m going to leave this topic here. I used to be heavily into Irish political history in the way a lot of people on Pink are heavily into Gay history, but I began to find it very depressing stuff. I got out of it and rarely look at an Irish newspaper any more. I don’t feel like arguing about whether Unionists are nice people are not. I now live a life where I don’t have to meet any of them, or their opposite numbers, Nationalists, either. And I’m happier for it.

    On that note, it’s no great surprise, maybe, that Iris Robinson is mentally ill. Perhaps it’s being involved in centuries old unanswerable problems that does it. But I still don’t like her. She still stands for everything I hate and I stand for everything she hates, and never the twain…

    But fight it out among yourselves, guys. I’m dropping out of this one.

  41. Crime1234management 29 Dec 2009, 9:19pm

    Iris Robinson, I forgive you.

  42. Good riddance to this odious, money-grabbing, homophobic bigot. I hope the husband goes next.

  43. Stewart Cowan 29 Dec 2009, 9:51pm

    Here we see the expected disgusting and disgraceful comments directed to a fellow human being who is obviously suffering great hardships at the moment. Proof, if it were needed, that homosexual attraction is indeed a mental illness. It was only removed from the list of mental illnesses in the 1970s after bullying from militant homosexuals.

  44. Simon Murphy 29 Dec 2009, 9:57pm

    I hope Iris gets the treatment she needs. But I am delighted she is stepping down from her political career. Bigots like her have no place in politics if they cannot put their religion to the side and represent their constituency properly.

    Oh and by the way – the bigotry of the DUP is not replicated in any political party in the Republic of Ireland. There are parties (such as Fianna Fail) who still have some way to go in order to be inclusive but at least they never stoop to foaming bigotry like the DUP.

  45. Ladyfriend 29 Dec 2009, 9:58pm

    Oh get lost, Stewart. Who rattled your half baked cage?

  46. Stewart Cowan: I take it you see Mrs Robinson’s example as proof, were it needed, that heterosexuality is a mental illness too?

    (It is to be noted that the bullying tactics of militant heterosexuals seldom include logic.)

  47. Stewart Cowan 29 Dec 2009, 10:34pm

    Rehan, stress and depression are natural; buggery and anilingus aren’t.

  48. Simon Murphy 29 Dec 2009, 10:54pm

    Stewart Cowan is a boring troll. Ignore him.

  49. Alex, Brisbane, Australia 29 Dec 2009, 11:07pm

    Stewart Cowan, come outta the closet.

  50. Stewart Cowan 29 Dec 2009, 11:14pm

    Make the most of me while you can: Resolution #1

  51. Troll he is, and self-opinionated one at that.

  52. last I looked there was an intelligent discussion of NI political figures going on here. then suddenly it turns into nonsense.

  53. Stewart Cowan you really need to see a psychiatrist you can get treatment for your mental health problems.

  54. Stewart Cowan 29 Dec 2009, 11:40pm

    Abi: why do I need to see a psychiatrist? Because I tell the truth? I agree, it is pretty radical these days, and has got a few people into trouble.

  55. Patrick James 29 Dec 2009, 11:44pm

    Rose wrote about Iris Robinson:

    A Unionist is a Unionist. They have stood for over a century for injustice.

    And her actions speak for themselves. An ignorant, intolerant woman, typical of those running the Northern Ireland assembly. Happy little province it is!!!

    I grew up in Northern Ireland, in fact I used to be a promoter for LGBT clubs there. You can read about that story here if you like.

    Iris Robinson is not at all typical of Northern Irish people as Rose is saying. She and her husband Peter Robinson are members of the small and very homophobic Free Presbyterian church, neither it nor the Robinsons are representative of Northern Irish people.

    Amongst the Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland you will find many warm and tolerant people.

  56. Marty Devine 29 Dec 2009, 11:56pm

    Well… Gays have a “mental illness” – Now Iris Does…
    Cant say im utterly upset!
    Hate her and her “politics”
    And depression is a mental illness… as gayness is to paedophilia!?

  57. theotherone 29 Dec 2009, 11:56pm

    what came first the Homophobic insults and blatant theft or the Depression?

    Much as I wish to offer her sympathy I find her sudden bout of Mental Illness a little convenient.

  58. theotherone 29 Dec 2009, 11:58pm

    ‘stress and depression are natural; buggery and anilingus aren’t.’

