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Christian registrar Lillian Ladele loses civil partnerships appeal

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  1. I am going to start a religion myself soon and whenever I need to do something I am not that keen on at work I am going to say its against my religion. Time Lilian got a new job where she doesn’t have to force her bigoted opinions on the rest of us.
    One positive to come out of this though is that the The Christian Institute will have to spend plenty of money appealing the decision

  2. Trev … choose your theology very carefully! Heard the one about the Army recruit who wanted to get out of the obligatory Church Parade and listed his religion a Sun Worshipper. The Sergeant then insisted on waking him before sunrise every morning so he could ‘greet his God’ and he/she/it rose over the horizon!.

    Totally with you about the Christian Institute spending its money on [hopefully] lost causes!

  3. Jennifer Hynes 15 Dec 2009, 10:11pm

    It is a gladdening sign that the judges called her defence teams comments a “pedantically literal, unrealistic or acontextual interpretation” of what Islington Council said, but here’s a thought… I am assuming she had no problem with contracting heterosexual civil partnerships, but how many of those were of divorced people? If she was going to apply her allegedly Christian faith to how she does her job, then by rights, she should not have married those people. Whilst Jesus actually condemned divorce, except in cases of adultery (it was 1st century Palestine) because according to Jewish tradition it would enfeeble the woman’s rights, he never once mentions homosexuality. Not once.

    I am betting Ms. Ladele never gave a thought to the heterosexual people who had thus committed adultery and wanted a civil marriage instead of one under the auspices of faith… she and the CI are sending out hypocritical and very, very mixed messages.

    Once again, fundamentalist cherrypicking. I do try not to be a smug Christian, but sometimes, the evil one sorely tempts…

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