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More schools running ‘anti-gay’ Christian crash-courses

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  1. 2Alpha course sessions, course leader Rev Nicky Gumbel compared homosexuality to paedophilia.” That old chestnut again eh? well given yesterdays verdict on two married women with their wn children carrying out disgusting crimes against babies, THINK AGAIN YOU BIGOTED IDIOTS! And is this any better/worse than Madrassas saying the same thing to muslim kids?

  2. This sort of thing must have been encouraged by Blair talking up faith schools for so long. Tell them to get the buggers out or lose public funding.

  3. Don’t worry – having been through the “Alpha Course” – it is mostly irrelevant and largely unintelligible waffle.It effects only the weak-minded who are looking for a “rule-book” from God that will take over responsibility for running their lives.”I do what God says – so he will see me alright”.NO! – God helps those who help themselves.

  4. Brian Burton 16 Dec 2009, 2:56pm

    Kids have got plenty of time to find out what their sexuality is!
    I did’nt find out untill I realized I liked Boys better than Girls!

  5. As far as I am concerned, Faith Schools are just a plain evil in society. How can anyone, Government, society in general, etc., describe the UK as a multi-cultural society and then spend public money supporting institutions which foster social divisions, can teach whatever crap they fancy [like the Alpha Course].
    The purpose of schools is to prepare children for their adult life in an adult world where people of all faiths and beliefs have to mix, meet and work together.
    In fact I would be happier if denominational religion was removed from schools altogether, by all means teach children comparative religion as an academic discipline but do not teach them what the different religions should be teaching them on their weekly Holy Day. If children couldn’t be bothered to go [or be sent] to Sunday School [or its equivalent in other religions] then why should the state be required to provide.
    When I was a teacher [in an ordinary public school not a Faith School], had I been an ‘obedient’ one, I would have been required to teach kids a list of Bible Stories – I refused! Instead I had discussions, any topic the 16-year-old boys wanted to discuss PROVIDED it was a sensible discussion, and we talked about such things as Abortion, Safe Sex, Death, Respect for others, the Death Penalty, etc. What was so sad was that these lads were soon to leave school and this was the first time anyone had attempted to treat them as adults and talked about what concerned them.
    Abolish, or at least abandon funding Faith Schools, remove Religion from the curriculum unless it is an academic discipline, and start really preparing children for adult life!

  6. I did the course once out of utter naivety because I wanted to talk to other Christians. But I found them so obnoxious and small minded. I was even told to stop watching my favourite TV programme because it was unGodly. I shook the dust from my feet.

  7. AndySam – very well put.
    I think the highly secular French have got it right in this regard. A Franco-Algerian colleague of mine (self-defined as a Muslim) agrees with keeping religious symbols and propaganda out of school. She sees that it is mischievous and divisive, and she is a religious woman. Teaching children religion as belief and not academic subject is for the home, the church, the synagogue, the mosque, and, for that matter, the sacred fairy grove.
    Interestingly enough, she is middle-aged and was brought up by Algerian parents who were pious but practised an open and tolerant Islam. I have heard this story quite a few times. A lot of it is strictly basket-case now.

  8. Will the Scouser 16 Dec 2009, 4:13pm

    Obviously what we need is a new “Section 28” prohibiting the promotion of homophobia in schools.

  9. Har Davids 16 Dec 2009, 4:24pm

    Maybe a compulsory course in philosophy, history and the use of your brain, would do all of us good. Too bad that people who would benefit most would opt out, because it would violate their principles of bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

  10. The article is somewhat alarmist.Many churches who use this product (and a product it is!) do not use the full blown course.

    The ‘Alpha Weekend’ is often avoided.
    This is where the fun and games begin and the Derren Brown type manipulation is implemented.

    Its more anti-intellectual than anti-gay.
    Some find it helpful, but each to his own.

  11. <>

    Sounds like that’s ripe for being published and deconstructed on the web then… I’ve read some hilarious blogs by people attending the main Alpha course (it’s not just gay people they don’t like folks, it’s… unbaptised babies! Going straight to hell with us apparently) — but I’ve not read accounts of the creepy weekends.

    I agree the French are right and religion should be kept out of schools except as a comparative academic subject. Good points AndySam

  12. Brings to mind the episode of the Simpsons where Bart is expelled and Marge has to find an alternative school at short notice.
    The Evangelical school she tries first has a mission statement that reads “we put the FUN into FUNdamentalist Dogma”.
    When Bart recites the playground chant about “Beans: The Musical fruit” in class he’s promptly chased out by pitchfork waving kids and a teacher shouting “Beware children, he can take many forms!”
    Having watched a documentary on it, the alpha course seems pretty lame to me, but then I’m not the target demographic.

  13. There should be no place in schools for proselytising for religion. A person’s choice of religion or philosophy should be freely made as an adult, not forced on unsuspecting children. And there should be no place for homophobia in schools either.

    One good point about this: being taught this nonsense in school will make kids rebel against it. I recall when I was a teacher, the headmistress invited an evangelical band in to do an assembly, and the kids were rightly completely up in arms about it. I told them I completely agreed with them that it was wrong for them to have religion forced on them in this way.

  14. For starters we should have laws that penalise people for making claims such “God did this and that”. The correct form of this should be “Our religion says that God did this and that”.
    A sentence like “God did not design our bodies for homosexual intercourse” should not be allowed, especially in a school in front of children.

  15. What utter drivel.

    Apart from anything else, there is no such thing as “homosexual intercourse”.

    – There are no sexual activities that are favoured by all gay men or gay women

    – As far as I am aware, all the sex acts of which gay men or lesbians are capable are also carried out by some heterosexuals.

    But of course it is hard to run an anti gay course and tell the truth at the same time.

  16. Why are these xian child abusers allowed into schools?

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