    —yes but they’re a hell of allot more fun.

  59. Stewart Cowan 29 Dec 2009, 11:59pm

    Patrick James: I met Dr Paisley and the Moderator of the Free Presbyterians a few weeks ago here on the mainland. Top preachers and nice people. True, they don’t like homosexuality, but neither do I and I am nice. :-)

  60. Patrick, I think the point Rose was making is that Unionists are bigoted against a lot of people, not just gays. Even Unionists who aren’t homophobic are not people you would want to invite to Christmas dinner.

    A little like Stewart Cowan. If he seriously thinks Ian Paisley is a nice person then even without his homophobic nastiness I really wouldn’t want to be in his company.

  61. Stewart, you are not nice. You are a thoroughly unpleasant person. So is Ian Paisley.

  62. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 12:13am

    Have you met either of us, Ladyfriend? In what way am I remotely nasty? I don’t approve of homosexual behaviour, but how does this make me ‘nasty’? If I don’t approve, I don’t approve. I’m being truthful, not nasty.

  63. This sounds like a plea for public sympathy to me. I’ll be interested to see if something comes up in the news which would have forced her resignation anyway. It’s all too convenient. Iris and her husband have been ransacking the public till for a good little while now. She may have caused more problems than she’s worth. Anyhow, the timing of this resignation is all just too convenient.

  64. I suspect there is a sizeable minority of people in Northern Ireland who think along Mrs Robinson’s lines.

    In Ulster, 25% of the population think the universe is less than 10,000 years old. Practically everyone in Paisley’s DUP party takes this view. It’s no surprise that the most vehemently homophobic protestants are young earth creationists. Luckily on the mainland, voters are enlightened enough to realise these people are lunatics, and it’s possible to eliminate them from rational discussion.

    Thankfully no DUP ministers have had the chance to get their hands on the Education portfolio. I hope that stays a permanent condition. If they did, it would send the provinces into the Dark Ages. This is an interview with Edwin Poots, also DUP party member, to see why:

  65. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Dec 2009, 12:37am

    Iris Robinson looks anorexic too.

    Money doesn’t automatically bring happiness, we all know that; and depression is a crippling mental illness, as is homophobia.

    At this time of the year, I need to wish everyone health and inner peace for 2010.

  66. Stewart, the fact that you detest homosexuals and invade their forum to be unpleasant to them makes you nasty. I don’t need to meet you to know that. Homophobes are nasty people, like racists.

  67. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 12:55am

    Hello Adrian,

    You might like this – “32% said this [i.e. young earth creationism] was probably or definitely true. The figure was 40% in the 18-24 group.”

  68. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 12:58am


    I don’t “detest homosexuals”. If I did I wouldn’t want to encourage them away from their sin and towards salvation. It is not “their forum” it is a publicly available one. If facts are “unpleasant” then sorry if you think that makes me “nasty”.

  69. Well, how sad that education in this country has taken such a retrograde step.

  70. Ladyfriend 30 Dec 2009, 1:00am

    encouraging them away from sin? Is that what you think you’re doing? No wonder you make so little sense. Homosexuality isn’t a sin, you sad, misguided little man. It is a variation of the diverse Human species. Get a grip.

  71. Homophobes like Stewart and Iris Robinson always hide behind a bigger problem. Iris looks like an anorexic drag queen so is that the common denominator??

  72. Alex, Brisbane, Australia 30 Dec 2009, 2:13am

    This is hilarious – Stuart the god botherer’s infatuated with this site!

  73. Patrick James 30 Dec 2009, 2:26am

    Ladyfriend writes:

    Patrick, I think the point Rose was making is that Unionists are bigoted against a lot of people, not just gays. Even Unionists who aren’t homophobic are not people you would want to invite to Christmas dinner.

    I am always a bit amused when people classify a group of people and say that they are inherently bigoted.

    It is just like the way in which some will say that all of Islam is extreme in its religious outlook. It is such an ignorant view and born of the conceit to say “I am a liberal but all those people of type X are bigots”.

    The use of the term “Unionist” is rather ambiguous here. Is this members of the Unionist Party, or is it those in Northern Ireland with a protestant upbringing, or is it the still greater number who wish Northern Ireland to remain in the UK?

    Whoever it is that is meant they are characterised by Rose as “antisemitic” amongst many other things. This reveals such ignorance, as a community the Unionist population are if anything pro-semitic.

