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Gay basketball hero says clubs, not fans, are to blame for homophobia in sport

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Reader comments

  1. I hadn’t heard of John Amaechi before but here I stand, Up and applauding his observations. The reason it’s so closeted is the fact to do with money. Simple. They can’t sell millions of aftershave and razors if your gay. It ‘could’ put off the hetties. Even tho the hetties have probably speculating anyway, but don’t speak of it…shhh…

  2. I think John Amaechi is absolutely correct! and I wouldn’t stop at the national level, the problem goes all the way to the highest levels of FIFA. There’s little point in FIFA having ‘grand campaigns’ if it so obviously fails to live up to the stated ideals – witness FIFA’s feeble response to French cheating which gained them a place in the World Cup Finals at the expense of Ireland … so much for the FIFA ‘Fair Play’ campaign.

  3. He’s not a coward at all, he’s an intelligent, dedicated man who’s centre in manchester helps thousands of young people, gay or otherwise. He’s also tragically on the ball when he says that had he came out earlier, we most likely wouldn’t know about him right now. That’s not an attempt to excuse his inaction, it’s simply fact.

  4. I agree with ‘j’ completely. Great to see these stars coming out and challenging stereotypes. It’s about time.

  5. Adrian Tippetts 25 Dec 2009, 1:39am

    I am alarmed by John’s comments. If there is a policy at most clubs actively discouraging players from being open, this is a disgrace. I want to see every club have a policy of supporting all players, and extinguishing homophobia on the terraces.

    Shameful that NO player can say anything supportive at all – football players are pathetic cowards, the lot of them.

  6. I think the problem is with Max Clifford and those like him! Perhaps its their inability/inner homophobia, to represent ‘out’ players! Perhaps its there hidden homophobic agenda that stops others from coming out! There sure are gay players in the league and indeed within the FA itself!!! If a serving gay soldier back from Afghanistan and now a top rugby pro can come out in the space of a month, then other sports stars can too! Just what is the point in hiding your true identity for the rest of your life? The Max Clifford ‘Berlin Wall’ of silence will just prolong the agony of closeted players and create more pretend ‘hetros’ who like Gareth, end up getting married and having kids, before they just realise they can’t stand the pressure of hiding anymore! All those coming out have recieved great support from the collegues! Let the ball roll!

  7. John(Derbyshire) 26 Dec 2009, 2:18pm

    Don`t you all understand?? Max Clifford actually MAKES A LIVING out of pepetuating this nonsensense!! Making celebrities appear what they are not.

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