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PR advisor Max Clifford repeats warnings over ‘vicious’ homophobic football fans

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 23 Dec 2009, 12:59pm

    Absolutely not Max Clifford, the more that comes out of the closset the better they will feel in the longrun. Gareth Thomas is already Blazing a trail. SO MAX, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

    1. Max clifford Is a homosexual rapier 10 Dec 2012, 9:30pm

      Max clifford, alleged child rapist, come on. Admit it max. You are a homosexual rapist

      1. Max clifford Is a homosexual rapier 10 Dec 2012, 9:33pm

        Max clifford, admitted raping 11 year old boys. Needs a bullet.

  2. “There may be a reluctance for managers to buy players who are gay. However, if an extremely high profile and talented player was to declare his homosexuality, then that might change.”

    I believe even then. I hope I’m wrong.

    The only way is to do on mass all at once get over and done with especially if there is more than one in a team.

  3. Simon Murphy 23 Dec 2009, 1:14pm

    The FA’s Kick It Out campaign is an utter waste of time. It has no impact.

    If the FA is serious about stamping out homophobia then referees need to be instructed to halt matches where fans are screaming homophobic abuse and award the match to the team which is being subjected to the abuse.

    If football fans realise that their braindead bigotry will cost them matches then they will stop.

  4. John(Derbyshire) 23 Dec 2009, 1:58pm

    OK-Now we know -lets try and work out exactly WHO Max is advising to stay in the closet? WHO is Max maufacturing high profile girlfriends for? Which career “brides” are just doing it for the publicity it brings to their own careers?

  5. A real problem issue; if they come out, they will be abused verbally (at the least!) But if no one has the courage, things will not change. Also sad to think so many homophobes go to football matches!

  6. Football may well be steeped in homophobia, but unless its challenged head-on, such as by gay footballers coming out the closet, then change will take much longer to occur. Sometimes peoples’ prejudices need to be challeneged head-on, not have the bigots controlling the situation.

  7. John, you mean apart from Ashley Cole?

  8. It will stay steeped in homphobia if we were all to take Cliffords advise.
    Think of the money this guy makes from gays that are frightened of being found out. I remember the loiu therox programme where a microphone had ben left on and max tried to set loui up with a story accusing him of being gay.
    The man is disgusting and makes money out of peoples misery.

  9. Gino Meriano 23 Dec 2009, 2:38pm

    Max Clifford is one of the most annoying self promoting XXXXX i have ever met – this guy has no idea about our community other than he wants to TAP into pink pound and if we are not carefull the media will make him a spokesperson and we will never achive our goals

    Stay away from our community Max – you have no understaning and you will be challenged – this is one nasty person whose only interest is his own

    1. Max clifford Is a homosexual rapier 10 Dec 2012, 9:32pm

      Max is a steaming homo. Child rapist, alleged.

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Dec 2009, 2:59pm

    The FA’s Kick It Out was very helpful I found when a supporter site published sick homophobic comments about the death of Stephen Gately. The comments were deleted on mass within about 4 hours.

    Clearly it will be difficult for the first players to come out, but they set the stage for others. The time must come eventually for more openness about sexuality and I do thing the police and other authorities are paving the way for that day to come in the very near future.

    The recent case involving Sol Campbell at Portsmouth was another good example of zero tolerance of homophobic. The perpetrators were hunted down like dogs and taken before the courts. Its actually a pity the police are not always so forthright over other crimes as they were on that occasion.

  11. I have to say I’m a big fan of Lorna’s idea!

    Max Clifford is right that it is from the fans that most homophobic abuse comes, but apart from that he and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. If homosexuality is going to be accepted in sport then it has to be seen in sport, and that means being out and proud. It also means being committed to not allowing abuse to occur, and by making the team you love to death lose because of your homophobic views sounds like a great example of the Pavlov’s Dog theory to me!

  12. “If the FA is serious about stamping out homophobia then referees need to be instructed to halt matches where fans are screaming homophobic abuse and award the match to the team which is being subjected to the abuse.”
    This would be effective in silencing people shouting homophobic abuse but not effective in combating homophobic attitudes, and until these are combatted, there will likely remain a stigma amongst footballers in being gay.

  13. Simon Murphy 23 Dec 2009, 4:23pm

    Why has the FA not warned football clubs and their fans that homophobic or racist abuse by fans will cost their teams points and will result in instant match losses.

    That would indicate they are serious about tackling homophobia or racism.

    Their refusal to do so indicates that the Kick It Out campaign is a PR exercise.

    If they FA were to do this then the issue of a player facing homophobic or racist abuse is instantly solved.

    Football is like religion for many people. If they realise their own bigotted behviour damages their team, the will stop instantly.