    According to Rose the Unionists don’t like Chinese takeaways. I mean really, there are loads of Chinese takeaways in Northern Ireland people go to them all the time.

    What is meant by Unionists not being people you would invite to Christmas dinner?

    Does that apply to those in the Unionist party or those in the protestant community or those that wish Northern Ireland to remain in the UK?

    Well there are a great many Northern Irish protestants I would love to have at my Christmas dinner.

    What about the protestants who have worked very hard in for LGBT rights in Northern Ireland, obtaining an age of consent in 1983 against opposition from the Conservative party? I know it took 15 years of work, hard slog, to get the law changed.

    Are you saying that those people are nasty bigots?

    What about the protestants in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association of 70s. Are you saying that those people are nasty bigots?

    What about the protestants who have worked in the many cross community programmes in Northern Ireland, are you saying that they are bigots?

    The truth about the catholics and protestants and the many other communities of Northern Ireland is that they are as many and varied as the people of England or indeed the people of any other country.

    In Northern Ireland you will find marvellous people on all sides who have done enormous work to benefit others regardless of creed/race etc.

    I have to say, the bigotry I see in this forum is pretty clear.

    People who want to label a community as Rose has done, are bigots. Such an ignorant conceit it is too.

  74. Around about ten percent of the UK believes the earth to be under 10,000 years old – but Stewart’s figures (which are no doubt music to Stewart’s ears) are alarming and just remind us the disastrous state of education in the UK. The nation is falling into an intellectual abyss.

  75. PS Some others here may find this amusing – There’s a whole thread devoted to Stewart Cowan’s blog on Richard Dawkins’s webtite entitled ‘vile and disgusting religious media’ :-)

  76. Ladyfriend 30 Dec 2009, 3:01am

    Yes, actually, Unionists are bigots. And worse. But this is an LGBT site, and nothing to do with those issues. So Patrick, why don’t you take your sectarian views to the BNP and see how they like them.

  77. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 3:07am

    Adrian – you’re obviously one of my fans.

    As someone wrote: “Where exactly is the religious mania, vile and disgusting or not?”

    I guess sometimes we see what we want to. What’s the opposite of rose-coloured spectacles?

    Good night.

  78. Ladyfriend 30 Dec 2009, 3:13am

    You know, I think Rose was right to get out of this discussion. It’s just too unpleasant. Between that horrible little troll, Stewart, and Patrick’s misrepresentation of the truth, what’s the point. See you, guys.

  79. jckfmsincty 30 Dec 2009, 3:32am

    I love a happy ending.

  80. So…. this woman was cheating the system and raking in as much money as she could… pulling strings…. and suffers from a mental illness which she seemingly brought up here as a “but its not my fault” card…

    And SHES the one saying how messed up gay people are and that we are all mentally ill…

    It all speaks for itself. enough said.

  81. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Dec 2009, 3:47am

    A little Acadian music, maestro.

  82. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Dec 2009, 4:05am

    More? Well OK, but just one more, then you’ll have to find your own way to have fun on New Year’s Eve:

    “ptit rocher” is a small fishing village 10 minutes from here actually called “Petit Rocher”, which means “little coastal rock”, but in good educated Acadian French, we pronounce “petit” as “ptit”…but of course everybody knows that, innit:


  83. Jean-Paul, a part of Canada is named after one of my ancestors :) Its an inlet off Hudson bay called Christopher’s inlet who my ship captain ancestor mapped and thus officially is credited with the discovery I guess. Though I reckon the first nations would of travelled down it long before my ancestor so its a bit of a white man’s claim.

    Although it being Hudson bay and you being a French Canadian, I doubt your interested in that discovery :)

  84. lol, i love a happy ending too ladyfriend =p

  85. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Dec 2009, 8:36am


    Are you kidding? I have worked all my life to be bilingual and bi-cultural. In fact, I would venture an informed guess that 95% of Acadians are bilingual.

    There is a difference between being a French Canadian from the province of Québec, and a French Canadian from the Maritime Provinces. They are called Québecois; we are Acadians: different roots in France; different temperament; different history.

    I’ll put Christopher’s Inlet on my “things to do” list; I should be spending some time on Google Earth one of these days.

    The Hudson’s Bay Company is a pillar of Canadian History, but of course, you know that. Did you like the Acadian music? We have so much fun at festivals and concerts.

