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EastEnders’ Syed to be outed on New Year’s Day

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Reader comments

  1. Another example of the BBC treating sexuality as a ratings winner. Mind you, I’ll be watching it.

  2. Brian Burton 14 Dec 2009, 4:39pm

    All a bit tongue in cheek…eh what? r rather spiffing!

  3. BouncerManInBlack 14 Dec 2009, 7:31pm

    Sounds like the guy that I admire is starting to make Eastenders more realistic and truthful.

    You rock Bryan x

  4. Such a tired and unimaginative story line… Why on earth didn’t they have a gay mulsim chracter marrying a lesbian muslim as a secret marriage of convenience. So much more scope for interesting things…

  5. Oh come now, be fair – when has this sort of narrative been handled by other soaps? In many ways it’s quite an adventurous storyline.

    (Pity they couldn’t have found a convincingly SubContinental actor to play the role but hey, you can’t have everything …!)

  6. I won’t be watching. Can’t stand soaps. I’ll be watching the programme that’s on before it twice.

  7. I think this gay storyline is honest and brave, and just shows how far we have come in mainstream tv. A gay muslim/coming out story and all revelaled around christmas and new year! I mean wow! You would’nt have even got the ink to the script 10 years ago! Well done Eastenders. The acting is also superb, and not just with the gay storyline, and shows why this soap stands way above all others, with the acolades to prove it. As for muslims who cry out for a ‘normal’ muslim character. Oh please….it’s the repression of gay people within all religions thats not normal!!

  8. They are both quite fit. Do they get their kit off? I don’t bother with soaps either but I’ll record it if they do.

  9. The ratings will be interesting for that night.

  10. trust me there will never be happy endings for gays on the BBC. Yes they do the right thing by airing such things but no way will there ever be a happy ending while the BBC is the monster we prop up.

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