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Video: Man guilty of homophobic murder and assault on gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. He’ll probably get a lighter sentence compaired to what a Hetro would get in the same circumstances

  2. Graham Anderson 15 Dec 2009, 4:33pm

    @Cleggy – David Kilcullen *is* hetero. He killed the gay man. Looks like you need to work on your reading and comprehension.

  3. I think what Cleggy meant to claim is that Kilcullen would get a larger sentence if he’d killed a straight couple. I’m not sure about that but I wonder whether this news story is being covered as much as an equivalent story involving a straight couple would be.

  4. Graham, What I mean is he’ll get a lighter sentence. If this was a murder and the victims were str8 he would get a harsher sentence but because they are gay he will get a lighter sentence.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  5. My heart goes out to Chris Bevan –these guys had been together for 18 years, this piece of scum come along and destroys their lives.

    Judge Brian Barker (Common Serjeant of London) has overseen a number of ‘gay cases’ at the Old Bailey lets hope when he hands down the sentence David Kilcullen is not freed for very many years.

    I was wondering once again why this case has not received mainstream reporting in the media. When a young man is stabbed or shot its carried on local radio and reported in print – why is homophobic murder not reported?


  6. Oh yes, Judge Brian Barker has made some questionable decisions in the passed!

  7. It is getting coverage- it’s on the BBC news website.

  8. It’s certainly getting covered in the local area – I live in Bromley and it’s been the front page news in the local newspaper several times

  9. Paul (not the one above) 16 Dec 2009, 4:58am

    That’s terrible! This man is obviously not sane and I hope the judge puts him permanently in care as an offender too dangerous to release

  10. If this psychopath is not locked away for life (34 years at lest), then we know the judiciary does not class homophobia as a legitimate hate crime.

    My hart goes out to Chris Bevan, I hope he can regain enough health so he can live an independent life again.

  11. I don’t know why people are grumbling that this case has not received sufficient media attention. It has been on both BBC and Channel 4 news, not to mention various newspapers. The Channel Four journalists (both in the studio AND outside the studio) did an excellent job. One of the journalists was extremely understanding, and is actually seen in this video accompanying the victim walking arm in arm with him down a street, as he interviewed him.

    Yes, it has been a horrendous story, and my heart goes out to the two guys involved. But I’m proud of the way the British police, media and journalists have handled this case. In my opinion, it has been treated no differently to any other heterosexual case.

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