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Author Jeanette Winterson attacks ‘anti-gay’ tabloids

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Reader comments

  1. “I want to live in a world where the gender of your lover is the least interesting thing about them.”

    Unfortantly as we all know sex sells. Espcially to men of all orintation. When sex doesn’t sell as well is gay men to the public (man) but lesbians will. Think she’ll have a long fight on this. But good luck with it.

  2. Winterson and Orbach. Now there’s a match made in heaven.

  3. theotherone 14 Dec 2009, 4:29pm

    to an extent yes (that the sex of a partner shouldn’t matter) but to an extent also an emphatic no b- I’m a Transexual Lesbian and have to fight for my Identity and will proclaim it from the roof tops.

    As to the sexuality of criminals: I agree with her unreservedly.

  4. Sexual behavior in any form, homosexual, herterosexual, bisexual
    the world is crazy for reading about it all. Look at the Tiger
    Woods craze — there will never be a neutral ground for discussing
    anything associated with sex. People are addicted to reading anything about sex.

  5. She’s spot on with her comment about reports of criminals’ sexuality. It really annoys me to see someone’s sexuality mentioned when it’s utterly irrelevant. And, of course, you never see a headline such as ‘Straight women defrauds pensioner” do you?

    Maybe you’re right, Hank. If people didn’t have such a childish attitude towards sex, such lurid headlines would be less common. But in Tiger Woods case, I’d imagine the majority of readers are also gloating or shocked at the ‘fall of a seemingly upright family man’ and the destruction of his wholesome image.

  6. Brian Burton 14 Dec 2009, 5:22pm

    Espesially you Hank you can’t get enough of GAY SEX can you you Closet Queen! Why do’nt you tell the TRUTH about your HOMOSEXUAL FANTASIES?

  7. headlines with gays, lesbian or bi are normally found in the homophobic papers

  8. I saw a particularly insidious case of this in last Thursday’s Sun. It reported on the taxi driver in London who was convicted of raping two young gay men. It described him as gay and did not refer to the victims’ sexuality at all. The reader was clearly being invited to infer that the attacker’s gay sexuality was relevant to or a cause of his behaviour while the two young men were probably straight by default, or definable as ‘innocent victims’ only if they were not identified as gay. Chilling.

  9. PS – congrats to Jeanette and Susie. I wonder who’ll get a word in edgeways!!!

  10. I don’t think we should be equating gender to sexual activity. Sex sells because it is something that tends to matter to most people. It might not be the most important aspect of our lives, but it is an aspect of us nonetheless.

    Unfortunately I think the problem is often that sex (or sexuality) is so often portrayed negatively rather than positively. So, by using the word “lesbian” or “gay” in these negative story headlines, the tabloids are always implying that sex & sexuality are bad, rather than a positive portrayal instead.

  11. I hope Jeanette and her loose leg manage to kick some sense into those tabloid editors

  12. Danika the Lesbrarian 23 May 2010, 4:47am

    I love Jeanette Winterson. It’s endlessly irritating when someone’s sexuality is mentioned when it’s irrelevant, especially when implicitly linking it to crime.

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