    Exposure to Acadian culture would probably cure Iris Robinson and Stewart Cowan, providing they would take our 5-star accommodations….$$$$ !

  86. Nice to hear the thieving old witch is finally slinging her hook. It’s just a shame the illness isn’t fatal. She’d cry no tears for any of us so I’ll not waste my time pretending to have an ounce of compassion for her.

  87. Richard GS 30 Dec 2009, 9:52am

    It’s always nice to see that there’s a price to pay for being hateful and dishonest. Sometimes it seems people like Robinson remain untouched by their acts, but I believe that sooner or later they do, it’s just a question of time. I don’t buy for a second that depression can be used as a valid excuse for anything she did; I wager it’s far more likely to be the cumulative result of negative feedback for her attitude and getting caught juggling her income(s).

  88. every time i see that womans picture i think i am looking at the woman who played mary fisher in the life and loves of a she devil. i hate mary fisher. i’m not from your neck of the woods. live in the usa.

  89. My heart bleeds for her.

  90. It funnier than the pope being grabbed by the crozier.

  91. What an ugly cow. You couldn’t mark her with an axe.

  92. “Over the years, I have undergone a long series of operations…” BUT it is a face transplant she needs most.

  93. Stewart , do you want a headjob? May cure you ? Nothing can help Iris!

  94. In my opinion, there’s no need to drag ourselves down to her, or any other bigot’s level.
    For me, by showing ourselves to be “better” than that, we maintain the higher moral ground.

    For that reason I’m not going to glory in her “downfall,” any more than I’d be glad to see the back of Thatcher, loathe both of their views, though I do.

    That said, it always fascinates me when moralizers are found to have had their hands in the till, so to speak.

    However, that aside, I believe we defeat bigotry and oppression by argument, constant pressure, vigilance, not being prepared to accept 2nd best and above all by being open and honest about our sexuality.
    We don’t defeat it by dishing it out in return.


  95. I dont worry about people like this any more, or people like this stewart bloke. They are thankfully a dying breed with their out moded comments. Relgion used threats in the past on the ignorant, they started by juding people who had affairs and moved on through history with divorce, homosexuality etc etc etc. But they are threats that now longer stand. People are more informed nowadays. They have there own minds. Life is here, it is now. We will never see a time when gays are to be stoned or gassed , or unmarried mothers should be spit on in the street. We have all tasted freedom, the door has been opened and none are going back. What we do need to work on is humanity. This woman is entitled to her opinion , and it seems that it has done her no good. Harbouring that much hate eventually eats you up. Take note Stewart. It is far nicer to try and understand and see the whole picture than to just dismiss with quotes from a book , that has never been proved. I have talked to many relgious people and all I can say is how sorry I feel for them. But I still give them the time of day, something I have always found they are so unprepared to give us non believers back. Because how can you love any one or anything, when all the time you are looking out at life looking to condemn and comment on other people and how they live, because they dont live how you have choosen. Just think with that mind set how much of life you must miss. I try my hardess to help every one, esp at this time of year, and find by not judging and just helping the rewards on all sides are endless. If Iris was sitting alone, and was scared, and needed a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on, I would be there for her. As a GAY man with hopefully some compassion.

  96. Stewart Cowan’s attempt at logic is: stress and depression are natural; buggery and anilingus aren’t.

    Well, aside from homosexual activity being found in many different species, worshipping a god, wearing shoes and writing are not “natural” either. Is one to assume you denounce those as well? Clearly not.

    Logic, my friend. You might find it inconvenient, but try harder and you may just get it.

    As for Iris Robinson (to return to the subject), she is evidently someone both deluded and spectacularly egocentric (in the manner of all those who, without any expertise, think they know better than others or, worse, “The Truth”). That she is choosing to retire from politics can only be a good thing.

  97. Rich, above, is right, thuough it is perfectly alright to say her leaving office is a deliverance. It is true whether she is ill or not. Unfortunately it is highly likely someone with exactly the same views as her will take over.

    And Stewart – I base my arguments on evidence as well as the morality of JS Mill. People want to be free, especially from religious bullying – on the streets of Tehran, or in Belfast, in nightclubs in Beirut, at girls schools in the Swat valley, in bed. Your starting point is the impossible claim to know God’s mind on all sorts of things, as a mandate to interfere in and ruin other people’s lives. It’s a full time job keeping you, and other Christian Institute footsoldiers (e.g. that sex-starved thuggish creature in Salford) from dictating to others how they should lead their lives.

