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Christian leader supports death penalty for gays

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Reader comments

  1. He’s silly. If you ever see him in the flesh he’s kind of camp. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

    1. Max clifford Is a homosexual rapier 10 Dec 2012, 9:37pm

      Yep. Gays need a bullet. In natural, sick, mentally retarded, against god, kill all homosexuals, lesbians, I love. More lesbians, less homosexuals.

  2. It is not for us to tell Uganda what is laws should be.

  3. ‘Christian leader’??

    Is there any actual evidence Mr. Green leads anybody? In a population of 61 million, there will always be psycopaths, sociopaths and lunatics. Stephen Green fits into at least one of those categories.

    It would be interesting to see what the Christian Institute and Christian Concern for our Nation think about the bill though. They really do lead and influence.

  4. What does the bible say about bankrupts like Stephen Green!!!!!

    All bankrupts should be stoned to death especially Stephen Green.

  5. Clive Wilshin 21 Dec 2009, 12:22pm

    Is there any evidence that Green leads anything? He claims that Christian Voice has over 600 members, which would make it a tiny pressure group anyway. But have you ever seen any member of the group quoted apart from Green? Wikipedia names only Green as a member and Lord Ashborne as CV’s patron. It must be irritating for Christians to hear this guy quoted as their leader all the time. I suggest we ignore this weirdo spokesman for no-one and leave him to his own fantasy world. At least till he gets picked up on Hampstead Heath; then we can all have a good laugh!

  6. To coin a phrase that a so called Christian like Mr Green should know:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  7. It says a lot about the quality of this Bill when only nutters like Green (who, as far as we know only leads about a dozen people) come out in support of it…

  8. “”What is at stake here is no less than Uganda ‘s status as a sovereign nation. Will they allow themselves to be bullied by Western secularists, or will they stand by their Christian values and the traditional African way of life?”

    Oh I see, so Western secularist values or not ok but Christian values that were brought to Africa by colonial powers and white missionaries are ok… Double standards, anyone?

  9. knew he was a c-nt but i underestimated how much of a c-nt he is..

  10. Why isn’t this guy and his organisation condemned as a hate group? If he were saying killing Jews was ok or right he’d be in far more trouble than he is now.

    And as for not telling Uganda what it’s laws are – the law is proposed genocide. If it were ANY other minority being persecuted there would be no doubt at all on the rightness of intervention.

  11. Poor Guy. Even if if he gets to this illusory heaven, will God open his/her arms and say well done. I think not . If God exists i think he would be a bit more intelligent ;
    and at least have a degree in human psychology to ascertain that Stephen was not one of his better accomplishments!
    Anyone who believes that marital rape is okay is truly evil.
    I think this guy is heading dangerously close to flouting the incitement to homphobia laws; or is detainable under the mental health act. Maybe both.

  12. Goofy lookin B*stard
    I hope this man gets raped so he can continue telling people how it is fine with God to rape their wives with some perspective

  13. but this guy has heard the voice of god. schizophrenics hear voices that no one else can hear and believe that they are real. so that means the bible, the koran and all other religious books are written by schizophrenics.
    if a gay men says christians, muslims or jews should be executed he’s called a nazi. if a christian, muslim or jew says a gay man should be exectued he’s called holy.
    this is one screwed up planet.

  14. hang on guys; this guy is evil; maybe not as much as Mr Phelps and his barmy army, but evil all the same! His organisation debased a police gay hate reporting website by a fake site which proposed that the police were anti christian because christian were training their kids as suicide bombers to blow up gay clubs; how sick is that! BUT I remember he was on Question Time and the fantastic Ms Janet Street Porter verbally savaged him and his nasty ideals!

  15. Robert, ex pat Brit 21 Dec 2009, 2:16pm

    Hmmm, how convenient for these so called “cafeteria” christians who pick this and that from the book of fairy tales. Last time I checked (and I’m not a christian, in fact an atheist) one of the commandments in his comic book is…”thou shalt not kill”. Green is no christian, most of them aren’t but in name only. Has he sold everything he has to give to the poor to be a follower of Jesus Christ? NOT, none of them have, Ratzinger and Williams included.

