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Gay US students want mixed-sex dorm rooms

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Reader comments

  1. Trust me, college kids don’t need any encouragement toward pre-marital sex, we can do that all on our own regardless of sleeping arrangements.

  2. Brian Burton 16 Dec 2009, 9:57pm

    No rum desitions eh what?

  3. I find it somewhat disconcerting that in, supposedly, the land of the free:

    1. Parent voice should feature at all in the freedoms of their adult sons/daughters.

    2. Encouraging/Discouraging etc.. pre-marital sex is seen as a legitimate factor, again, an example of projecting some particular sense of morality into the lives of other adults.

    (Of course, there are exceptions, i.e. those tiny minority of students who attend e.g. in the UK and are not of legal age of adulthood – itself a greatly debateable point).

    I know of situations where parents (in the UK) have contacted universities in order to negotiate care of their ‘grown up’ sons/daughters and have flatly been told – ‘none of your business’, our contract (as the university) is between us and your son/daughter. Quite rightly.

  4. I expect it’s men wanting into women’s territory as usual. I don’t know many women who would feel safer sharing their dormitory with men.

  5. “Some critics, such as the university’s Young American Foundation, have suggested it could encourage pre-marital sex and that parents could object to the idea.”

    Are they kidding us? College and university students are adults, and these fools have no business in the bedrooms of these students. And I don’t think parents can control the sexual behaviours of their grown children even if they could. Nice try with the lame excuses.

  6. Comment 9. Neither do I. Except Gay men. I would not share with a Straight man, No Way…

  7. Mihangel apYrs 18 Dec 2009, 10:24am

    it says LGBT students – eg the gay men who don’t want to get into women’s knickers.

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