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God Hates Fags church hates Lady Gaga

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 24 Dec 2009, 11:23am

    ‘The God Hates Fags’ Hate Merchants are never far away. Perhaps they should visit Iran and tell them they are Fags too?

  2. God hates no-one. God is love.

    Fred Phelps should be a little more humble and less pious. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. His own son revealed in his autobiography that Phelps was a violent alcoholic who regularly beat his wife and kids.

    I don’t hate Fred Phelps, I pity him…and I wonder whether all this “God hates fags” rubbish, alcoholism and wife beating is because of his own sexual confusion. Hmmm.

  3. Hodge Podge 24 Dec 2009, 11:38am

    I put this in the same category as I put the national front stickers on Canal Street, ‘Whatever’.

  4. I couldn’t give a sh*t what the ‘The God Hates Fags’ demonic church says – they are to be ignored.

  5. Shouldn’t these people be undergoing some kind of psychiatric evaluation, for their own safety? I mean, Philips is clearly deranged. We all know it.

  6. Patrick James 24 Dec 2009, 12:22pm

    When I read about Fred Phelps I find myself worrying about the children. Fred’s children that is. What a weird and terrible upbringing they must have had.

  7. (Sorry Phelps – not Philips)

  8. Yeah, Will. I wish Phelps would be sectioned. And, as Patrick James says, that’d be the best thing for his children. It’s horrible to see the age of the kids holding some of those placards.

  9. Tari Akpodiete 24 Dec 2009, 12:44pm

    those kids holding the placards? they’re the kids of his kids, and in a couple of cases, their kids, so the poison has been passed down through him to 2 and 3 more generations.

  10. And where in the bible does it say you can freely call someone a whore? I think this Church selectively picks parts of the Bible, and ignores every single one which speaks of love.

  11. You are not wrong, “Will #5” but if you say that xians and others who believe in one or more of the sky-god myths require medical attention they will whine that they are entitled to contaminate society – in this particular case probably because of the baby Jesus fallacy.

  12. Rich says they are to be ignored – clearly not by him/her though!

  13. God hates no-one (above) – that’s true, since God does not exist.

  14. Har Davids 24 Dec 2009, 2:30pm

    Why not make a list of people and organisations they don’t hate?

  15. Bishop Ioan 24 Dec 2009, 2:44pm

    Not a bad idea, Har Davids. It would definitely be a short list.

  16. I’d rather be hated than supported by those bigots.

  17. If she gets to hear about this she’ll relish it! She’ll be out there bringing it to them, I swear, she’ll chew them up and won’t spit out the bones. They’ll wish they had saved the airfare.

  18. Maybe they have a point.
    I can’t stand the self-opinionated cow either.

  19. Let these freaks picket all they want. Hopefully it’ll rain hail onto their empty heads so they see it as a message from God for being such inbreds! They call themselves “Christian” but have no good will to anyone except their own breed.

  20. Pumpkin Pie 25 Dec 2009, 12:28am

    Just wondering, does America allow Muslims this sort of “freedom of speech”, too? Something tells me that this would be a different story if that repulsive imbecile Phelps had darker skin, a beard and wore robes.

  21. The best thing you could do about Westboro so-called Baptist so-called church, who are a disgrace to their own religion, is pay no attention to them at all – they thrive on the publicity.

  22. Brian Burton 25 Dec 2009, 8:08am

    Pumpkin Pie, your on the button there as usual.

  23. Middle East is a location and therefore spelled in capitals

  24. An Cat Dubh 25 Dec 2009, 12:14pm

    I’d be more surprised if they said the WBC didn’t hate someone…
    It’s kinda funny. I once watched some vid he made about how Gerald Ford is receiving a worse punishment in Hell than Saddám Hussayn, because the former was acquinated with the Bible and still approved of homosexuality and even (KOT FORBID!) married a divorced woman. It was so retarded; he took some random verses from the Bible, took them entirely out of context, and even misquoted them here and there, and called it ‘irrefutable proof’. Oh, and he also called those who think otherwise ‘nincompoops’, which is a sin worthy of being sent to Hell for (Matthew 5:21-24, if I remember correctly). I laughed so hard…

  25. Simon Murphy 25 Dec 2009, 1:50pm

    Lucky Lady Gaga.