  14. This reminds me of “The Naked Civil Servant” – It’s going to take some very brave people to set the standard and beat a path, but once it starts, the precedent will just become the norm.

    Much that I can’t stand the sights of the opportunistic, vulture-culture nature of Clifford, he has got a point, Football fans are notoriously vicious at the best of times, and I wouldn’t want to be the fairy footballer that incurs their wrath.

    I’m glad Gareth Thomas has come out, as that does hopefully show that others can follow, but sadly, he did it after he retired in a sport that is considered ‘sportsmanlike’, unlike soccer, where they prefer to punch women and act like pissed-up macho thugs.

  15. Simon Murphy suggested: “If the FA is serious about stamping out homophobia then referees need to be instructed to halt matches where fans are screaming homophobic abuse and award the match to the team which is being subjected to the abuse.”

    Brilliant idea, Simon! We need to promote this idea!

    And I’m glad to read that there are posters who think, as I do, that Max Clifford is a parasite, feeding on the fears of such as high-profile gays and lesbians. His quotes demonstrate him seeking to heighten their fears, stoke up their fears! Why? So that they’ll keep coming to him for protection and advice, and so he’ll keep being seen as the greatest “protector” in the land. From what he is suggesting their are gay sports stars paying this man a fortune to keep their sexuality a secret BECAUSE HE ADVISES THEM TO!

    Max Clifford is not interest ONE JOT in challenging homophobia on the terraces.

  16. It seems to me Max Clifford is the only one actively keeping gay footballers in the closet. I think we all know the former England player people like Max Clifford are trying to keep in the closet. Its one of the reasons the player is being kept out of the English game at the moment, after he left a 2nd division club.

    This is a message to that player.

    1. Max clifford Is a homosexual rapier 10 Dec 2012, 9:35pm

      He tries to hide the, ,because he is a child rapist, alleged.

  17. Patrick James 23 Dec 2009, 9:27pm

    In the UK and indeed most countries homophobia is not treated as seriously as racism.

    It is great that racist chanting is considered totally objectionable at football matches and the same should be true of homophobic chanting.

  18. Just to correct RobN on one fact. Gareth Thomas has not retired from professional Rugby. He was playing on Sat in Toulouse. He has retired from International Rugby, he is still a regular for Cardiff Blues and I hasten to add a brilliant one too

  19. Gino Meriano 24 Dec 2009, 10:48am

    There are many organizations out there fighting for this in the football arena and while its taking time, something is at least being done – the whole “kick homophobia out of football” campaign is a great one and we are seeing progress however

    anyone that openly states that people should remain in the closet will do more harm than good. Max Clifford is not interested in helping footballers or even helping our community, this is self gained interest in making a fast buck out of something that is so important to the very people that take part in these games

    The more sports people come out the more we can show our support and help, next thing will Max Clifford support the return of Section 28? and use PR spin to promote this as a way of supporting the protection of our community?

    Nothing worries me more when unknowns get involved in our business and ends up doing more harm than good.

    Heres to equality, the new equality bill next year and 2010 brings a new year where sports people should openly come out (if they so choose to) and not fear the likes of Max Clifford – as fear is what this man is going to bring if he is allowed to continue to tell a community that has fought hard to stay in the front and be heard not thrown back in the closet to shut up

  20. Don’t shoot the messenger cos you don’t like the message. Clifford is merely telling it as it is. Just because we don’t like what he says doesn’t mean it isn’t true, unfortunately. He’s absolutely right that a young player’s career would be ruined should he come out, and advising said player is his job – they pay him to manage their careers – what else can he tell them? Sometimes we’ve just got to be pragmatic to get progress. As the article suggets, what would really help would be if an ESTABLISHED player came out a la Gareth Thomas, which is a different thing entirely (and perhaps Clifford isn’t doing enough in that area). An established player already has the fame, fortune, and respect to make a difference, and enough money in the bank not to care if it ends his career.
    Football unfortunately has more than its fair share of neanderthals and progress is going to take a bit longer until one of the senior players has the courage and conviction to make such a stand, but that is the PLAYER’s decision, and neither the professional bodies, Clifford, nor indeed you and I, has the right to demand that they do so. We can only encourage, and hope that one day soon one of them will be brave enough.
    That said, as many posters have already pointed out (and made good suggestions), I have no doubt that more could be done at an official level to discourage homophobia during a match, and progress in this direction would undoubtedly be necessary before one of the senior players would have the courage to make such a move, or indeed before Clifford could sensibly advise it. Perhaps it is at this official level that Clifford is letting us down, rather than in the advice he gives his player clients – does he have influence over the official bodies? Who does? That’s where the pressure needs to be applied.

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