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Gay club owners hope to relaunch Ghetto in 2010

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Reader comments

  1. Lets face it all Tommy Moss needs to open another club is to put a rainbow flag outside and put up the prices.

    Its time we as a community stopped supporting these LGBT exploitation businesses anyway.

  2. Abi, did you ever go to Ghetto? Prices weren’t any more expensive than what you’d find in nearby straight venues, and cheaper than a lot of comparable gay ones. I’ve no idea what you base your accusation of ‘exploitation’ on.
    Also, the reason for its move east from Soho may have had more to do with the fact the old site was part of the block demolished to make way for Crossrail. I had some amazing nights in that old venue, particularly Nag Nag Nag and The Cock. It’s a shame the Old Street venue never managed to recreate the atmosphere of its predecessor.

  3. Abi has a point though. Gay venue owners rub their hands with glee when they see impressionable, pretentious young queens mincing in with fat wallets. Clubs are the worst. X to get in, Y for the coat check, Z even to have a Godamn pee, by which point you are £30 down and you haven’t even bought a f_cking drink yet.

    These people will reap what they sow.

  4. In total agreement with Abi1975 & RobN. Its the very reason I stopped doing nightclubs, I couldn’t believe how much they were ripping off gay people and in turn couldn’t believe how gullible gay folk were even after they complain about how expensive the night was. I know Tommy was one of the better ones though but there can be nothing worse than gay promoters who know how much gay people can be ripped off and push it that step further.

  5. All I can say is I’m glad I’m not going to bump into any of you bunch of miseries when I’m out enjoying myself! Does this mean you don’t engage in any form of entertainment which involves handing over money?

    There are gay venues that are cynical exercises in maximising profits, but Ghetto wasn’t one of them. Its roots lie in Popstarz, which when it opened was a haven for indie kids who felt utterly excluded by the gay scene at the time. I am one of many who were extremely grateful for its existence. Which is why I think the news of the Ghetto closing is an inappropriate place to discuss exploitation. It was NOT a place where you’d spend £30 before even buying a drink. Most of its clientele were students!

  6. NightLife App 19 Dec 2009, 7:56pm

    Lets get this party on the the App for promoters and party goers!

  7. Charlie: “Does this mean you don’t engage in any form of entertainment which involves handing over money?”

    There’s a difference in buying a few rounds, and taking out a second mortgage. You obviously never went to the former Heaven, or even GAY in it’s heyday. It was exploitative in the extreme.

    I rarely go out these days, and when I do, I realise why. I was in BarCode Vauxhall with a group the other week, ordered a bottle of Magners, and got charged £4.35 I nearly fell off my stool!

    Sorry, but if that isn’t taking the piss, I don’t know what is.

  8. Ghetto was a bargain compared to ther gay venues! It was also unpretentious and a lot of fun. That was the point of it and what made it great. It was a true gay alternative. I am so sorry to see it go. Anothe casualty of the Crossrail project :-( . Thanks to Tommy and the gang for over 10 years of fun!

  9. @ RobN (7): But we’re not talking about Heaven or GAY here. You’re right – I never went to those places in their heyday, or at any other time. This news item is about Ghetto. You obviously never went there, because it was not an expensive venue.

  10. Musclelad23 22 Dec 2009, 10:43am

    RobN goes to barcode vauxhall.. yuck. Hope I never see his ugly right wing mug down there. Sure way to a ruin a good night out.

  11. Musclelad23: Don’t worry mate, I was invited, and at those prices I won’t be back again in a hurry.

    Incidentally, where are all your muscles? In your head?

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