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X Factor winner Joe McElderry dismisses gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. If Joe is really not gay then I will no longer make assumptions about peoples sexual orientations because I had no doubt in my mind that we is gay.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 16 Dec 2009, 2:05pm

    he’s a pretty boy who sports the HIV ribbon. Since the likelihood of me bedding him is slightly less than me marrying Margaret Thatcher, it’s really academic to me. It would be nice if he were gay, as a role model, but otherwise I don’t care!

  3. He’ll be forgotten about by this time next year when Simon Cowell has a new kid to exploit.

  4. Oh please…..

    The minute I saw this chap my Gaydar went off the scale……

    He simply won’t sell as much if he doesn’t have the teen girl audience with him….

  5. Well I haven’t followed X-Factor at all, I am proud to say, and I was appalled that the BBC spent five minutes of its “News at Ten” on the weekend reporting on who won it – as the news-item of second-most importance in the entire world! Shameful!

    They showed a bit of him singing and I heard no remarkable or freak-voice emanate from his gob, so what on earth is all the hysteria about?

    X-Factor is simply mass-hysteria and contagion. Viewers think they are participating in a communal event. They are not. They are being milked of money while they sit in their homes being fooled that they are having real interaction with other voters.

  6. Erroll Clements 16 Dec 2009, 4:51pm

    Mhhhhhhhhhhh, give him time ! He screamed gay to me, don’t think he knows if he’s Arthur or Martha ?!! And is deffinetly a Mommy’s boy !

  7. A very large part of what Eddy says is I think is very true.

  8. I think everyone’s gaydar is going off the scale with Joe. I frankly took it as a given that he was gay as a brush. I’m sceptical as to whether he’s really made these comments to Sun. I’d been told he was out to family and friends according to other reports. It’d be interesting if he is straight. I think we’re all used to gay men who can pass for being straight. We’re less used to straight men who seem gay.

  9. give the poor lad a break, not every soft spoken pretty boy is gay………;-)

  10. vulpus_rex 17 Dec 2009, 2:24pm

    If he’s not gay then I’m a Hungarian Nobleman.

  11. All that matters is that Rage Against The Machine gets to number one on Sunday.

  12. Oh please the boy is as camp as a row of pink tents at a gay campsite. bless him he’s very sweet and I wish him all the best but honestly!

  13. I agree with adrian T

  14. He might be gay, but scared. it’s not easy being gay in south shields. A gay 15 year old beaten up in a homophobic attack in South Shields three years ago (pink news reported it). Not saying he’s the only (possibly) gay teen in the town, but the dates (three years ago he would have been 15 and he has said he was bullied by homophobes) do match up. There’s still a lot of backward minded people out there.

  15. Pat – I have to echo what you say about the North East, which is where I grew up. But imagine it 40 years ago!! I was bullied and harassed because they thought I was gay. If they’d known for certain they would have killed me. I hope Joe is gay – he’ll be a very sweet boyfriend for some nice young man. I’m so romantic.

  16. One day people won’t have to challenge gay rumours because there will be no rumours as no one will give a monkeys about someones sexuality. Sad to say the comments above won’t bring that day any closer.

  17. yeah right. he’ll come out of the closet in twenty years when he gets caught in LA cottaging in some toilets. who does that remind you of?

  18. 1) it doesnt matter whether he is gay or not, musically it hasnt stopped Cliff or George
    2) maybe he’s scared though his dad came out when Joe was three

  19. Gaydar is overloading. He is gay for sure. You only have to read his interview in the Sun where he says he isn’t to realize that he is.

  20. Not that Joe’s sexuality matters one iota – but I do believe he is gay. He has probably been advised not to disclose his sexuality as it will adversely affect sales of his album. Note that I put that in the singular.

  21. I to agree with Adrian T he comes across as camp he is gay but understand why he has to deny his true feelings he is a very handsome young man and wish him luck, my be he will come clean about his sexuality one day.

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