  16. John(Derbyshire) 21 Dec 2009, 2:42pm

    I have to remind you folk that this guy used to be an MP- and yes-it was for our lovely Conservative party. Remember-when you cast your vote!

  17. The Halcyon 21 Dec 2009, 2:58pm

    It’s public remarks like that which make me want to reopen the Coliseum in Rome for its intended purpose and make Mr Green the first star.

  18. Artful Roger™ 21 Dec 2009, 3:05pm

    All obvious and easy slags aside… I think it is high time there be a re-think of the progressive opposition to these people. Adolf Hilter left prison and rose to the top on the coat tails of people like this – and the line between freedom and fascism is very, very thin.

    Gays, bi’s in-between and the rest of the ‘misfit’ (so-called) world better wake up and get some things going outside of the bars, fashion runways and drug culture. And let me be clear: yes, there’s people doing good things now, and no I don;t mean you can’t ever have any fun. But left as sound-byte anecdotes, these people will fester and grow, and them and theirs who claim to speak for Jesus will, in fact, come as a thief in the night much like the SS did not too many Decembers ago.

    ‘We’re here, we’re queer’ just ain’t good enough anymore. Sitting on facebook and porn sites, social networks and party blogs ain’t neither. Call me crazy, slag me off if you wish but one thing is for certain: these people and here, they’re organised and they hate you. Silence=Death.

  19. Totally with Xaria on this one, we all knew he was a bigoted git (for want of a better word) but I wasn’t aware that he felt breaking the 6th commandment is fine by God as long as your victim was gay.
    Yet another example of a cherrypicking psychotic zealot.
    I may be an atheist, but it’s Rose I feel sorry for, she comes to the Pink News comments threads trying to demonstrate that the vast majority of Christians aren’t foaming at the mouth homophobic bigots and then you get a total wingnut like this. It must be galling if you take your moral cues from the more liberal passages of the New testament and “love thy neighbour” and then you get lumped in with a blowhard like Fred Phelps or Stephen Green.
    I may not be a believer, but I do try to remember in my posts not to tar all Christians with the same brush for that very reason. I certainly hope for everyone’s sakes that Rose is more representative of modern Christianity than this tinpot bible-thumper.

  20. Mr. Green’s prejudice blinds him to accept state sanctioned murder. Christian Voice is misnamed. It is his voice plus a very few others. It is certainly not the voice of us at Liberty Church Blackpool where the majority are LGBT. We worship a God of love not the God of hate Mr Green seems to promote.

  21. I thought I knew how horrible this man was, but I would never have dreamed he was so evil as to support the proposed Ugandan legislation.

    He is a complete and total nutter! Imagine if he had a gay child. What an earth would he do to that child if he found him kissing another boy?

  22. His org should be called Christian Vice, not Christian Voice.

  23. In this “mother of democracies”, the UK, in the last week we have had the BBC published a headline asking, “openly”, whether or not gays should be executed, and now, this ex-Tory-MP Stephen Green is publicly approving the creation of a state of terror in Uganda – by legislation which will mean the imprisonment for three years of anyone (straight or gay) who fails to report a person who could be construed as being homosexual!

    I agree with the poster who implies that we should all be wary. The government’s fine and well-intended anti-hate legislation is literally being ignored and the authorities are not doing anything about it.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the Welsh rugby star next enters a football arena and homophobes jeer at him openly. Will they be arrested?

  24. Not a mention of this on the BBC I see…What a surprise!

  25. Another nutter inspired by a fantasy walking around with his magic book and with the intense look of someone who ought to be sectioned. What a relief I’m out of all that.

  26. Lee-Ann Wicomb-Williams 21 Dec 2009, 4:48pm

    This man’s blatant ignorance of the love of the god he claims to serve is both shocking and pathetic!!!

  27. Beware of prophet bearing false witness

  28. Erroll Clements 21 Dec 2009, 5:16pm

    It always amazes me that these religious nuts can call themselves ‘CHRISTIANS’, when they do anything but what they preach?!! As they say what goes around comes around, lets hope he gets his a hundred fold because such a dispicable man truly deserves it !

