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Georgian gay rights group raided by police

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Reader comments

  1. My reptilian part of the brain is tempting me to think: “Let’s the Russian bear eat this little excuse for a country.” But my evolved part tells me to say: “Let’s hope they learn and they erase with knowledge what religion kept with ignorance.”

  2. I was gonna say “why the hell does it seem like nothing is being done about this?!”

    but then I read the line “Georgia is a highly religious country which prides itself on its traditional Christian values.” and I thought.

    “well there goes that, religion and a badge seem to trump all forms of intelligence and logical thinking on this planet”
    I guess that’s another place that isn’t a tourist destination for anyone who isn’t straight or a christian.. Come see us up in canada! we may not be perfect but at least ya got rights! (and we know when to draw the line when it comes to religion and social control somewhat)

  3. Bravo, Georgia!

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