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Man convicted of homophobic murder jailed for life

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Reader comments

  1. I hope the scum rots in prison. If David Kilcullen had one ounce of decency he would save us the expense and take his own life.

    Lets hope he never reaches his 78th birthday and never sees the outside world again.

    As for the comments of Judge Brian Barker: “there had been at least an undercurrent of homophobic attitude”

    Is Brian Barker for real? David Kilcullen kept on phoning the police after the murder telling them he murdered the faggot!

    Undercurrent Mr Barker is that not an understatement.

  2. I too, hope that he never be released. But I do not agree with your views on him taking his own life. That’s not for us to decide and I believe that inciting such hatred is no better than people like Kilcullen.

    RIP G. Edwards.

  3. Good news! Let’s hope it sets an example to other homophobes and, actually, to other Judges and Magistrates who may think of lenient sentencing in Homophobic crimes.

  4. I hope the other prisoners give him a hard time in jail for the full 32 years he’s there or until the day he kicks the bucket.

  5. My thoughts are with the victims, especially the surviving partner. I hope this verdict gives him a little peace of mind. But I feel for him going on with his life without the man he loved.

  6. Brian Burton 16 Dec 2009, 3:02pm

    To take a knife to someones home and then stabs a victim is pre-meditated murder and the Judge is right to give this person the Maximum sentance.

  7. Channel 4 News 16 Dec 2009, 3:10pm

    The before and after the transformation is a bit of a shock.
    Channel 4 News.

  8. ( Kilcullen pleaded not guilty to the attack, falsely claiming the pair had sexually assaulted him. )
    Hmm im sure he will get his just desserts in prison time and time again, Evil scum that he is…

  9. Nigel Richard Holland-Williams 16 Dec 2009, 3:25pm

    Now throw away the key to his cell so that the worthless bit of scum never sees the light of day again!

  10. That video interview on the channel 4 website is truly shocking, really hammers home the severity of the impact of the crime. I hope he can recover to some extent that he might be able to feel life is worth living once again.

    The criminal not looking him in the eye once during the trial is I think also very telling. So many of these criminals think they are “big men”, but yet are always such cowards they can’t even look their victims in the eye.

  11. #2
    Oh, Robert!

    What’s with the..
    “.. I do not agree with your views on him taking his own life.” – crap…?
    I don’t believe in him taking his own life, either, but not for the reason anyone might think.
    I don’t think he should have had the choice.

    He should be strung up; the job done for him; end of.

    What’s with the ..
    “That’s not for us to decide ..” crap?

    Referendum, please, now and be quick about it

    It IS for us to decide, thanks very much and for you too if you thought about it unless you are yet another of these tweed-knickered God-botherers, like Myra Hindley’s mate, ‘turn-the-other-cheek’ mullarkey; ‘Let’s forgive and forget, turn our tears of regret…” Longford.
    He was beginning to sound as funny as Ken Dodd, whose song, “Tears for Souvenirs.” that was.

    These mudering thugs should be removed by rope.

    What’s with the “I believe that inciting such hatred is no better than people like Kilcullen”… crap?.

    Who is inciting whom?
    Abi 1975 is inciting nobody.

    This thug did a very splendid job in heaping opprobrium and hatred upon himself.

    As did the torturing killers of that Baby Peter.

    End of a rope, screaming is too good.


  12. #2

    Come back and tell me the same ‘sh!T’ when you have had a knife thrust into you so hard that it bends the blade 45 degrees and your breast-bone is snapped in the process.

    What are you?
    A good looking young fellow with loads of life left?
    So was the inaptly named ‘survivor’.

    Tell me the same “guddy-wuddy 2 shoes” bilge when YOU have been reduced to a shambling, shuffling, vegetable and the love of your life snuffed out like a September wasp on a window-sill.

    Believe all you want in your R.I.P., jam-tomorrow crud but it is not for me and please don’t thrust it down my throat.

    Justice should be seen to be done, as far as I know.
    And on this planet please; not in Fairy Land.

    Putting these turds in prison and allowing them to continue to draw the breath which they denied another, stinks.

    Let’s hope it never happens to you.

    Until then please remember that talk’s cheap and mouths,yours, Miss Guddywuddy, can say owt.


  13. BrazilBoysBlog 16 Dec 2009, 7:05pm

    @ Robert, @ Keith: I have always been against the death penalty. I think that if just ONE innocent person is executed for a crime they are later found to have not comitted, (as has already happened), then the whole thing is wrong. At least if the person is still in prison, then some restoration can be made. It cannot if they have been killed by the state… It is also too ‘quick’ a punishment. Don’t underestimate freedom, (and it’s depravation). Let the man reflect for the rest of his life on what he’s done and the fact that he will never again be free…

    That said, I have just watched the very moving Channel 4 video on this horrific crime. Despite my strongly held views on capital punishment, it is hard to watch it without a growing feeling, from the pit of my stomach, of wanting to (personally) rip this homophobe apart limb from limb and watch him suffer!

    A good thing I don’t have to make the choice of what happens to him then!

  14. #13

    I quite understand your opinion.

    I am of course, and should have made plain from the outset, that I refer to those crimes where the evidence is incontrovertible.

    Another serial killer has been jailed today for life, Tobin, by name.
    He has shown the full gamut of disregard for life from decapitating his wife’s pet dog, Bute, for peeing and for ‘being a dog’ to knifing his wife, imprisoning her and going on to rape and kill, I think, 3 young women over around 20 years.

    He was described as showing no remorse for what he has done; furthermore, no admittance that he has done anything wrong is forthcoming.

    It is very difficult I know; less so where the evidence is incontro.
    The murderers of the son of the Worcestershire village sub-postmaster who died in January protecting his parents shortly before opening time in the post-office were also on the news today and are awaiting sentence.
    The murderers of the Bradford policewoman Sharon Beshanevski who went, in the course of her duty, to answer a robbery 999.

    All these should be simply be done away with.

    You have a complete disregard for the life of others?
    Then we, society, shall show you the same disregard.

    Evidence incontrovertible?

    More than we have at the moment, I venture to suggest because what we have at the moment clearly ain’t workin’.


  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Dec 2009, 8:15pm

    My deepest sympathy to Chris Bevan.

  16. Why should the taxpayer fund him for the rest of his life. Time to bring back the death penalty for known convicted murderers I think, free up some much needed prison space!

  17. an eye for an eye, makes the world blind.

    I have no words to describe how worrying and upsetting it is people can behave like this ruthless murderer, and I completely understand your “if you were stabbed” rubbish. However. I have been a victim of Homophobic hate crime, resulting in severe injuries. And you know what?

    Wasting my time on worrying about the thugs who did it is pointless. It’s a waste. And it won’t change anything- lock them up, throw away the key, get them off the streets. But what happens there after is of no concern to me- if it were, it would only make the grievance longer and more drawn out.

    Worrying, that so many people think it is possible to make two wrongs a right.

  18. BrazilBoysBlog 17 Dec 2009, 1:54pm

    @ Keith You are quite correct. I too have been the victim of homophobic violence resulting in surgery, a lengthy time off work and recurring pain to this day. It is important to the healing process to be able to ‘move on’…

    However, part of moving on as a society is the little matter of a deterrent message to others who would commit such evil crimes in the future. (forgetting ‘me’ for a second, and thinking about possible future victims)

    Not sure what that deterrent should be… but clearly the existing ones aren’t working?

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