  29. He’s a publicity hungry idiot, and a fairly mad one. I once saw him try to defend a literal interpretation of Genesis to Richard Dawkins. Hilarious.

  30. Father Andrew Gentry 21 Dec 2009, 5:34pm

    This nutter is only dangerous to the extent he can influence people who are a bit off the beam in the first place. Sadly there seems to be a steady supply of just such people. I think he should be arrested and tried for attempted murder and following his conviction he should be granted an indefinite stay in a maximum security facility for the rest of his life! He obviously needs therapy though I doubt in his case it would be effective!

  31. Har Davids 21 Dec 2009, 5:39pm

    Mr. Green is too dangerous to be allowed to spew his filth; incitement to violence against gays (or anyone perceived to be), isn’t that a crime? Would I be allowed to walk the streets if I were to suggest that killing apostates from Islam is okay, just because in some countries it’s perfectly ‘legal’ to do so?

  32. Simon Murphy 21 Dec 2009, 6:00pm

    Why does Pink News report on this lunatic. His group ‘Christian Voice’ appears to have a membership of a couple of hundred. They are all insane. But they are a tiny, dernaged group of people with no influence or power. Printing these stories give them the priceless oxygen of publicity.

    Christian Voice is not a mainstream religious group like the catholics, muslims or anglicans. It is far more minor.

  33. Pumpkin Pie 21 Dec 2009, 6:05pm

    Ahmadinejad, is that you? Shouldn’t you be persecuting people in your own country? Stop being so greedy.

  34. Errol, you say “let’s hope he gets his a hundredfold because such a despicable man truly deserves it!” Let’s do more than hope, Errol. There is no heaven and there is no hell. It’s up to US, here and now, to give him his “hundredfold”.

    What shall we do?

    If we send him a big black rubber dildo, he’ll only spit, throw it in the bin, and feel sick over his breakfast. There’s got to be a better way of sending this loony over the edge!

    What is it?

  35. Can someone explain (perhaps Jessica Geen could comment) why it is considered necessary to report the the views of an alienated and isolated man – offensive that they are?

    This man wields no influence over decisions made by politicians. In fact, so isolated are the Christian Right in the UK, that recently a teacher was sacked for praying for a pupil, such is the hostility of most people in this country.

  36. What a pig.

  37. andrew flynn 21 Dec 2009, 7:00pm

    This is priceless. Stephen Green getting shat on by a seagull and taking it out on a film crew

  38. Put simply, he is not a Christian. Jesus was actually a rebel against authority and many aspects of the old testament. Jesus was a preacher of respect and love for anyone, where as this so called Christian preaches anxiety and hate.

  39. It’s no surprise that Stephen Green thinks these things, it fits in well with the rest of his beliefs- it’s a good job no-one really listens to him and he “leads” a group of about 10 people (there are several hundreds subscribed to his mailing lists, probably many of them to see what stupid thing he will say next rather than because they agree with him).

    Did anyone see him on TV earlier this year? It was on Channel 4- Dispatches I think? He was protesting outside Jerry Springer the Opera and a big seagull came and pooped right on his head.

    I’m an atheist but if anything was going to convince me there was a god, that would be it.

    Also- how can ANYONE see the bit where Jesus says “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” and take that as an ENDORSEMENT of the death penalty??? Sigh.

  40. I wish I believed in hell so I could be comforted know this nut who has somehow, in all of his readings of the Bible, missed out on the major point of every story, and is hurting people with his skewed views.
    (Jesus said he who is without sin should cast the first stone because everyone has sinned, and Jesus believed it was not our place to judge, only God’s. The Commandments > Leviticus, who also says one cannot eat shellfish. If you are going to over-ride the first commandment to kill gays, then you must also kill fisherman, seafood lovers, etc.)