  98. I find it amusing in the extreme that any human being can claim to speak for God.

    I’m sure the Bible says something about “taking the Lord’s name in vain?”..

    That’s before we even get on to the notion of trying to find consistancy in a “book” cobbled together under the most questionable of circumstances, which contains huge numbers of historical and geographical errors, what was left out and, more importantly why; how much of it is built on pagan myths, Mithraism, in particular and the political whims of Emperor Constantine.

    If the Bible is the handiwork of God, with a large “G” then he wasn’t paying a huge amount of attention to detail, or accuracy, when he inspired it!

    To insist such a book is “the word of God,” and that includes my reference above is, to say the least, on very shaky ground.

    To paraphrase Tim Freke, who’s done a huge amount of research on the origins of the Bible and Christianity, to argue that everything in this book is true….why?…..because it says so in the book leads to a circular argument which literalist Christians can never get away from.

    And, I’d be willing to make a bet that God finds the fact that we get our knickers in a twist over something so insignificant as what two people get up to in the sack, in the scheme of things both amusing and frustrating at the same time.

    But, then that would also be to presume God’s Will :O)

    In the end, I’ll take my chances with the Almighty, him/herself and won’t be worrying too much about the fire and brimstone brigade and their obsessions!

  99. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 2:17pm


    Paleeeze, not the “homosexual activity being found in many different species” line.

    No animal is wholly homosexual (that I have heard of). And anyway, ‘behaving like an animal’ is not a compliment. It means you are ignorant, crude, disgusting and many other adjectives.

    Worshipping Him who breathed your soul into you is the most normal thing there is. Since Adam and Eve were caught out in the Garden of Eden after knowing good and evil, they started wearing clothing, so “wearing shoes” is “natural”. Of course writing is necessary to spread the word of God.

    Logic, therefore, depends on your worldview. If that is wrong then your logic won’t work.

  100. Stewart Cowan 30 Dec 2009, 2:20pm

    Rich – you are so wrong in everything you wrote. You don’t “take your chances with the Almighty”, you live and breathe Him. Then you’ll know what the condemnation is for sin and hopefully change and be redeemed. If you don’t REPENT of your sins, you won’t be saved. The Almighty doesn’t want people taking their “chances” he wants your all.

  101. “Since Adam and Eve were caught out in the Garden of Eden after knowing good and evil, they started wearing clothing, so “wearing shoes” is “natural”. Of course writing is necessary to spread the word of God.”

    So, following your logic, Stewart, incest is natural too?

    You eat, don’t you? Well, animals eat too so that makes you crude and disgusting, right? Just using more of your logic there ;)

    Have you heard of the phrase ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’? Reading what you say reminds me of that a lot. The message of Jesus is one of love, not hate. You focus on some tiny detail that you believe the Bible says and ignore the overall message (and, no, the overall message ISN’T about getting a place in Heaven – that’s base self-interest).

    I have no problem with religion, but I do have one with fundamentalists (the clue’s in the word..). You pervert Christianity and daub it with your own personal obsessions so you can use it to persecute and victimise others – burning women as witches? Treating women as inferior? Using the Bible and the Curse of Ham to ‘prove’ black people are bad too? Using the Bible to defend slavery?

    I feel sorry for you because I don’t believe that you’re living your life to the full. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, it’s sad to waste this earthly one in hate and ignorance. You can spout off all you like about LGBT people, but, thankfully, the majority of people know that you’re simply wrong. They also, like me, suspect that your focus on homosexuality is indicative of something deep within yourself that you’re trying to push down, ignore and hide. Most adult men aren’t the slightest bit interested in other people’s sexuality.

  102. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Dec 2009, 3:42pm

    “Since Adam and Eve were caught out in the Garden of Eden after knowing good and evil, they started wearing clothing, so “wearing shoes” is “natural”. Of course writing is necessary to spread the word of God.”

    I fear all hope of logic debate is lost here folks!!!

  103. Ladyfriend 30 Dec 2009, 4:40pm

    It was lost about 50 comments back. There’s no shifting Stewart. He’s one of those annoying self-righteous Christians who insists his dull, boring, God fearing life is the only sort of life to live and gets angry when other people live more intersting lives.

