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Portugal tipped to allow gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Portugal is an interesting case, gay-rights wise. I have the impression from portugese friends, and from a few empirical studies, that public opinion somewhat lacks behind policy, as in South Africa. This shows that, however many rights we have, formally, we must strive to change attitudes. An elementary observation, but an important one, at that.

  2. You guys from pinknews always write the same things in portugal’s news. It’s like you change the title and introduction and leave the rest. This is the 3rd news you guys end in basically the same way.
    In a 7-paragraph news, only the first 3 were different from the last news.. c’mon… what kind of journalism is this? Copy-paste?

    There is much more to say than that!

    What about the fact that a portuguese court gave 2 girls to a gay couple custody?

  3. I must agree with João. I sent to pinknews myself this story by email and i wrote much more interestong aspects of the news and how it is being debated in Portugal.
    You always say the same stuff, that the country is very religious, well i can tell you that is a lie. half percent of the population in Portugal doesn’t care about religion, and yet u keep on talking about it. I think you don’t actually understand how we live over here and probably think this is a third world country. It is not, stop talking like if it was.
    Also, the couple of lesbians whoe tried to marry have been long gone, can’t you do better research?

    I hope by January when the law is approved u have something much more interesting to say, and new.

  4. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Dec 2009, 4:11am

    The proposed marriage law does not include 3 things:

    * Adoption;
    * Parentage rights for lesbian women who undergo IVF/Artifical isamination to have a baby;
    * Taking of a surname when married

    NOTE: Surrogacy is illegal in all of its forms in Portugal anyway – so there is no discrimination when it comes to surrogacy.


    Reminds me of what Belgium did recently –

    Remember Belgium did not allow adoption rights for gays until 2006 – when AFTER marriage equality was achieved in 2003.

  5. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Dec 2009, 4:34am

    This talks about Europe over the next 10 years;

    7 countries wanting marriage equality implemented in 2010 –

    * Portugal;
    * Iceland;
    * Luxembourg;
    * Slovakia;
    * Slovenia;
    * Albania (yes Albania how surprising);
    * Andorra (a very tiny country between Spain and France in the mountains)

    Conservative Governments in 5 places will not allow gay marriages over the next 4 years –

    * Finland;
    * Denmark;
    * France;
    * Germany;
    * United Kingdom

    5 countries are still yet to implement “civil union or civil partnership” or “registered partnership” models –
    * Ireland (Government still “stuffing-around” on the issue);
    * Austria (still has to pass the upper house [vote pending], APPROVED in the lower House recently);
    * Estonia (Government still “stuffing-around” on the issue);
    * Liechtenstein (a very tiny country trying to work out the recognition of the Swiss model in both Switzerland and Austria, since that tiny country in in-between them both);
    * And the 2 small English islands of Jersey, Isle of Man and the 1 Danish island Faeroe Islands is still yet to pass any recognition.

    Italy will not ever recognize same sex couples because of the influence from the bigoted, uncompassionate and ungrateful Pope and since Italy is the most religious and more Americanized then other parts of Europe (Italy is more like America in Europe)!!!!!

  6. The Portugal Constitutional Court is corrupt. The Portuguese Constitution specifically bans discrimination based on sexual orientation; the court couldn’t ignore this reality so they had to rule that the constitution provides for equal rights, but then they made the absurd ruling that the constitution does not say that you have to actually have to implement that ban on discrimination or have to actually provide equal rights even though the constitution is supposed to protect equal rights. It is such an intellectually bankrupt ruling that it staggers the imagination.

  7. Also, this is the same court that ruled that heterosexuals who rape gay children should get lesser sentences because gay children aren’t really harmed. It is corrupt to the core.

  8. Dear Daniel
    I am not sure where you’ve sourced the information on your last 2 comments. You either clueless about what is going on or you are a homofobic heterosexual (possibly Portuguese)? Either way your comments are very poor in content!

    As for the gay Marriage Bill in Portugal. It is about time Portugal chanegs the law to allow same sex marriage. Shame adoption is not included this time.

    Part-agree with previous comments on the article…for example, Portugal is not overwhemingly Catholic despite its historic roots.
    The church uses statists that cannot be reliable. Everyone that gets baptised are included in stats as Catholics even if people has never set foot on a Church, do not practice or have choose as adults a new religion or simply are Atheist/Agnostics!

  9. Robert, ex pat Brit 18 Dec 2009, 2:01pm

    So when is David Cameron going to take a stand and demonstrate that he truly believes in FULL equality by backing same-sex marriage in the UK? In the UK, it should be a lot easier, all that needs to be done is change the name from civil partnerships to civil marriages. What’s it waiting for?

  10. what about italy? I’ll tell you, it’s the THIRD WORLD of europe!!! And if you don’t believe an italian who has the courage to say it…
    fck the vatican bastards, they own the country!

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Dec 2009, 9:29am

    Does anybody know if the supporters of the bill have the 2/3rds necessary to override a veto by the Conservative President?

  12. The portuguese deputes approved the law and it goes to parlement in january. The vote will will be 128 in favor to 104 against. If the president vetoes the bill the parlement haves more then enough deputies to overrite the veto from the portuguese president. So people of the world get ready. portugal will give a big lesson to those who always looked at us as a very religious country stoped in time. We will become the 6 european country to allow same-sex marriage in january and 8 in the entire world. Finnally im happy to be Portuguese. The law is garanteed. By the way. Gay persons can adopt if they are single. and just yesterday 2 childrens were given to adopton to a gay couple so…

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Dec 2009, 9:42pm

    Merci, bruno. Now, you’re talking my language.

    And if you’ll excuse my pedantry, it looks as if Cadmus is alive and well, and still slaying dragons! (Greek mythology)

  14. Im just in shock that Albânia is also in the front line to legalize same-sex marriage. Its doubtfull they will but still just the idea that they are debating it is amazing. Iceland, Andorra,Slovenia will do it in 2010 aswell. Lets see who is going first in the race. Im so happy to see all this countrys aprove marriage and the hipocritics of america just staying watching and sucking on their fingers.

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Dec 2009, 8:28pm

    I know what you mean, bruno.

    It’s most ironic that the Gay Liberation Movement really started in America, and American Gay organizations continue to inspire me, living here in relative isolation in Eastern Canada:

    Paul Mitchell’s (5) bird’s eye view should be copied and pasted in a file; precious information.

  16. I am a Portuguese imigramt living in America, married for four years in Massachusets. It will be a proud moment for me when my home country recognizes my marriage unlike bigoted federal authorities in Washington including our deeply disapointing president.

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