    But I don’t believe in Hell. “Christians” like these have driven me away from religious institutions, and now I believe what I choose to believe, I have faith in what I feel make most sense, in my mind. I don’t like the idea of anyone telling me what to believe, or that they have a closer connection/better understanding of God/Lord/Yahweh/Allah/whatever being that has created us than I do. No one is better than me, no one is less than I am.
    As far as we should be concerned, on earth, We are EQUALS. From the Priests to the “Priests” to the Rabbis to the Parishioners and followers to the Atheists and Nonbelievers to the Police men to the Gay men to the LGBT activists to the social workers to the feminists to the government workers to the civil rights leaders to the parents of them all, We are all trying our best, and only God can judge. But one cannot tell another who is wrong as much as someone could tell that one they are wrong, because we are equals and we should love each other, live and let live, and leave the rest for God to decide, for God is the only one who is most wise.
    That, one would think, would be the real Christian way.

  41. Stephen Green’s views are not a minority viewpoint among his fellow evangelicals and they number hundreds of thousands. They are also attempting to infiltrate parliament with several of David Cameron’s new candidate being rabid evangelicals.

  42. This guy is an asshole.
    Reminds me of Fred Phelps.

  43. James Rall 21 Dec 2009, 8:45pm

    Why do these so called men of the cloth, got to condemn homosexuality. Why cant they keep their opions to themselves. If we attack them on their believes, we are called Bigots. If they attack the gay community, where would they stopped. they will soon attack other religions, they colour of the hair, eyes. Soon they will think and live they way Hitler did in the 1930’s and 40’s, with the Jews. If they go down this road, then we should start persecuting them on religious grounds and close down the Churches.

  44. Will the Scouser 21 Dec 2009, 8:47pm

    I don’t honestly think that this c-nt, hateful and repellent as he is, can do much damage. He’s so blatantly a wingnut that only those of very limited intellectual capacity could take him seriously for a moment. The best way of dealing with people like him is the same as the one that Luther recommended for dealing with the devil: flout him and jeer at him.

    Someone earlier on here said that it would be interesting to know the opinion of the “Christian” Institute on the proposed legislation in Uganda. I check their website from time to time, and the answer appears to be that if they have an opinion they’re keeping it dark. The Ugandan “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” hasn’t had so much as a mention.

  45. David Collins 21 Dec 2009, 9:04pm

    Shame on you Mr Green, how can you call yourself a Christian? The God I know teaches love of man, not his mindless destruction. The quote from the bible is let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Mr Green, could not throw any stones, his sin is that he does not love his neighbour as he loves himself. If he feel Uganda has got it right I am sure that will be happy to have him migrate there.

  46. Dr. Robin Guthrie 21 Dec 2009, 9:54pm

    I am a gay Christian.

    I have read about Stephen Greens Pharisaical crusade against innocent people.

    Being gay, I first thought I was this terrible sinner condemned to hell because of lies people like him tell in God’s name.

    I was forced to wrestle with the living God, and after many years I saw how much He loves me.

    Green refusse to enter the Kingdom of God and he shuts the door to millions of others.

    Jesus Christ will hold him accountable just as He held the Pharisees accountable.

    He can continue to choose ignorance and to read God’s word superficially instead of studying it.

    That is his choice and it is a choice for which he will answer to God at the Great White Throne Judgement.

    However, it never was and never will be his right to deny me the freedom to practise my faith in my God, Lord and Saviour and what I have come to learn from Him and of Him, both from His word and through personal encounters.

    I would never deny him his right to believe any rubbish he chooses to believe but I will resist him in prayer and by other means the moment he tries to take away from any of God’s children any rights He has given to them, including the right to exist.

  47. Wish these closet gays would come out and be honest!

  48. Despite being an abject athiest, I fully understand what Dr. Guthrie posted above.

    This “Green” fellow obviously does not understand one word of his
    so called “Good Book” and simply spouts bile for the sake of it.

    Green is a dangerous man and should be opposed at all costs.

    History has taught that once allowed a foot hold, these types
    simply apply abuse and zero humanity, all sanctioned by their f ing book.

  49. This is the published address and phone number. Perhaps Mr Green would like to hear from you.

    National Director: Stephen Green
    Wernwyd, Pen-y-bont
    SA33 6QN

    Phone: (+44) 01994 484 544
    Mobile: (+44) 07931 490 050

  50. Dear alessandro,

    Take care, the UK is awash with libel laws and data protection crap.

