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Women hurt in homophobic attack in Plymouth

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Reader comments

  1. Another day, another homophobic attack it seems. Also, it often seems when these cases go to court, the judge often concludes there is no solid evidence of a homophobic element to the attack, it makes me wonder if the expected level of proof of homophobia is set too high? Given the police say that an attack is homophobic if the victim feels it was.

  2. Pumpkin Pie 23 Dec 2009, 3:04pm

    The thing that disturbs me in particular is the ages. Compared to these thirty-something men, those young women were just kids. Although we may live in a country plagued with homophobia, something tells me the local community is not going to stand for grown men who beat up girls. At least, I hope that’s how they’ll see it.

  3. Gay, living in fear of police, not youths! 23 Dec 2009, 7:28pm

    My personal experience of a homophobic asault in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary area (which includes Plymouth)…was that the D&C police officers will simply assist the assailants to get into a taxi (even though the assailants were blind drunk & had been positively identified by one of the victims). The police then threatened to prosecute one of the victims (the one that required hospital treatment) with prosecution if the other victim continued to make complaint. So if the two recent victims were not further abused by Devon & Cornwall police then they got off lightly.

    Given a recent report regarding Devon & Cornwall police officer homophobic conduct at a football club in Cornwall (hushed up by the police diversity unit)…the best the two women victims of the recent gay assault can expect from Devon & Cornwall Police…is for the two female victims of the homophobic incident not to be prosecuted by the police.

    Chief Constable Stephen Otter can only hush up the antics of his neo-Nazi, BNP loving coppers for so long (over 1,200 complaints made by the public against Devon & Cornwall police in 2008 of which 25% were not finalised).

    Police = not to be trusted on gay issues!

  4. @ Comment 3: Give it a rest already! Every chance you get, you post your grievances about the police in these comment threads. The police has complaint procedures in place. Either use the proper channels or shut up! When I suffered an attack the police officers dealing with it were respectful, polite, courteous and I can’t praise them enough for the professionalism. We know they are not all like that, but the vast majority are & are just doing their job to the best of their ability like the rest of us.

  5. The police are the primary gay Hate Crime problem where I live. 24 Dec 2009, 12:57pm

    @4 Much as I am pleased ‘uyou’ may have had a satisfctory experience of police, that is NOT the experience of a great many others, many of whom keep silent due to exactly the sort od ‘Shut up’ mentality directed at them.

    As the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary appointed IAG representative full knows, him having monitored personally the situation for the last few years…The level of corruption within the police service is such that the complaints system simply does NOT work. Attempts to bully into silence gay persons violated & abused by police has been a benchmark of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary procedure throughout.

  6. Miriam, the tranz Schmiriam 29 Dec 2009, 8:04pm

    “Although we may live in a country plagued with homophobia, something tells me the local community is not going to stand for grown men who beat up girls.”

    Unless they’re transgirls, of course:)

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