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Club drug ban comes into force today

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Reader comments

  1. Exscuse the ignorance, but is gamma-butaryl lactone the same as poppers?

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Dec 2009, 6:31pm

    NO. Entirely different.

  3. Martin: “Poppers” are Amyl Nitrite [(CH3)2CHCH2CH2ONO]
    Anyway, who gives a sh!t? If people are willing to pay for something, it will always be available, whether this nanny-state government dictates otherwise or not.

  4. Ah, so we learn now, in addition to all we have learnt of him before, that RobN is pro-drugs – he wants them all over the place? Use them yourself, RobN?

    I came across a very telling line by a reformed drug-user in Sydney the other day, on an online Australian forum. He said something like, “I came to see that all those FABULOUS Mardi Gras parties were actually just the drugs! The parties themselves weren’t FABULOUS at all. The drugs just made me and hundreds of others all packed into a tiny space FELL like gods! But the truth is we were all addicted slaves.”

    So telling, don’t you think?

  5. Eddy: I totally agree. I despise drugs in all their forms. However, I am not so naive as to believe that bringing in yet more laws are going to prevent their distribution.

    Wherever there is demand, there will be supply, and following right behind that will be the government either trying to ban it, or tax it.

  6. If I want to put a given substance into my body to achieve a given result, why shouldn’t I be allowed? Nights in town where everyone is taking E, for example, are almost entirely conflict free and amicable. Compare that to the brawls, fights and violence, aggression, antisocial behaviour etc. entailed by alcohol… make sense that the former is illegel? No, not to me either.

    People need to be able to make their own decisions, and their own mistakes, and deal with the consequences.

  7. Jon it depends. If there really are no shortterm effects on other people or longterm effects on the user then fair enough. But if people are going to be completely messed up by the age of 45 and unable to support themselves due to some drug use or other then I think society should try to prevent that.

    I agree about alcohol problems but that’s a bit like saying ‘lots of people are carrying guns, let’s legalise knives’.

    I think drug users underestimate the effects too, which don’t suddenly disappear overnight and leave them clear next day. There is a lot of strange behaviour around these days. People who are angry and violent for no reason, some who can’t get it together to do anything and so on. Much more than 25 years ago in my opinion.

  8. Ecstasy is used by millions of people every weekend yet statistically you’re more likely to die falling off a horse than taking the drug. GBL and GHB on the other hand are used by a relatively small number of clubbers, but has been responsible for more deaths than Ecstasy for the past two years running.

  9. Jon: “If I want to put a given substance into my body to achieve a given result, why shouldn’t I be allowed?”

    I recognise and appreciate where you are coming from, but as Gary pointed out, when you go completely of the rails due to a physiological incompatibility, who is it that has to pick up the pieces? The state, and the friends and families. I have a good friend with Bipolar syndrome (Manic/depressive) – and cannabis causes no end of problems for him. Some people have no problems at all with drugs, but others react incredibly badly. Some people have died the first time they ever tried an “E”. Maybe drug users should sign off some kind of agreement to state that should they suffer any problems due to their recreational habit, the state does not offer any treatment or responsibility. I wonder how well that would go down?

  10. BrazilBoysBlog 25 Dec 2009, 5:44am

    I agree. This ‘it’s my life’ logic often appears to be very one-sided… Yes, it’s your life (until problems arise, then it’s the NHS that has to sort them out. If we all lived alone on desert islands, then we could certainly do whatever we wish, but as we don’t, and our actions effect others… then no, we can’t do as we please all of the time. Shame, but a reality.

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