  104. Perthaps Stewart can go and stand for election as the new MP for Strangford? The voters there seem to like to elect someone with bizarre views…

    And Iris (#101 and oh how I wish) – an excellent dissection of Steart’s views. I agree with almost everything but would add that I have no problem with religion, it’s just the insistence of those who want to force everyone to live by the same code that I can’t accept. Stewart can praise his Lord all he likes but needs to accept that that’s his choice and many of us wish to excercise our right not to without the likes of him and moneybags Robinson giving us their disapproval in such oppressive terms.

  105. Stewart Cowan: bless you for the Gift of Laughter. Your post 99 and its demonstration of logic is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.

    (It’s also potentially depressing but I shall accentuate the positive, always the best policy when dealing with the, erm, underdeveloped, I find.)

  106. Actually, the likes of Cowan seem to have the same sort of arrogance, conceit and narcissism that I’ve come to expect from religious extremists. Really, it’s so obvious, that I can see right through them.

    During a recent visit to Luton the Muslim Peer, Baroness Farsi had eggs pelted at her by muslim extremists. I casually observed that those doing the pelting were actually very good-looking and well-kept.

    So come on, Mr Cowan, get your kit off and post it on the web….. we’re dying to have a look!

  107. Mr. Cowan, if you don’t approve of homosexuality, then don’t get buggered.

  108. “‘behaving like an animal’ is not a compliment. It means you are ignorant, crude, disgusting and many other adjectives.”

    No it doesn’t, it’s the most “natural” you can be, we ARE animals.
    There’s no point pretending otherwise.

    We may be able to think about that, but we are animals, nevertheless.

    “You don’t “take your chances with the Almighty”, you live and breathe Him. Then you’ll know what the condemnation is for sin and hopefully change and be redeemed. If you don’t REPENT of your sins, you won’t be saved. The Almighty doesn’t want people taking their “chances” he wants your all.”

    You don’t know what the Almightly wants, anymore than I do; unless we go back to the “it says so in the Bible” mentality and, like I said there’s no point in arguing with that, because it’s so easy to demonstrate just how inconsistent the Bible is, on so many levels, including the concept and meaning of “sin” which is mistranslate from the original language of writing.

    When I wrote of “taking my chances,” you’ve failed IMO understand that as a concept..see how easy it is to “get the wrong end of the stick.” with the written word?
    Christians have been doing that for 2000 years!

    I meant I’ll have my own relationship with the Almighty, not with anyone seeking to tell me what he/she thinks and that includes, of course, yourself.
    And, he has my “all.” :O)that has nothing to do with a slavish adherence to the Bible!

    As for “worshipping” anything, or anyone, it’s a very insecure deity that needs to constantly wailed at in order to massage “his” own ego..

  109. “You don’t “take your chances with the Almighty”, you live and breathe Him.”

    Just to add, how presumptious of you to maintain that I don’t do either of the above?

    “If you don’t REPENT of your sins, you won’t be saved.”

    I think Jesus is reported to have said that “all have sinned.” When I’m aware that I’ve “sinned,” i.e. made mistakes in life, that being the more accurate translation of the notion of of “sinning,” then I’ve attempted to do something about it; my sexuality is not a “mistake,” it’s a fact of life; God made me this way!

    However, like so many a literalist I’ve ever encountered you are seemingly unable to keep one of Jesus’s supposed “commandments,” about “not judging”..

    Which do you think he’s more concerned “sinning”, or your judgement?

  110. Pumpkin Pie 31 Dec 2009, 5:26am

    Personally, I hope this vile woman is cured of her bigotry before her depression. The former may even lead to the latter. She is delusional and hateful and that can’t be good for her mental health. The bit that really bugs me is this:

    “Only those who have faced similar challenges in life will know the ordeal faced by those who are profoundly depressed, and the distress caused to those around them as they grapple with personality-changing illness.”

    Only those who have faced similar experiences now the pain. How the bloody hell does this apply for people suffering depression, but not for LGBTs living with persecution?! What sheer audacity she has! I have not one ounce of sympathy for her. She hurt people with her words and actions, and prepped the minds of those who wish to make that hurt into something more tangible. All that matters to me is that she can’t do that anymore.

