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Katy Perry in trouble over ‘transphobic’ tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Dick Denton 23 Dec 2009, 3:53pm

    Katy Perry is an idiot. This comes as no surprise to me. After the blatant homophobia of ‘Ur So Gay’ to the cod lesbianism of ‘I Kissed A Girl’, she has shown nothing but ignorance and ridicule to the GLBTI crowd.

  2. Katy, I love you, so much. And I’m gay, I don’t know HOW I love you this much, becuase you really are homophobic. But that tweet was just crossing the line. So rude, so rude :(

  3. I agree with Dick Denton. She has no idea what she’s talking about and, in my opinion, is too immature and unworldly to understand the offence she caused. But that’s no excuse. And I get the impression that…no, I’d better stop there because I feel a major bitchiness attack coming on!

  4. Disgusting! I can’t stand her ignorance.

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Dec 2009, 10:14pm

    Who gives a f-ck what she tweets? Katy WHO??? She’s supposed to be a star? Never heard of this telentless idiot.

  6. We can only hope this girl fails to read the instructions on her turkey and poisons herself. I only wish on her a debilitating flesh eating bacteria that will horribly disfigure her for life so her outside matches her insides.

  7. Well, if society didn’t treat half-naked bimbo pop singers like they were Voltaire in the first place, you wouldn’t be paying attention to tweets like this anyway.

  8. what a stupid bitch

  9. Is this really news?…

  10. She is stupid troll. Have you seen her interviewed or when she hosts an event??

    If I saw her i’d punch her in the tit.

  11. The whole “I kissed a girl” thing was just to gain a little notoriety and excite teenage boys. A publicity stunt, nothing else.

    Her music and lyrics are vapid and puerile.

  12. Christmas Album sales must be falling

  13. BrazilBoysBlog 25 Dec 2009, 1:30pm

    @STFU, Well, this fine Christmas morning, you should be taken to a gas chamber and killed…. Oooops, sorry, I was ‘only’ trying to be outrageous!

  14. Boy that was weak! FAIL

  15. BrazilBoysBlog 25 Dec 2009, 7:11pm

    Try this for size…. Comment flagged ;-)

  16. theotherone 25 Dec 2009, 10:13pm

    now it’s christmas night and i’m drinking a nice Cornish Ale with my loving partner, checking the Crombie sale and looking here and I see STFU’s post and i think ‘poor bugger, must have spent Christmas alone.’

    Right I’m off for a walk in the snow filled Victorian parkland my house looks onto and then to bed to ‘warm up’ a little bit with the afore mentioned Loved One before we watch some DVDs.

    STFu will curl up in a corner of his dank, dirty flat with only his hate to keep him warm.

  17. theotherone 25 Dec 2009, 10:16pm

    ‘Three words for those freaks get the operation there’

    bean there, done it three years ago this january.

    Do I want to get PC with you? Hardly, you’re not my type. I go for people with a brain.

  18. “I go for people with a brain. ”

    Good maybe that person can show you it’s “been” not “bean” stupid bitch

  19. theotherone 26 Dec 2009, 2:02pm

    Feeling cold after your night curled in a pathetic ball in your cold flat? You know if you ‘let love in’ you might just find that special someone…

    Now piss off troll you’re rather boring.

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