    When the Phelps crackpots start protesting against you then you know you’ve arrived.

    I’d love it if they turned up at my workplace to protest my ‘satanic’ existence. To be picketed by the Phelps Klan is a sign that you’re doing something right.

  26. Sara Tallulah McFeeny 26 Dec 2009, 1:06am

    How does this crackpot know about the new pop tart Lady Gaga? This woman has a good PR team. I can hear her already tearing up and screaming with the vengence of Jean D’Arc that she will free the gays in Possum Ridge, Arkansas. She has been persecuted for her socialite ways for too long! Buy her bling! Now! Or you love this fundamentalist!
    If anyone believes she is not part of this PR work I have some swampland in Florida to sell them. Pathetic desperation.

  27. I think here is 2 options :
    1. Fred Phelps must be checked for mental sickness like schizophrenia, etc. Because him tell to everybody like him know opinion of god. But we all know what same symptoms have many mentally sick peoples.
    2. Fred Phelps goes overhead of god and cheat peoples giving them Fred Phelps opinion under name of god. I think it much more big sin and it show what that Fred Phelps not related to any god, it related only to _own_ business.

  28. PMSL – I’m not gay myself but even I have to laugh at the fact that these freaking retards state that people will go to hell if they watch a lady gaga concert. Listening to her drone on for hours may be a pretty reasonable approximation of hell, but if there is a God I assume he has better things to do with his time than check concert ticket stubs to see who is getting through the pearly gates.

  29. Brody Levesque 26 Dec 2009, 1:17pm

    Eleven years ago I was sent by my editors to cover the funeral of a murdered young Gay Uni student in Casper, Wyoming. Because of the notoriety of the case, there was a contingent of journalists from all over the U. S. reporting from there including the broadcast networks.
    What shocked even the most hardened of us was the pure malicious & outrageous behaviour of a small group of demonstrators not less than 25 yards from the entrance to the chapel. This group was holding up signs that read ‘God Hates Fags’ and Homo = Death, and my personal favorite, a pair of stick figures performing anal sex doggy style. It was past disgusting, it was purely evil. Ironically, it began to snow furiously almost whiting out that group save for the ugly chants and singing. That was my first exposure to the Rev. Fred Phelps.
    In an interview I did last October with the mother of that slain kid, I asked her about Fred. Her reply? “Oh, I love Fred and his family. They are poster children for what I am against, hate.”
    So, in a disturbing way, Judy Shepard reminds us that as sick & twisted as Fred & clan are, they are the reason the LGBT community needs to remain ever vigilant.

  30. “…had darker skin, a beard and wore robes”
    That’s homophobia against Dumbledore!

    What is this god everyone keeps talking about?

  31. I wish a random tornado would land smack bang on Westboro Baptist Church, if only to witness the cognative dissonance required by the faithful when so-called “acts of god” don’t follow the script they created for him.
    Mind you, I think they’re mostly too far gone down the fundie rabbithole to detect poetic irony.

  32. My opinion of Lady Gaga, whose music I really can’t be bothered with, just went up a few notches! She’s come to the notice of Mad Dog Phelps and his clan. She’s really made it, now!

  33. Lady Gaga is just the latest incarnation on the way to evolutionary determinism. Gay is IN. Mad Dog Phelps is out. No one is going to ignore the safe pleasures of same sex relationships. It’s about time. The moral strictures no longer work. Biblical dictums were erroneously interpreted in the first place. Remember, God Made Gays Too!!

  34. kelli Busey 5 Jan 2010, 12:11am

    Shirley Phelps-Roper wants to crash concert. What people will do to get in for free. SHAKE your booty Shirley!

  35. Funny how their god hates everyone they do … hmm …

    Agreed, Rose!

  36. Brainwashing Detective 9 Nov 2010, 11:59am

    I may not generally agree with Phelps, but at least he hates a horrible artist.

  37. Gay Daily Mail Reader 30 Jun 2011, 6:45pm

    God hates preachers who are ga-ga!

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