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Canadian MP’s Christmas card attacked by homophobes

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Reader comments

  1. Good on him for being able to brush it off gracefully.

    But sadly (and un-surprisingly) I live up here in Canada and I know that bigotry and hate is still very much alive, its just not as legal and not as endorsed as it is elsewhere.

  2. In order that cards like this are able to become commonplace I feel that all our UK Gay MPs who are in Civil Partnerships should go out of their way to produce similar greetings cards, thus confirming their happiness and “normalcy” (I personally don’t like this word, but you know what I mean!)
    Happy Christmas, everyone.

  3. I would never of expected that reaction in Canada what is this world coming too. We need to start making big gay christmas cards with lots of pics of same sex couples kissing on and send them to the bigots as a protest.

    Remember the bigots in your life this christmas.

  4. Not being a Christian I recieve Christmas cards with religious imagery on them do
    I start spouting relgious hate on web sites no what is it with these small minded bigots?

  5. Eventually they will get over it . . . as in all things time brings about great changes . . . unfortunately somethings take a lot longer to be established.

    Keep upsetting the Fundamentalists . . . the penny will drop eventaully.

  6. I’ve googled the picture and it’s a bit of a let-down. Both guys are cute (so is the dog), but this, perversely, amplifies the impression of a photo from an old-fashioned, unsexy menswear catalogue. There must be some really mad hair-trigger homophobes out there if this rattled their cages.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Dec 2009, 6:15pm

    I’m Canadian, and I am very proud of Scott Brison.

    Whatever homophobic expressions were published in newspapers undoubtedly came from right-wing roman catholic pinheads or members of some heretical xian group who are basically attempting to imitate the morons who show up on pinkknews from time to time.

    On the whole, Canadians appreciate our pluralistic society, but there will always be room for improvement.

    Riondo sums it up nicely.

  8. The Globe and Mail’s comment section is a cesspool. It’s like the Canadian equivalent of Freepers have colonized it.

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Dec 2009, 7:48pm

    Have a look at the man himself instead of paying any attention to homophobes:

  10. I would love to see the card and God Bless the both of you two this Christmas. And God Bless all gay’s around the world.
    Here Jesus refers to “eunuchs who have been so from birth.” This terminology (“born eunuchs”) was used in the ancient world to refer to homosexual men. Jesus indicates that being a “born eunuch” is a gift from God.
    Matthew 19:10-12
    Eunuchs had two meanings one parents would castret there children so they could serbe and guard women in high household. The other meaning is what Jesus said and they are born gay.
    Four gay couples in the Bible are:
    Ruth and Naomi
    David and Jonathan
    Daniel and Ashpenaz
    A Roman centurion asked Jesus to heal his slave but it was not his slave it was his gay lover
    and Jesus healed him. So why is it that God and Jesus love gays but so called Christians don’t.

  11. I wonder how many of those hateful “Christians” are from the USA? I’ve found Americans to be the least accepting people on the planet – and have the most skeletons in their (pardon the pun) closets. Top marks for Scott & Maxime for rising above this most distasteful bigotry.

  12. Who elses’s picture did they expect him to post on his christmas card?

  13. It’s absolutely disgusting. Two men standing in a field with an innocent dog between them!!!!

    (Just in case anyone misses the point, I AM being sarcastic.)

  14. Penfold: “Not being a Christian I receive Christmas cards with religious imagery on them do I start spouting religious hate on web sites?”

    That just SO annoys me. What is it with all these Christians trying to dominate Christmas and ram their religion down my throat?
    What’s it got to do with them anyway?

    (Tongue planted very firmly in cheek here, people) ;)

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Dec 2009, 8:19pm

    For years – I mean 30 years – I have been receiving a christmas card from a wacko christian acquaintance of mine.

    The card is all gilded and has an engrossed figure figure a child lying in a 5-star manger accommodations with not a trace of the odor of manure usually found when there’s a bull and a donkey around, or an engossed figure of 3 magnificent wise men dressed to kill sitting on the equivalent of Rolls Royce Camels, etc,.

    A few scribbled charitable words informs me that this guy has paid ($$$) to have a holy mass said in Jerusalem or Beethlenem for the salvation of my soul.

    For the last couple of years these cards find their way from my mailbox directly into the garbage can.

    Give me Scott Brison card anytime…better yet send your $0.50 to Human Rights Watch.

    Grumble, grumble. There ought to be a law…grumble…

  16. Har Davids 20 Dec 2009, 9:56pm

    Well, it’s supposed to be a merry time of the year, but some people just love to get their knickers in a twist. I, an atheist, received a genuine X-mas card from a Muslim, who’s pretty serious about his religion. Should I twist my knickers now?

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 21 Dec 2009, 1:03am

    It is a merry time time of year, and you are all invited to evening bonfires in my backyard (garden). Bring your own booze, and soup’s on!!

  18. Well done to Scott Brison and his husband – Merry Christmas to you both and a great New Year.

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