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US law firm faces £31m sexual harassment lawsuit

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Reader comments

  1. Does she think she would make that sort of money and after all this she wants to return there to work. Why?

    Not that I’m condoning what happened in the office.

  2. Something to Think About 26 Dec 2009, 1:39am

    I wish I could give more details, but wish to state that the Julie Kamps lawsuit is one of a number of recent, active discrimination cases by female former employees against Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP who, incidentally, are not gay but who belong to vulnerable, protected categories by virtue of age, national origin, and race. Also, within the past decade two female, former secretaries at Fried Frank who belonged to protected categories by age and race found it necessary to file lawsuits against Fried Frank. The older secretary succeeded in stopping harassment against her and was thus able to continue working at the firm until she retired voluntarily. The other woman, a younger black secretary, won a settlement from Fried Frank after being terminated for no cause, as reported in the New York newspaper, The Amsterdam News. In addition, during my professional work with Ms. Kamps, I was impressed by how she stood out from so many other lawyers at Fried Frank by her kindness to subordinates and generosity of spirit, and I have no doubt whatsoever about her honesty and integrity. I cannot imagine any individual, even a Harvard-trained litigation attorney, going up against a law firm of the size, wealth, and prominence of Fried Frank unless she believed her case had real merit. And, unfortunately, based on my own experience at Fried Frank, I believe it does.

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