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Man evicted for homophobic hate campaign

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 14 Dec 2009, 7:19pm

    56 days to sneekily do more intimidation (ASBO notwithstanding)? This man should have been IMMEDIATELY and unceremoniously thrown out onto the street, along with all of his worldly goods as a very clear message that this will NOT be tolerated!

  2. im impressed with the local council for taking this action. I hear of many housing associations who drag their feet when dealing with homophobia. I’m please this prat has been evicted I agree with the above post why give him 56 days notice to move.

  3. busy day very tired 15 Dec 2009, 2:05am

    A false sense of security..

    Being issued notice doesn’t mean anything.
    You can be issued notice to quit the tenancy
    or they give him a antisocial behaviour notice.

    None of them mean anything
    the notice to quit means they take him to Court
    and the magistrate will give him a verbal warning
    it is very very rare for a magistrate to grant the notice.

  4. Bishop Ioan 15 Dec 2009, 8:30am

    Charming. So basically this yob is likely to get away with his homophobic hate campaign with a toothless eviction notice and most likely an equally-toothless warning? No wonder few people take anti-homphobia laws and anti-hate speech laws seriously.
    I hope that busy day very tired is wrong about this. I really do. There needs to be some teeth behind the laws so that people will think several times before venting their hatred on others.

  5. Let hope Richard Leonard follows up these messages to say the thugs have been thrown out…..otherwise, as mentioned, we have a faceless piece of legislation that does nothing to control the homophobes in our society! Our focus is on the courts now…and they can expect a verbal backlash if they let these thugs off!

  6. He will probably be offered alternative accomodation. They’ll shift the problem to some other neighbourhood.

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