    Irrespective that it is publicly published is entirely irrelevant.

    He has his religous get out clause on his side as sanctioned by just about every sanctimonious politicion and idiot LORD in this so called democracy.

    They hate gay people. As much as I hate the EU at least they try to offer protections against these religious ignorant fools.

  51. Green and his band of Christian terrorists think nothing of protesting outside peoples front doors scaring children and elderly people it his crusades.

    If I had his address or the address of his church I would return the favour.

  52. Adrian T wrote
    “It would be interesting to see what the Christian Institute and Christian Concern for our Nation think about the bill though. They really do lead and influence.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Come and join a group of us challanging extremism in the Christian Institute on face book

  53. SteveDenver 22 Dec 2009, 12:18am

    Oh, but when christian proselytizers are executed in muslim nations, there’s no respect for their national sovereignty. What a hypocrite.

  54. Revd Jonnie Parkin 22 Dec 2009, 12:50am

    Why do you report what people like him say? It just gives people the impression that this is what Christians believe. I am a Christian and he does not speak for me. What he says sounds nothing like the message of Jesus. He doesn’t deserve the coverage.

  55. “Various interpretations of Leviticus 20:13:
    Conservative Christians generally interpret the passage as condemning all male homosexual activity. Some would extend it to lesbians as well. A comment on the capital punishment aspect of this passage by an Evangelical authority is:
    T.Crater: stated that the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) are a covenant between God and Israel, which also set up a civil state and decreed its laws. The Christian Scriptures (New Testament) is an agreement “between God and a multinational body called the church. It is not a state, so it doesn’t engage in state functions like capital punishment.” 2 Thus, the death penalty called for in Leviticus 20:13 is no longer binding for Christians.
    Liberal Christians Some comments on the death penalty aspect of this passage by pastors and academics taking a liberal position are:
    J. Nelson: “It is grounded in the old Jewish understanding that women are less worthy than men. For a man to have sex with another man ‘as with a woman’ insults the other man, because women are to be treated as property.” She added that this passage is not part of the 10 Commandments, but merely part of almost 600 additional rules put forth via Israel’s religious leaders.
    D. Bartlett: “Nobody I know, even the most conservative, is saying homosexuals should be executed. I think people who think they take the Bible literally don’t take it so literally as to want to execute people.”
    Krister Stendahl: “If you look at the whole chapter, a lot of things come in for capital punishment that no Southern Baptist would argue that capital punishment is appropriate for. So their reading is a little selective.” 2
    Many religious liberals believe that this passage does not refer to all homosexual behavior, but only to a specific form of homosexual prostitution – that performed in a Pagan temple.
    National Gay Pentecostal Alliance (NGPA) interpretation: They state that a word-for-word translation of this verse from the original Hebrew is:

    “And a man who will lie down with a male in beds of a woman, both of them have made an abomination; dying they will die. Their blood is on them.” 3

    In modern English this could be translated as:

    “If two men engage in homosexual sex while on a woman’s bed, both have committed an abomination. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

    This does not generally forbid homosexual behavior between two men. It only limits where the act can be done.”

  56. Well, okay. I say fine. Let’s start the stoning right now. Let’s kill a homosexual a day. BUT. For every gay man or woman who is subjected to this neanderthal “justice”, we pop a Christian on the barby and sing a rousing “Onward, Christian soldiers”. Somehow when it is reduced to that kind of quid pro quo I think these cretins will bethink themselves otherwise.

    Isn’t about time that civilized society reigns in this kind of Christian hate speech and treats it the way we would that of Adolph Hitler or others of his ilk. Christianity is supposed to speak to our better natures, not the abyss. But when you have the largest religious institution in the world (you know, the one in Rome with all the dirty art hidden in the basement and the huge payable for their naughty priests) activiely backing homophobia under the guise of spirituality, how can we fight them unless we begin to treat them as the hatemongers they truly are. Shame on them. And on us if we let them continue.

  57. Two things:

    Was Green really once a Tory MP? I can’t find any evidence but maybe I missed it.

