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Washington DC council votes to legalise gay marriage

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  2. Yes, good news but unfortunately, in the USA, it can and has been (California for example) taken away very quickly. So a ‘guarded’ hurray from me.

  3. Ian, the D.C. Ethics Council has blocked a possible referendum vote from happening, because it would conflict with the city’s human rights laws. So no people’s vote on this one.

  4. Congratulatios from Bosnia.

  5. Just wanted the writer/editor to know that there is a slight error in the article. Washington D.C. is not a state, it is a district. It seems like semantics but D.C.’s status actually has some interesting political implications. As the article states Congress has 30 days to review the legislation, this does not happen with states. It essentially brings the gay marriage debate to the federal level. Even though the new law would only apply to D.C. it’s a good chance for gay rights advocates to have their voices heard amongst a national audience.

  6. SteveDenver 16 Dec 2009, 8:53am

    This is wonderful, even if there are obstacles and roadblocks ahead. The more people hear of marriage equality being upheld, the more “normal” it begins to feel. Even if those rights are trampled, it feels to me that more and more non-gays could care less if gays get married and are bothered when they are prohibited by law. This is good.

  7. Ian is right – the bigots will shout and the ruling will be overturned.

  8. Brian Burton 16 Dec 2009, 3:18pm

    Good News from Washinton for a change! Now Pressy Obarma, what about Gays in the Military?

  9. While the actions by the City Council of the District of Columbia are encouraging, as well as the supposed commitment by the Democratic party for our welfare, the odds of this coming to completion are, at best, “iffy”. There are simply too many congress persons who are terrified of being associated with the so-called “gay agenda” to actually allow such a break through to happen. The United States is not, in reality, a free society, and any ideas that is is are unfounded within the real world. Unfortunately, we citizens here are stuck with this primitive idea of what society is supposed to be like — — hopefully, this will change with time.

  10. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 17 Dec 2009, 1:08pm

    That is fantastic news – I only wish that embarrassing, stupid, ultra-conservative and homophobic bigot prime minister Kevin Rudd (the embarrassing Dudd as others call him) will change his mind on the issue since he hates gay men and lesbian women marrying!!!!

    That means gay marriage will be legal within 47 years all over the USA now!!!!

    “If it happens in DC, it happens all over the USA within 47 years time!!!!”

    Take that you churchie conservative trash trying to “force” a ballot box on gay marriage!!!!!!

    The DC Human Rights Act 1977 says “no refaremda shall take place if a miniroties issue is at play at an Election”.

    So that means NO gay marriage at the ballot box!!!!

    BUT Congress has a “30 day review period” – so we can only hope it survives then!!!!!!!!!

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