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Gay club owner goes into administration

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Reader comments

  1. Glad to see that I’m not the only one to have suffered from a “significant downturn in Trade”.
    Ah well, such is life.
    Happy Christmas, everyone!

  2. A sad, but ultimately inevitable outcome. At one time, gay bars were more than just a watering hole, they were the lifeblood of many gay men, including me, where one could feel comfortable in an oasis surrounded on all sides by a world that didn’t like, or at least, didn’t understand homosexuals.

    They were also, it has to be said, there to pick up. The combination of internet chat sites and the fact that homosexuality has become more acceptable means that many will go elsewhere. Gay bars have just become straight bars without the fights.

    Also, gay bars were always more expensive than the straight ones, I’m not sure if that was because they had less turnover, or they just exploited the Pink Pound and people with high disposable incomes – probably both, but London bars are expensive anyway, and with this extra mark-up, increased duty on drink and the no-smoking ban, I for one gave up going out drinking a long time back. I suspect that pubs, clubs and bars as a whole are on a slow decline, and the gay sector will only act as an indicator to the whole licensing business.

  3. Some bars and clubs just exploit the pink pound with drinks and entrance fees being way too expensive and never putting anything back into the community. I am not sad when such businesses fold they deserve too. I support businesses like PinkPunters in Milton Keynes that do give something back in return for our patronage.

  4. The novelty of the gay bar is wearing off. Many gay people are now happy to visit straight pubs and stay local. Also many people have not been able to adjust to the smoking ban and choose to have parties at home instead. The effects of the smoking ban have hit ALL bars and clubs and 55 are now closing every week in England. A night out can be restrictive, very annoying and inconvenient for the smokers and sometimes dangerous. A night in is cheap, good fun and you can smoke happily without being made to feel like a leper.

  5. AnthonyH: “A night in is cheap, good fun and you can smoke happily without being made to feel like a leper.”

    I beg to differ. Try being married to a non-smoker.


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