    And has he paid up the costs for the Springer case yet? And if not why not? I hope the BBC haven’t been slow in enforcing them.

  58. Doesnt Great Britian have anti-discrimination laws? What if we were running around saying “kill all Christians”?

  59. He is what British term ‘a wanker’.

  60. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Dec 2009, 8:57am

    Ho, ho, ho to you too, Stephen.

    Open up your heart and let the sun shine in!

  61. Bishop Ioan 22 Dec 2009, 10:15am

    This person is so typical of radical fundies whom I have had the displeasure of knowing. Obviously, he can justify his stance of being pro-death penalty for LGBTQ people, but I’m hard-pressed to say how. Last I checked the Ten Commandments one of them was “Thou shalt not kill (or alternatively Thou shalt not commit murder)”. Either version one prefers, Stephen Green is utterly screwed. The judicial murder (and that is just what it is) contravenes everything a civilised society stands for–this is why truly civilised societies have scuttle the death penalty.

    I agree that Green has no real understanding of what true Christianity teaches. He should think of these words of Jesus:
    “Not every man that sayeth ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.” (it’s a paraphrase since I am exhausted and don’t have a Bible to hand). This guy makes all Christians look bad. IMO, he doesn’t represent Christianity–however, he does represent the views of many fundamentalist evangelicals.

  62. John (Derbyshire): I have to remind you folk that this guy used to be an MP- and yes-it was for our lovely Conservative party. Remember-when you cast your vote!

    Thank you for that totally biased and incorrect statement. (Typical Labour) – Stephen Green has NEVER been an MP.

    He was formerly the chairman of the conservative family association, (with a small ‘C’) – The Conservative Party have no connection with this group at all and have always dissociated themselves with them. Even the CFA were embarrassed by Green’s antics and sacked him, and so he went on to form Christian Voice. (Which from what I can deduce is him on his own, because nobody else wants to really associate with a complete crackpot.)

  63. James Justice 22 Dec 2009, 12:03pm

    I think there’s some crossed wires on here. Stephen Green has never been an MP. Are you thinking of Dr Adrian Rogers – a failed Conservative PPC (fought against Ben Bradshaw in Exeter) and equally unpleasant?

  64. Brian Burton 22 Dec 2009, 12:59pm

    What a Fundy NINCOMPOOP! You cannot get sillier than NINCOMPOOP!

  65. Is there any link between Christian Voice (based in Wales), Bahati (the promoter of the Bill in Uganda, who went to Uni in Cardiff), and leading churchmen in Cardiff who have apparently supported Bahati or Uganda in the past on Aid matters?

  66. Robert, ex pat Brit 22 Dec 2009, 2:52pm

    Eddy, “in this mother of democracies, the UK”…..are you kidding? Since when?

    We don’t even have a true democracy, in fact there are few that are though several countries are more democratic than the UK or America for that matter. We have an anachronistic monarch and an unelected House of Lords with so much power that they can vote against your rights and are not representative of the people or the electorate. How on earth can you make such a statement or are you being cynical?

  67. silly stupid man – to be ignored

  68. Robert Ex-Pat, surely you know me? Am I not a critical thinker? :-) But regardless of the, as you correctly say, “anachronistic monarch and an unelected House of Lords”, I do believe the UK is amongst the most free, least corrupt, and more democratic nations on the face of this earth. Perfection never exists, remember! :-)

    Anyway, look, I have a naughty Xmas joke! And this is the only Xian thread on the front-page at the moment, so I’ll paste it in here.



    From the Vatican, via the Catholic News Agency:

    The Pope woke up early one morning with a huge erection. Thinking that it wasn’t very Catholic, he tried to get rid of it. Unfortunately, walking around the room, thinking about the Bible and even getting some fresh air on the balcony all failed to soften him up. With only one option left, he sat down on the balcony and did what needed to be done.

    Later, he was walking around Rome when a man with a camera approached him. “Hello, Mr Pope,” the man said. “Six o’clock this morning, on the balcony, I think you know what I’m talking about.”

    “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean,” the Pope replied.

    “Oh, I think you do,” the man retorted, “and 50 thousand will buy you the camera.”