    I suffer from depression myself. Mine is milder (fortunately, I don’t think I need medication) and it’s more to do with apathy than being depressed, so my experiences are different to hers. But, I definitely know the “personality-changing” feeling. It can be scary at times, and very stressful. Here’s something that I’ve experienced that I wonder if she’s experienced: positivity makes things better. Right up there with diet and exercise, one of the best things a person can do for their mental health is to focus on the positive and find goals to work towards. Positive goals, of course. I have no doubt it’s the same for Robinson. So, why, oh why, is she so obssessed with her hate-fuelled vendetta against us heathens? She’s just making her condition worse.

    It’s your own bloody fault, Robinson. When you become a worthwhile human being, you’ll gain my sympathy AND you’ll find yourself on the road to recovery.

  111. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Dec 2009, 6:13am

    I’ve just seen the headlines of “Related Aricles” at the end of this story:

    Former club drug addict relaunches support website
    Homophobic MP Iris Robinson turns down gay play invite
    Gay man ‘reported to police’ for questioning MP Iris Robinson’s views
    Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson cleared over homophobic “abomination” comments
    Anti-gay MP Iris Robinson and husband tried to claim twice for same expenses bill
    Homophobic MP Iris Robinson exposed over expenses
    Northen Ireland MP Iris Robinson will not face prosecution for comparing homosexuality to paedophillia
    Police investigating homophobic MP Iris Robinson seek advice about prosection
    Police investigation into Iris Robinson’s homophobic comments is “active”
    Theatre group put Iris Robinson’s ‘gay cure’ outburst to artistic use
    “Gay cure” MP Iris Robinson voted Bigot of the Year at Stonewall Awards
    Gay Greens angered by lack of action against Iris Robinson
    Iris Robinson mocked by revellers at Belfast Pride
    Iris Robinson reported to police over child abuse comments
    Iris Robinson’s homophobia encourages “thugs that perpetrate hate”
    Iris Robinson compares homosexuality to child abuse
    Police to investigate Iris Robinson over homophobic comments

    Hello Lady MacBeth. Meet Mr. Stewart Cowan.

  112. Iris Robinson is obviously unwell, and perhaps her comments about homosexuality stem from that. In fact, it’s very likely that all the representatives of the DUP are mentally unwell; it would explain a lot.

  113. I find it extraordinary that some posters have automatically assumed that Iris Robinson has told the truth in the statements of hers (regarding depression) which are included in this PinkNews article, and from this assumption they have then immediately offered sympathy.

    Why on earth should an individual with her ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS record be assumed by those whom she has vilely attacked and persecuted to be telling the truth when she offers depression as her reason for jumping ship and quitting?

    For centuries politicians have invented all sorts of excuses or reasons to save face when the heat in the kitchen has got too hot and they have decided to quit, to flee.

    Robinson has behaved atrociously for years and many of us have given her hell for it! Suddenly she’s throwing in the towel but instead of putting her hands up and saying “OK! You win!”, no, she’s seeking sympathy with a story of depression. And the naive amongst us have immediately believed it! Extraordinary!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  114. Apparently, an approach by TENA Lady pushed her over the edge. It was the final straw. Reeks!

  115. Katie Murphy 5 Jan 2010, 7:04am

    Like so many homophobes, her depression is simply due to her being secretly a lesbian. She throws out her self hatred on others, in a vicious attempt to cleanse her own guilty soul

    Depression comes about when there are subconscious or even conscious conflicts in peoples minds, and they don’t see any way out of it. Trapped in a religious belief that she is going to hell, and desperately trying to hide her own feelings for vagina and boobs vs penis, and balls.

    She is fundamentally mentally ill. An induced mental illness. It is time that homophobia be recognized as a form of hate filled mental illness. Does anyone doubt that hitler and his gang were mentally ill with hatred? Well, hitler sent germany’s gays to the gas chambers and ovens also.

    And there is a book which explains hitlers self hatred. In his case, it appears he was a bastard son of a Jew. What could have been worse then being a bastard and a Jew in very Catholic Austria. A hatred from the dominant catholic chruch.

    And the cost of this hatred was the worst conflagration of mankinds recorded history.

    If you belong to the Catholic or very conservative christian churches, in the name of God, you should walk out the door.

  116. “so here’s to you Mrs Robinson, boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo. get back in the pantry with your cupcakes……….”

  117. Bugger, you got there first.

    It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

    “Jesus Loves You More Than You Will Know!”



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