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Gay Christian group welcomes assurances from Archbishop of Canterbury on Uganda’s anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Whoppee! He’s had how long to condemn Uganda’s homophobic bill? Don’t feel you need to rush, in fact a snail can run the 100 metre dash faster than statements about this issue come out of the Church of England’s offices.

    Too little too late. The lengthy delay in his condemnation unfortunately still shouts louder than any statement he has now actually issued.

  2. Simon Murphy 17 Dec 2009, 2:35pm

    Rowan Williams is a coward, a disgrace and an embarrassment to his church. The proposed new law in Uganda which will legalise genocide needs to be condemned loudly.

    Why has that pathetic loser Rowan Williams not instructed the Anglican church in Uganda to condemn it? Oh yeah – because the Anglican bigots in Uganda support it.

    Why has that waste of space Williams not told the Anglican hierarchy in Uganda that they will be expelled from the Anglican church unless they condemn the proposed genocidal laws?

    Because he values keeping his church together more than he values human life.

    Rowan Williams is proof (if any were needed) of the poisonous, 2-faced, murderous attitudes of even so-called ‘liberal’ religion.

    He is contemptible.

  3. Father Andrew Gentry FCSF 17 Dec 2009, 6:14pm

    Simon, never ever trust as I know you don’t, what I call vanilla ice cream liberals. They can talk a good game but never take the field to play it! In the US the Anglicans only get angry at other Anglicans if They get angry, indeed it is the Only transgression that can get you kicked out of the American Episcopal Church. At the moment on this side of the Pond the Anglicans are bitterly fighting over property and the monies it represents. Where your treasure is there is your heart, that is where any groups true values lie no matter what spin or hype may be the contrary!

  4. Brian Burton 17 Dec 2009, 10:14pm

    Simon Murphy,
    I totally agree that Rowan williams is a Coward, Homophobic and a disgrace to the office he holds. An academic such as Williams should never be elected or appointed to boss of the Anglican Church. His mind is far too cluttered with Religious fodder to make rational decisions especially towards Gay Rights.

  5. The Catholic church has been strangely silent on this matter as well. I just wonder if the ex Nazi Pope has his hand behind this bill as Uganda is mainly a Catholic country.

  6. Yes good point Abi1975! Its not like the Arch Homophobe of Rome to keep his gob shut is it? Maybe he’s just rubbing his beringed hnds in glee that the Ugandan Govt is carrying out His evil plans(!)for him……

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Dec 2009, 8:11am

    Not that I believe in religion, but Dr. Williams has been negotiating with the head of the Anglican Church in Uganda for the last 6 months. The Ugandan Archbishop squarely told Williams that Canterbury needs to stop supporting the ordination of gays and return to the anti-gay “gospel values”, otherwise the church in Uganda would formulate its own agenda… but without splitting from Canterbury.

    So for the Archbishop of Canterbury to condemn the proposed anti-homosexual bill presently being debated in Uganda is tantamount to condemning the direction the Anglican church has taken in Uganda.

    Oh, and Abi and Mike, I do believe ben16 is in the picture; he’s laying out the red carpet for the 4,000+ Anglican ministers who have gone over to Rome just recently because of this issue.

    There is no doubt where b16 stands regardless of how loudly he denounces the persecution of homosexuals. b16 has refused time and time again to update the RCC’s sexual theology, especially in the catechism which is taught to children. Children are not born with hate in their hearts; they are taught to hate by the lovey-dovey persons around them.

    Also, it cannot be repeated often enough that the Uganda Gov’t is not acting unilaterally on this Bill; Rick Warren’s American fundamentalists and members of “The Family” have been fanning the flames of homophobia in Uganda for well over a year, and the strangest thing is that nobody has mentioned the presence of Jihadists in Africa. Can of worms, or what!

    Who’s wicked? Who’s benevolent? Don’t ask me!

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