    Worried and confused, the Pope paid up and took the camera.

    Back in the Vatican, one of the Pope’s aides asked about the camera. “A chap in town sold it to me for 50 thousand,” the Pope explained.

    “50 thousand?!” exclaimed the aide. “Wow, he must have seen you coming.”

  69. is this not incitement to hatred?

  70. What’s the “this” you refer to, Lee? My joke? Can’t you take a joke about an old fool in the Vatican who hates the likes of we homos? He does wank you know! All men wank. Why should the pope be thought any different?

  71. I propose a new law of enforced sterilisation of religious nutters like Stephen Green, after all we all know it will end in a child abuse case.

  72. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Dec 2009, 1:14am

    Eddy@68: Love it! More!!

    Stephen Green, fvck off…I mean fock off…no, I meant fvck off. Eddy, train your camera on him!!

  73. Darlene Bogle 23 Dec 2009, 3:23am

    I prefer the New Testament on Not every one who calls me lord, is of me…Love is the command of the Father and Mr. Green seems to miss what it is to be a Christ follower. I’m a gay Christian, and I could quote all the reasons why he is wrong…but perhaps Love will one day change his heart.

  74. #68

    Does this mean that when H.H. comes to Britain next year…..we won’t be able to say so?


  75. Und mag i’ ‘n glecklikke schmokksmess ver alless, ventscher.

  76. RobN – is there any record of Green’s past as chair of the ‘CFA’? I thought that was Adrian Rogers…..

  77. Brian Burton 23 Dec 2009, 12:07pm

    Ding-Dong merrily on high…..!

  78. I am fed up to the back teeth with these so called Christians using Leviticus to gay bash! The old Testament is a bunch of cobbled together folk memories of the Jewish race, not the real history! (most of the dates are inaccurate for a start) This particular nonsense (have you read it?) goes on and on about bodily fluids and ritual washing(pardon?!)of your naughty bits. I think the writer might have been a Perv! To use this load of old rubbish as an excuse to kill gay people is totally pathetic and unbelievable in the 21st Century!

  79. The account of the friendship between David and Jonathan was recorded favourably in the Books of Samuel (1 Samuel 18; 20; 2 Samuel 1) and although religious scholars have always interpreted it as referring to platonic, some secular writers have argued that it refers to sexual love.

    The two most significant passages are 1 Samuel 18:3-4 (TNIV):
    “And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt.”

    And 2 Samuel 1:26 (TNIV):
    “I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother;
    you were very dear to me.
    Your love for me was wonderful,
    more wonderful than that of women.”

  80. AdrianT: Dr Adrian Rogers, an Exeter GP – (Not to be confused with an American Pastor of the same name who was equally anti-gay, and died in 2005) ran an outfit called the “conservative family institute”, which was disbanded in 1998. He stood as a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in 1997, but lost to Labour’s Ben Bradshaw.

    Again, this organisation had no connection whatsoever with the Conservative party, and Ben Bradshaw and the Tory Campaign For Homosexual Equality (Torche) eventually forced it’s closure.

  81. Davey Monroe 24 Dec 2009, 10:53pm

    D’you reckon that this Green fellow gets this steamed up about people who eat shellfish or wear mixed fibres?

    If there was a god, he certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with this bunch of cranks.

  82. I resent the use…misuse, actually… of the term “Christian” to describe creatures such as this. Rather, they are Christianist, in the same way that fanatical Muslims are Islamist.

  83. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Dec 2009, 6:24am

    Shouldn’t we be concentrating on Uganda’s proposed kill-the-gays bill instead of giving this poor misguided soul the kind of attention he can get anywhere else, e.g. psychiatric ward?

  84. susie landlow 30 Dec 2010, 3:42pm

    He stands by what the bible says and that is his belief. It is not for us to mock what he believes in. Also if those are the laws Uganda wants to help protect it citizens and children, then so be it. Mr. Green is entitled to his opinion just as anyone else is. We are all able to read comments and make our own minds up.

  85. This just goes to show what a lovely, steadfast religion Christianity is – supporting capital punishment. I really want to become a Christian now that I know how pro-death this religion is :D


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